Kedric Golston sticks with Redskins

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Defensive lineman Kedric Golston, who started 13 games last season, has decided to return to the Redskins for at least a sixth season.

Golston told Chris Russell of ESPN 980 that Golston decided to return to the Redskins after considering an opportunity to join the Cowboys.

Golston missed the final three games of the season after elbow and groin injuries landed him on injured reserve.

In five seasons, Golston has appeared in all but seven games, starting 43 times.

13 responses to “Kedric Golston sticks with Redskins

  1. Skins only need to re-sign Chris Wilson and Reed Doughty, then its good to go. Starting tomorrow, Rex will Unleash the Dragon to launch the Rex v. Bex QB challenge.

  2. An overacheiver who never complains.

    Wouldn’t mind him as a rotational player @ DLine. Def not a starter though.


  3. “I would not want to stick with a team that is going to finish 4th in the NFC East once again.”

    He would have to switch teams for that to happen. Cowboys and Giants are looking rough.

  4. @Sweeny – Reed?! Can you hear me now Reed?!? No.

    And Beck will hands down be our QB this year. And we will either win the NFC Beast this year or pick Andrew Luck with the 1st pick in the draft next year.

    Book it!

  5. Preseason assumptions dont mean jack,Last year they predicted Dallas to win the division and beyond! We all know how that worked out!!!! The Eagles have an offensive coordinator running the defense,Now thats just brilliant! Dallas has a secondary that has more holes in it than a flour sifter and to make matters worse they did nothing to improve it!!!!

  6. Iggles fans have decided that Dallas fans can no longer be the most un-informed morons in football so they are taking it upon themselves to set the record straight.

  7. The redskins finished 4th last year and this is coming from a Redskins fan. Dallas had more conference or division wins then us(can’t remember which) thus giving them the tie breaker.

    Why did dallas pick before us in the draft? Because they had an easier strength of schedule! It’s not fair I know, they finished higher then us in the division tech still picked before us in the draft.

  8. Golston will provide solid depth. I like the re-sign. Hope he doesn’t start though.


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