Marc Bulger retires

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Marc Bulger, the longtime NFL quarterback who was expected to attract some interest in free agency this year, has instead opted to retire.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Bulger had opportunities but decided he wanted to retire from football and focus more on his charitable foundation, which works with members of the military.

Although there were reports during the lockout that Bulger may already have an understanding with the Cardinals that he was going to Arizona, Bulger’s decision to retire tends to support the theory of his old teammate Kurt Warner, who said Bulger is at a point where he should “just enjoy life and not have to worry about the pressure of being an NFL starter.”

Bulger entered the NFL as a sixth-round draft pick of the Saints in 2000 and had his best years in St. Louis as the successor to Kurt Warner as the quarterback for the “Greatest Show on Turf.”

Bulger threw for 22,814 yards, 122 touchdowns, and 93 interceptions in his career.

25 responses to “Marc Bulger retires

  1. Mike Martz destroyed a young and promising Marc Bulger, by not providing adequate protection for him.

    It’s too bad, he really did look promising early on.

  2. I’m actually suprised by this. If Beck and Tavaris Jackson are Starters, Bulger should have gotten @least a tryout. He had a decent career, enjoy retirement Marc

  3. As a Rams fan, the team went downhill when they chose Bulger over allowing Kurt Warner to heal and regain the starter position.

    I wish Marc Bulger a healthy retirement…but I never understood the hyper behind him.

  4. It’s a shame he didn’t sign with the Eagles now. ESPN would be calling him a Hall of Famer.

  5. The only person that was more beat up than Marc was Evil Knevel. I don’t blame him for hanging it up.

  6. Not surprised.

    He has gone on record saying that playing for those awful Rams teams all those years caused him to lose his love of the game.

    It’s a shame; he really seemed like he could have done great things with the right team.

  7. He’s not just giving up a chance to start, he is giving up some real good clip-board money.

  8. When he first broke through it looked like he might be headed for a great career. Unfortunately his weapons began to age, his O-line faded, and Martz still had him taking seven step drops. Then the next four miserable years happened.

  9. Bulger clearly lost the fire to be an NFL quarterback after being continually abused behind a historically awful offensive line. That was obvious to anyone that’s watched him play the last 5 years. So this news isn’t surprising at all.

  10. Kudo’s to him for not just sticking around to collect game checks. His heart wasn’t in it anymore and he realized it and decided to retire instead of taking the easy money he could have standing on the sidelines.

    I wish him well.

  11. biggerballz says: Aug 3, 2011 8:36 AM

    @joetoronto, he did the same thing to warner and warner bounced back. Some guys just have it others don’t
    Yes, because Warner is still able to walk upright.


  12. As a Rams fan i wish him the best. To see the punishment this guy took every sunday behind awful offensive lines and Mike Martz there is no wonder he is moving on. He was a very classy guy he never complained to the media and always got back into the play.

    Happy Retirement Mark

  13. Bulger’s one guy who earned his pay while playing. Anybody who took the beatings he took deserves all that money. I wish him luck in retirement, and I like Kurt Warner’s advice, too.

  14. The Flacco tent-pitchers will go ballistic, but Bulger should have had a shot with the Ravens. Flacco has been overrated because of yards after the catch. Bulger would have lit things up with his better ability to read defenses and his quick release. Flacco has not adjusted to the speed and complexity of the game, and thinks a receiver is only “open” if he has 8 yards of separation. Some legitimate schooling and competition from Bulger would have done him and the team a lot of good last year.

  15. Funny how all of Bulger’s struggles fall on everyone but him. If it weren’t for this, if it weren’t for that…..

    If he hadn’t have landed in such a QB paradise(Martz, Faulk, Jackson, Bruce, Holt, Curtis), he might never have been a starter in the first place. Life is funny like that.

    Bulger put up good stats on a loaded Rams offense, then went down with the ship. That’s his legacy. That’s it. Good QB for a time. Never great.

  16. Maybe those offers were meant for him to be a backup. Why did anyone think that this guy could still start this past offseason???

  17. @Joe

    Blaming Martz is stupid. He’s the one who discovered Bulger and developed him. Besides which, Bulger had a W-L record of 28-13 under him, and those two parted company almost six years ago. The Rams line was worse under Linehan than it ever was with Martz.

  18. Ramcountry has it right. Blame Jay Zygmunt and Scott..(sorry I can’t say his name), for ruining a quarterback and a team. I wish him the best and thanks for a couple of good years. Rams Ring of Fame? No, but he should be cheered if he returns to the Dome.

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