Peyton Manning “running and throwing” at Colts camp


Peyton Manning remains on the active/PUP list and it’s unclear when he’ll practice again, but there were visible signs of progress from him on Wednesday.

Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star reports that Manning was seen “running and throwing” with “decent velocity” this afternoon at Colts training camp.

Presumably, Manning was just working on the field on his own in preparation for a return to practice later this month.  There doesn’t seem to be any real fear Manning could miss the start of the regular season.

29 responses to “Peyton Manning “running and throwing” at Colts camp

  1. I heard that he’s running and throwing less so other teammates can run and throw more.

    He’s basically running and throwing right around the same amount Tom Brady is.

    Pretty unselfish guy – giving all that up so the team can win.

  2. I just have this vision that Peyton is really an android and this whole surgery stuff was just his “scheduled maintenance.” lol

  3. Actually there was a bit of a typo. Pillsbury is “running and throwing up” at the Colts camp.

  4. When Pillsbury emerges in shorts, kids all over the country say “Hey it looks just like that picture of Dad at the picnic ground last summer!”.

  5. Upon hearing that Peyton was running and throwing with “decent velocity”, Chad Pennington let out an envious sigh.

  6. egetto says: Aug 3, 2011 9:50 PM

    Dang…..Hope for a surprising division title squashed in Jacksonville…….unless we can get another 59 yd walkoff…..


    you mean another cauldwell gift.
    the cauldwell doomsday clock is already at 6pm.

    it’s been about 95 degrees in anderson this week. i can only assume cauldwell’s seat was out there in it.

  7. Anytime “running and throwing” is in quotes, that’s just weird.

    Maybe Irsay is trying to sell a few season tickets that are hanging in the balance…there’s no way…NO WAY, they let Peyton take a hit this pre-season, therefore, there’s no way to know how he feels, and how durable that neck really is…

  8. Of course he isn’t going to miss the start of the regular season. He isn’t going to end his consecutive games started streak (going after Favre) because of a precautionary surgery.

  9. Peyton is team first. I’ve told people 90million times, Manning will take the league minimum so the Colts can sign players to help peyton get those rings. WAIT HE SIGNED FOR HOW MUCH? HOW MUCH GUARANTEED? Greeeddyyy! But i concede he is the best QB in the league and I’m an eagles fan.

  10. jimbiddle9 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 10:00 PM
    It was my understanding that because he signed a new contract, he’s prohibited from doing anything at camp until Thursday

    I would have to agree here. I thought that franchised players were not allowed to participate in on field activities until Thursday afternoon. But I guess Peyton is excluded from the rules that everyone else has to follow.

  11. Since he just signed is he even be running and throwing at practice.right now? Ohhh that’s right he’s a colt and a manning they don’t have to play by the same rules..

  12. I guess that gimpy walk and stiff neck routine was all an act last week.

    Guy looked like he was 2 months away from turning his neck, now he is running and throwing already. LOL.

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