Alex Barron joins the Saints

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New Orleans continues to shop in the bargain basement bin.

We absolutely love the Aubrayo Franklin signing. Wednesday’s agreement with tackle Alex Barron won’t make the same impact, but New Orleans did pick up some veteran depth at a position in need.

Doug Tatum of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Barron is on board.

Jermon Bushrod was brought back to the left tackle.  The team has Jonathan Stinchcomb at right tackle and Charles Brown in the mix off the bench. Barron provides veteran insurance in case one of the above gets hurt.

24 responses to “Alex Barron joins the Saints

  1. *whistles blowing* False start on Alex Barron. Alex walks over to the refs, “But the season hasn’t even started?” Ref, “I know, just getting in my practice because there will be tons of those during the season.”

  2. The Saints ain’t been shopping in the bargain basement. That’s a cut-down dawg. This season the Saints will win their division hands down, secure the first round bye, go to and win the Super Bowl again. Geaux Saints!

  3. From A Cowboys’ fan to All NO Fans:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!!

    This guy is a matador (OLAY!) , not a football player. Cost us the opener last year in Washington and it just got worse from there. He’s good for at least two holding penalties a game.

    You’d better help he gets arrested in the French Quarter or gets eaten by a gator down there, or I guarantee you he is going to be a detriment to your team.

  4. this guy cost us the first game of the season and absolutely sucks..pretty funny how we drove down the field in 30 seconds to win it but everybody hates our team so they have to let the refs control the outcome of the game….orakpo must be taking acting classes too as I have seen that guy all yr when is touched flopping like flipper……LMAO. Then complains why he didnt get a call…The refs see the acting too which is why he does not get the calls. They should throw a flag like the NHL for flopping……..LMAO.

  5. As a Bucs fan, I simply could not be happier at the Saints’ signing of Alex Barron. You could rip a turnstile off the gate at the front of the Superdome, at it would protect the QB far better than Barron does.

  6. Like Leon Lett, Alex Barron will always be remembered for costing the Cowboys a victory on national television. Unlike Leon Lett, Barron sucks and brings absolutely nothing positive to the table, that is unless holding has been legalized by the competition committee.

  7. bhindenemylines-you are watching too much swamp people, which is; by the way, not filmed in new orleans

  8. “Barron provides veteran insurance in case one of the above gets hurt.”

    Veteran insurance against what?? That someone will get a choke hold? That Brees will get a knee blown out when he gets beat on a speed rush by a rookie??

    N.O. would be better served by starting a tackling dummy in place of A.B.

  9. The only difference is that he’s going to respect our team and our coaches and actually work .

  10. It was so hilarious hearing Cowboys fans last season, “he wasn’t holding Orakpo! The refs screwed us!” when if he had done that on the street, he would have been locked up for assault.

  11. this is hopefully a no harm signing. if he actually makes the team, hopefully he never sees the field as that means we remain healthy on the oline. If he does, the saints are in trouble as our oline must be a strength to do what they want to do.

    saints fan

  12. milkmandanimal says:
    Aug 3, 2011 1:31 PM
    As a Bucs fan, I simply could not be happier at the Saints’ signing of Alex Barron. You could rip a turnstile off the gate at the front of the Superdome, at it would protect the QB far better than Barron does


    As a Saints fan I could not be happier that the Bucs have one of the most overrated/overhyped Quarterbacks in the league. Have fun finishing third in the division…..again (god help you if Cam Newton lives up to it then you’ll be dead last)! That being said, this guy wont play, hes there for the purpose of an emergency, a third stringer, and if things got to the point to where he needed to play we’d go out and get someone else…. do you honestly think we’d trust this guy with protecting the most important player in the history of our franchise? Wise up guys. For the first time I actually found some of the comments made by cowboy fans pretty funny and clever… you guys may not be so worthless after all. I like this one especially…..

    rammerray says:
    Aug 3, 2011 12:45 PM
    He was probably offsides when he signed the contract!

    haha, not too bad!

  13. Good Riddance. This guy is a proven bust. He had a good rookie year. Beyond that, he has been horrible. He would be a stop-gap type of player. He isn’t mentally into the game, and unless he does get mentally in the game, he will never be successful.


    That holding call was holding, and I am a Cowboys fan. Orakpo can make anybody look silly – he is a stud. Pretty much the only one on that d, in my opinion. In game speed that play looked more questionable, but with Instant Replay, he was absolutely holding. But your point is???? What does a single play in a meaningless regular season game matter as of today? He isn’t on the Cowboys any more. It wasn’t like that penalty cost them the game and kept them out of the playoffs.

  14. Putting Bulger at tackle would be a better move. Seriously, this guy shows moderate athletic ability, poor motivation, fair technique and very poor concentration. Perhaps he is baffled by the concept of “hut!” He could be a reclaimation project and a workable backup, but risking Drew’s health and the team’s success with Alex is too much to ask.
    “Saints lose to Eagles on holding call. Philly is Indy bound!” That hurts.

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