Rams closing in on deal with Cadillac Williams

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As we mentioned on Wednesday, the Rams needed to add more to their backfield than just Jerious Norwood.

It looks like Cadillac Williams may be their choice.

ESPN reports locally (Tony Softli) and nationally (Chris Mortensen) report that Williams is negotiating with the Rams Wednesday.  Considering the team doesn’t have much competition for Caddy, it looks like a deal should get done.

We saw a second hand report that the deal was being “finalized” but we don’t believe that to be true just yet.

14 responses to “Rams closing in on deal with Cadillac Williams

  1. I’m not a Rams fan, but I like the moves they made so far. Not building through free agency, but getting good additions at reasonable contracts.

  2. As a Bucs fan, my opinion of this is along the lines of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Last year, Cadillac was incredibly valuable to that team in ways that just don’t show up on stat sheets; he and Freeman would communicate in the backfield pre-snap, and Cadillac would help point out things in the defense. That was an incredibly injured and/or young offensive line last year, and Caddy’s presence was really, really helpful. He’s also really good at blitz pickup and is a good receiver; just a really solid third-down back.

    He didn’t make a huge number of plays last year, but he made some really big ones (TD catch to beat the Rams with ten second left), but he was helpful in all sorts of ways that the numbers just don’t reflect. Dangit.

  3. Coming back from two torn patellar tendons is an amazing feat.

    Going to miss him in Tampa but hopefully he can thrive in St. Louis behind Jackson. Bradford just got himself a great blocker.

  4. Agreed, tigers182… they’re making moves that are adding up. Rams fans should be pleased with the direction especially after those brutal seasons ’07-09. Look out AZ.

  5. Rams fans are going to love this guy. He may as well be another offensive lineman as valuable as he is in blitz pickup and blocking scheme communications…also really has developed as a great receiver. And lets not forget that he is one of the hardest working me to ever don a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform.

    We’re going to miss you in Tampa Caddy! Good Luck!

  6. Cadillac does alot of good things that don’t show up in the stat sheets. Another solid piece to the rebuilding of the Ram’s

  7. This will be a great get. Also thanks Bucs fans for being all class, great truthful comments and I wish the Bucs all the luck this year.

  8. as much as i’ve enjoyed Caddy on the Bucs, business-wise, it didn’t make much sense to make him a huge offer to return and be the 3rd down/2:00 back. I honestly don’t see there being that huge of a drop-off between him and “Insurance Graham.” That would allow him to move away from the FB position and allow them to work in Lorig as their FB/H-back.

    not a Rams fan, but they have made some good moves thus far. adding Caddy was just another one.

  9. Wow…Impressive feedback from Bucs fans. As a life long Rams fan, I’m pretty happy with the way things are going and appreciate the info you’ve provided. Seems the Bucs have classy fans…which is refreshing, living two hours from the Jets, Giants and Patriots.

  10. Good luck, Caddy. We hate losing you. You were nothing but class while in a Bucs uni. I’ll never forget your first three games with us.

    Like an above poster said, though, we need to get Graham more touches.

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