Raiders add four offensive linemen, including Samson Satele


Perhaps the Raiders allowed Tom Cable to steal Zach Miller because they had so many offensive line spots to fill.

Oakland confirmed the signings of four offensive linemen, including a surprise return of center Samson Satele.  Also joining the fold: tackle Stephon Heyer, guard Justin Smiley and tackle Seth Wand.

Rookie Stefen Wisniewski is expected to start at center, but Satele gives the team options. Oakland needed more alternatives at tackle, where Heyer and Wand will provide depth.

We know our friend Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports has already predicted the Raiders to the AFC Championship. It’s not that crazy a notion, but all the changes and random parts on their offensive line will be a big obstacle in their way.

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  1. AFC championship??? lmao. They lost their two best players and signed routt to a ridiculous contract. They have the third best qb in their division and thats if tebow starts in denver rather than orton. Totally laughable. 6 wins at best

  2. So we’ve lost two of our best players and got some backup O-linemen and a 3rd string QB. Ford has a broken hand and Chaz is as fragile and a major award……hopefully some of the rookies step up but I really don’t have a good feeling about this year.

  3. Stephon Heyer is a decent back-up but a poor starter. He does have experience of protecting Campbell on both the right and left, and almost as much of scraping Jason up of the deck after a rusher has gone straight past him.

    That said, he is a better back-up than anyone the Redskins’ have got at the moment. It could be a decent signing for the Raiders. He actually stepped in at guard in the middle of a game and played pretty well despite a body shape that is about as far away from prototypical as was possible (long legs, high centre).

  4. cowartsh says:
    Aug 3, 2011 8:46 AM
    AFC championship??? lmao. They lost their two best players and signed routt to a ridiculous contract. They have the third best qb in their division and thats if tebow starts in denver rather than orton. Totally laughable. 6 wins at best


    Why is Routt’s contract ridiculous? 10 mil a year for the guy that had the best percentage in the league last year according to Stats LLC, who was thrown at 3 times as much as Revis and Aso. Why is that so ridiculous? Because the talking heads don’t pay attention to the West Coast? Because Aso got all the glory?

  5. **** Yeah and for that article on Hue and the support Mike Silver is now welcome at all bars and tailgate events for Raider games, drinks on the house, food on the house, and welcome to attend all and any parties!

    he will feel the love and understand why we love the Raiders so much

    regardless of differences, we have always had great respect for Mike Silver & Jason Cole,

    we appreciate the good stuff written by Silver last week, and for that Mike Silver is now a household name in the Oakland community and is welcome with open arms anywhere in the bay area….mad props

    Go get ’em “Huey” – back to the future on the NFL’s behind bringing the old school Raider mentality back…

  6. “We know our friend Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports has already predicted the Raiders to the AFC Championship” way to put that in there Gregg (RN) . It was an informative article until you wrote that just to incite your readers to respond negatively to that loaded statement. The Raiders just like all the other teams are contenders.

  7. If you honestly think the Raiders will finish ahead of the Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, Texans, AND the Chargers… and win the Championship Game… It’s 557 miles, driving between Oakland and Las Vegas. One day of hard driving, and put all your savings account into a bet. The Raiders are 55:1 longshots, if you’ve saved $20,000, you could be a MILLIONAIRE!! Go ahead, guys…

    didn’t think so…

  8. As a Redskins fan, one of the best developments of this free agent period has been the Raiders signing Heyer. Having played, and played multiple positions, does not necessarily imply that you’re any good at it. He was awful. I don’t care who is our swing tackle this season since it’s now assured it won’t be him. We can’t regress there if Betty White is his replacement.

  9. The Raiders really weren’t trying that hard to keep Zach Miller. The Raiders’ system is going to rely on throwing the ball downfield to the WRs and handing it off to Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, not dumping it off to Miller. Hue Jackson is a former WR coach … he was WR coach for the Bengals when Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmanzadeh, and the late Chris Henry were putting up huge numbers. TEs didn’t figure much in the Bengals’ system then – even though they had talented TEs – and they won’t in Oakland. If anything, they would prefer a TE who is better at pass protection and blocking than at receiving like Kevin Boss. If they sign Boss to go with these 4 OLs (who aren’t stars, but this is the Raiders’ perpetually horrible OL we are talking about) and the 4 OLs that they have drafted the past 2 years pan out, then McFadden will have room to run the football, which he hasn’t had consistently since the Raiders drafted him.

    That is what so many people are forgetting. Darren McFadden, their 7th overall pick, is the team’s franchise player. He is the one that they are building their offense around. Not a passing game featuring someone that they picked up for a deferred 4th round draft pick and signed to a cheap two year deal (and this is the last year) … someone that they would have released had they been able to trade up to get Colin Kaepernick in the first round.

    When you are up against the cap, you have to make tough choices. Keeping your good defense intact and rebuilding your offensive line for your Pro Bowl caliber tailbacks (Bush is almost as good as McFadden) is much more important than paying $35 million to a TE in a offense that doesn’t feature the TE.

    So, the issue for the Raiders is not losing Miller. It is getting better at WR. The Raiders should be on the phone with Braylon Edwards, who is perfect for the vertical offense that they want to run, as we speak. And if they knew that they had no intention of keeping Miller, they should have been the team to sign Plaxico Burress.

  10. It’s awfully funny to read all of the “We didn’t really want to keep Zach Miller and Nnambi Asomugha” posts. Guys, McFadden is one year removed from being considered a “near bust”. He had what, 850 yards total in his first two years. The “we don’t need Miller because we will be a down-field passing team” stuff is hilarious. Chaz is about as dependable as the average 20 year-old Yugo. Ford is undersized. Murphy has shown inconsistent hands. DHB is, well, he’s DHB. What’s he averaging? Less than 20 yards a start? 1 TD every 15 games?

    Asomugha and Miller were big losses. Pretending they weren’t is just “whistling past the graveyard”.

  11. i guess almost everybody in the media is almost 100% wrong when it comes to the raiders….nobody said any of these guys would resign with the raiders…in all reality the media had zach miller as the only sure thing to come back, huff, satele, barnes, seymour, etc…would all walk, i mean who in their right mind would want to have to have thier teams camp in the napa wine country, and then have to play in front of all the crack smoking on parole jailbirds that attend the raiders games….god forbid having to go to team that has one of the only owners that care about his players, and not the buck.

    Like i said earlier the raiders have a team , and a coach that have some unfinished business. the guys who tried to spell team, with an “I” were shown the door, and were no resigned. I guess Mario Henderson is now the only one left from last year yet to sign. As far as the TE position, all I can say is there is no way you play football at the Univ. of Miami, or at USC unless you are a stud. The raiders nabbed two this past draft, so maybe they knew zach millers head is proned to concussions.

  12. Raider Fans 8/1/2011 : Zach Miller is the bestest eva!

    Raider fans 8/2/2011 Zach Miller is washed up concussion machine! We are going to the superbowl, who cares!!!

  13. I’m a Raiders fan and I was kinda miffed when we did not resign him. I think he’s a great player, receiving wise, but his blocking wasn’t all that great. Khalif Barnes even came in to spell him for important blocking situations, not to mention all his receptions were touchdowns last year. Every player is replaceable. Raiders just have to hope that the guys who lack experience step up and execute. Every team has question marks at this time of the year. That’s why we love this sport so much. I’m reserving judgement until week 16 so I know what we have and what we don’t. The only thing for certain is that DHB must perform at a level above mediocre to be kept around or he will be officially a bust considering this is year 3.

  14. @jgrange

    “The only thing for certain is that DHB must perform at a level above mediocre”

    You aren’t implying that DHB has played at a mediocre level are you? He’s got to get to mediocre first, before he can ever exceed it.

  15. Miller should have been locked up last season. You can’t always play vertical, and Miller was fairly consistent on some pretty poor offenses the past few years. And I’m pretty sure his agent wasn’t bitching about all the offers he had to sift through.

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