Niners land Carlos Rogers

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With Nate Clements cut and no other cornerbacks landed, the Niners had a glaring need at the position.  They filled it last night, with the signing of former Redskins top-ten draft pick Carlos Rogers.

According to Matt Maiocco of, Rogers signed a one-year deal with the 49ers.

Rogers, who has eight interceptions in six NFL seasons, is expected to start alongside veteran Shawntae Spencer.

It’s the latest one-year contract signed by a free agent who presumably believed he’d be getting a lot more money in free agency.  Like other veterans, Rogers has decided to get a job for this season and to hope that he can position himself for a long-term deal in 2012.

Of course, each additional one-year deal will serve only to increase the market in March, making it harder to get that elusive big-money, multi-year contract.

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  1. This Guy is pretty much a younger version of Clements with horrible hands. If aldon Smith can get to the QB it’ll make this guy’s play better. We play a lot of NFC east teams this year, maybe he can share some of their secrets

  2. It’s a good pickup. Probably not what they were hoping for, but Rogers is steady in coverage. Not flashy, and his brick hands means that there’s going to be a limited amount of impact plays, but he also won’t make a lot of coverage mistakes.

    Makes sense for both sides. Rogers gets re-enter the market next year, while the Niners aren’t tied down to anyone and can look for a bigger impact talent next year.

  3. what…the…hell. Thank god the Skins freed up some room for Phillip Buchanon.

    *slaps head*

    Sure Rogers has hands of stone, but he’s decent against the rush and can actually knock balls down. Good grief. Being a Skins fan is awful.

  4. Damn I didn’t want to see him go, best of luck to u Carlos if only u didn’t have stone hands then u would still be here

  5. I wonder if these guys taking 1-yr deals are doing it for reasons other than the money itself.

    With the new CBA, guys on rosters this year have medical benefits for life.

    While it doesn’t pertain to Rogers entirely, I can see guys doing whatever it takes to renegotiate a deal to stay with a team for just 1 more year (Tomlinson for example to big pay cut to stick around), or a guy like Ronnie Brown or Jerious Norwood taking 1 year deals to stay in the league.

  6. What a funny picture, as secure as that interception looks I guarantee it was the exact opposite. Good for Carlos though, it looks like he found what the skins were not willing to give him….

  7. If you didn’t give a 10 yard gap between you and the receiver on every play…or if you didn’t have football repellent on your hands…you would of got your money sir. Good luck on the west side.


    Disgruntled Redskin fan

  8. Dude would have been the second most in demand cb if he didn’t have brick hands. He drops at least 8-10 picks a year. Most occur on the opponents winning drive. Can you ask him if he needs a ride to California? I’ve never been and I want to make sure he is really gone.

  9. Opponents always throw at DeAngelo Hall’s guy, and he gets burned all the time. They rarely throw his way because Rogers’ guy is rarely open. Too bad his hands are made of cement.

  10. Maybe he will learn how to actually catch a football in San Fran. Not a terrible corner but I hope the Niner fans are ready for the frustration of watching this guy drop interception after interception.

  11. Hey maybe the niners can turn him into Walt Harris, the last skins castoff cb that went on to bigger and better things??

    Good luck Carlos, work on that inflated self image a little, will ya?

  12. Why would the 49ers trade a freakishly talented LB like Willis for a guy that can’t tackle like Asante Samuel? Sure, and I guess the Cowboys are going to trade Demarcus Ware for Michael Huff, too.

  13. Can we redo and get rid of Buchannon and bring Rodgers back. Not flashy and has hands of stones , but did defend well both against the run and pass.

  14. Solid cover guy with hands like stone. He was always beaten up in DC for the “what ifs” on picks but that just means he was always in place to make a play and break up the pass.

  15. cruzp23 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 7:29 AM
    yusss this puts to rest that rumour of philly trading asante for p willis!!!

    Not sure where this rumor came from but god can you imagine. If the Eagles got Willis ….. Or the other way around can you imagine if a team could possibly be stupid enough to trade him.

    Carlos is a good corner and should do well in the NFC west as the WR are not all that fast. Hes a very physical corner who mans up very with slower bigger WR. He does have a lot of trouble with speed WR, especially the ones who are quick off the line and can beat his bump.

    Pretty good zone as well. I like have seen a lot of him and i like him and for one year he do well in San Fran. might be a bit smarter to spend a draft pick and go get Orton as that might make the niners a playoff team

  16. worldsgreatest says:
    Aug 3, 2011 7:15 AM
    what…the…hell. Thank god the Skins freed up some room for Phillip Buchanon.

    *slaps head*

    Sure Rogers has hands of stone, but he’s decent against the rush and can actually knock balls down. Good grief. Being a Skins fan is awful.

    I doubt he would have accepted this deal to come back to the Skins. Rogers’ pride would never have allowed him to. Too much had been said by him as well. He needed to move on and team chemistry will be better without him. Still, it is one hell of a piece of humble pie he has had to swallow. With hope, it will make him a better player in the long-run.

  17. As a Redskins fan, I am upset we couldn’t/didn’t resign him (especially considering Phillip Buchanon has been suspended for the first 4 games).

    Rodgers is an above average CB, who is under-appreciated and undervalued in Washington. If the man caught 1 out of every 5 balls he should have intercepted he would be considered one of the top CBs in the league. He is versatile, playing well in both coverage and against the rush.

    As for Rodgers’ pride: This is something he is going to have to overcome, and realize that he is what he is. Niners’ fans are surely going to be leaping out of their seats with the anticipation of a wide open pick 6, only to watch the ball bounce of his hands/helmet/chest and fall to the ground. This will undoubtedly be accompanied w/ criticisms and four letter words being hurled at Rodgers.

    However, the man can still play, and play well.

    Again, from a Redskins fan – a team thin on CBs – I would have loved to re-sign him.

    Best of luck in San Fran.

  18. Jay says
    “This Guy is pretty much a younger version of Clements with horrible hands. If aldon Smith can get to the QB it’ll make this guy’s play better. We play a lot of NFC east teams this year, maybe he can share some of their secrets”

    If by “a lot of NFC East teams” you mean ALL of them, then yes, you play a lot.

  19. Also, very comical you chose to use a picture of him actually catching a ball. Defiantly not an “in game” shot.

  20. So long Carlos. I will miss your steady play in coverage and against the run. I will not miss your hands of stone and your broken english.

  21. Something is wrong with that picture of him. He’s actually holding on to a football… Have fun with him Niners!

  22. Ill take this guy for clements anyday. It might be a good thing that he cant catch. remember nate last year vs the falcons….doh!

  23. Good riddance, Carlos. I’ll take Josh Wilson over you everyday of the week. You just had to talk all that trash after your contract was up. “You want to play us twice a year.” “You’re the best CB in the league.” Ha, not even the CB hungry Cowboys wanted you.

  24. Good tackler, decent cover corner but more balls slid thru his hands and into his chest than any other corner I’ve ever seen. He’ll get his chance to shine in coverage against the NFC West teams but don’t count on anything fabulous ever ending up on a highlight reel!

  25. im sure he will be better than clements. Anyone who doesnt get beat deep in every game in better than clements. yah, he drops a lot of balls, but to me that just means that he is in the right place at the right time alot.

  26. much better player than Clements. Nate tackles slightly better and has better hands, but he gives up play after play after play. Rogers is much more steady in coverage and gives up far less in the passing game.

  27. Nate Clemens would get burned a LOT and never created the opportunity to “drop a ball” so if Carlos drops them, I prefer that over allowing the TD! He’s also 2 years younger. Nate was never a shutdown corner we thought we were getting when he came from the Bills. I’m glad we saved that $15M!

  28. majorseahawk says:
    Aug 3, 2011 5:19 PM
    Haha, with all these bad moves by the 9ers I think they’re just trying to make sure they can draft Luck next year.


    what bad moves are those?

    Rogers is an upgrade from Clements, no question.

    Aldon Smith is a rookie but i bet hes more influential than Manny Lawson was. Manny wasnt bad, just not a big time player.

    the OL lost Baas, big deal.

    SF will sign a WR, maybe Braylon Edwards. how would that offense look?

    and dont put all your seachickens in 1 basket, you have Tavaris Jackson slated as your starting QB. god forbid we see Charlie Whitehurst. lol

  29. I hope he can just cover and doesn’t try to jump routes that he has business jumping like Clement.

  30. “The Ballad of Carlos Rogers”

    He’s a good player among cornerbacks
    But having good hands is the thing that he lacks
    When assigned a receiver, with him he will stick
    He can run, he can tackle but can’t make a pick

    The ball will pass in and then out of his hand
    And then, thud, on the ground the sure pick-six will land
    So, while Carlos can effectively shut down his man
    He won’t scare QBs from throwing at him again

    But now that Carlos is leaving our dysfunctional team
    And getting a new town, a new club and new scheme
    I expect him to do great like so many ex-Skins
    He might just lead the league in interceptions

    – Common Sense Dude aka Frustrated Skins Fan –

  31. Grossman should have a ggod game now cause we know ole rock hands Rodgers aint picking nothing.

  32. So I don’t watch the Redskins anymore because frankly who does? Apparently Carlos Rogers can’t catch?

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