Ravens bring in Bernard Pollard

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Veteran safety Bernard Pollard, perhaps best known as the guy who blew up Tom Brady’s knee in 2008, is now playing for a team that has no warm or fuzzy feelings for Mr. Brady.

And they signed Pollard on Tom Brady’s birthday.

Sports Radio 610 in Houston, via the Baltimore Sun, reports that Pollard has agreed to terms with the Ravens.

A full-time starter for four of his five NFL seasons, Pollard played three years with the Chiefs before spending the last two in Houston.

27 responses to “Ravens bring in Bernard Pollard

  1. Ok, let’s see, waiting on the first steeler fan to talk smack about this move… Where u at?.. Come on down!!!! Shocking I beat em to it, they usually find ravens articles way faster than the Pittsburgh post gazette… Tools

  2. Good pickup, but the question remains what are doing as far as CB goes. We need help, Ed Reed can’t do it himself

  3. How desperate are the Ravens to find DB’s?

    Now their raiding the Texans who last season had the worst secondary in the NFL.

  4. The Ravens just got another Goon for that devestating defense…will be another fun playoff match-up if Ravens go in again v. Pats

  5. This guy is not re-upped by Houston’s questionable defense? Didn’t even know he was still in the league. Good move Ravens. Maybe he was just brought in for another cheap shot? I can see the headline now, 2012 “league competition committee weighing in on ” The Ben rule”.

  6. Come on guys, of course hes going to start. Dawan Landry was a great fit and he never really defended the pass well. This guy is a better all around player than landry and obviously hes not going to be expected to defend the pass with our future invested in Jimmy and #20 back there……and @kevo126 your ignorant to think a couple of special teams guys that are injury prone will beat out pollard. Nakamura is fresh off a kneew injury and Zbikowski is still out with that skin condition.

  7. @laxer37 Yes your right, because weve signed how many Db’s from other teams this offseason?……1, just pollard shows how dumb you are. Dont worry you can keep toast taylor and Ryan Robin, because we didnt even get 25 on us by the pats……much less 30+ points….we forced two ints and allowed only one passing TD…..get ur facts straight

  8. Pollard can hit like a sumbitch but last year couldn’t cover my eight year-old daughter on a corner route. I’m disappointed that he regressed so badly last year, but we need guys who can cover down here. Hitting hard is fun to watch but who gives a crap if he’s hitting hard after the receiver has gained fifty-seven yards.

  9. Really underrated player. You don’t hear his name often, but when you do, it’s usually something good. He really shines on Special Teams. Pretty good at blocking kicks/punts.

  10. Nakamura was fresh off a leg injury not a knee injury, at the beginning of the 2010 season, you’re a little behind there Tyler. Pollard is depth, the article says it all, what else is he known for other than destroying Brady’s knee? I have to think its Zbikowski’s job to lose and a “skin condition” isn’t gonna keep him out, besides he can’t even practice until tomorrow the 4th anyway under the weird rules…

  11. I’m not sure why he didn’t play as well last year(2010) as the season before(2009) because I really thought some of the defensive woes for the Texans’ secondary might be over after 2009.

  12. This guy is a whiff machine. The Chiefs have about 5 safeties on the roster better than Pollard, and have since he left.

    Maybe he’ll eventually knock himself out. If he doesn’t miss that is.

  13. Watched him for 4 years in KC. BIG hitter with a knack for the ball. Unfortunately, he gets burned deep too much. He’s a good guy though. He has some greatness in him, and if any team can unlock it, it will be Baltimore.

  14. Pollard is a good replacement for Landry. Maybe more of a sure tackler. I’m still worried abt the WR position and if Smith could pan out on and off the field. Not like he’s the clear cut answer at CB yet.

  15. @tyler200829 haha wow. you are ignorant if you think pollard is going to be starting at safety. the only way he starts is if someone gets hurt. they might even try him at lb before safety. you clearly have not watched him play before so why call me ignorant???

  16. pfii63 says:
    Aug 4, 2011 1:06 AM
    Nice to see another piece of crap added to the Ravens – he’ll fit right in.

    The only crap I see here is you and the rest of the whiny no-life Pats fans, pimple faced ignorant idiot (with an IQ of) 63.

  17. So you mean to tell me Tom Zbikowski, the special teamer, is gonna start at safety ahead of Bernard Pollard, the guy whos started his whole career? Pollard played for a collectively bad secondary last year. Bernard Pollard didnt rank 32nd in pass defense last year, their whole team did. Put him next to a H.O.F FS and see what happens.

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