Laurent Robinson joins the Chargers


Malcom Floyd hasn’t made a decision about his next team yet,  but it’s looking a lot less likely that he will be returning to the Chargers.

Laurent Robinson announced on Twitter that he’s joining the Chargers.  The former Ram will add another body to a San Diego group that is filled with question marks after Vincent Jackson.

San Diego figures to rotate Patrick Crayton, Seyi Ajirotutu, rookie Vincent Brown, and special teamer Kelley Washington.  There isn’t a No. 2 receiver in that group, but the Chargers don’t necessarily need on with Antonio Gates in the mix.

Philip Rivers has shown a great ability to find production from surprising places and he’ll have to do it again this year.

16 responses to “Laurent Robinson joins the Chargers

  1. Please hire me to do your spell checking!! Every article you post has grammar errors and spelling errors.

    “Chargers don’t necessarily need on with Antonio Gates”

    dont you mean “need one with”

    come one guys, get it together! is it amateur hour over there?

  2. @vbe2: What are you even talking about? Yeah, first thing I thought by signing Robinson, ‘we’re about to get a Superbowl now baby!’…. Give me a break.

    Anyway, yes Rivers can get the ball to a lot of players but I did see more dropped balls than I liked… if those guys would have been able to catch the ones that were put right in their chest, Rivers would have been over 5000 yds.

  3. LR never was real healthy in STL. With SAM as a rook he showed flashes…maybe with Rivers he will show bolts…Good luck, ISU alum.

  4. sdboltaction says:Aug 3, 2011 6:22 PM

    @vbe2: What are you even talking about?
    I thought that signing Free Agents meant that the team that was signing them was trying to buy a Super Bowl… that’s what everyone says when the Eagles sign free agents. SO it must mean Free Agent signing = Buyin’ Da Super Bowlzz, right?

  5. vbe2: every team signs free agents! every team wants to get to the super bowl! If your team isn’t signing free agents then they obviously thinks they have the team to get them there. Thanks for pointing out the obvious buddy

  6. And the door continues to quietly close on the best roster to never win anything.

    Paper champs!

  7. Douche bag eagle fans even posting about their overhyped team on afc articles?? Isn’t this getting ridiculous? They are really trying to steal the “dumbest most un-informed fans” title from cowboy fans aren’t they?

  8. For some reason, I think if we don’t re-sign M80 its gonna come back and bite us in the ass. He is a really good 2nd WR and has earned his stripes as a Charger.

  9. don’t really know to much about Mr Robinson aj still neeeds help on the defense end of the ball who we should be signing is another outside pass rushing specialist can we say OSI COME ON AJ LETS GET IT TOGETHER

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