Report: Eagles made post-retirement offer to Moss

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The folks at the Boston Herald have provided the football-following world a couple of new tidbits regarding recently-retired receiver Randy Moss.

One is very interesting.  The other one, frankly, isn’t.

First, Karen Guregian of the Herald reports that the Eagles made an offer to Moss following his retirement.  That’s a big one, since we’re convinced the Eagles are one of the few teams for which Moss would play.  Without knowing the amount of the offer or the Eagles’ plans for Moss, it’s hard to know whether he’d be interested.

Second, Ian Rapoport of the Herald reports that Moss has filed his retirement papers.  “His career is over,” Rapoport writes.

Though we’re not inclined to publicly disagree with any Herald scribe not named Ron Borges, the filing of retirement papers has no connection whatsoever to the potential continuation of a player’s career.  Brett Favre filed his retirement papers in 2008.  And all he had to do to return was to send a letter saying, “I want to play.”

So, to borrow from the phrase that will make its way onto Randy’s football tombstone, Moss will unretire when he wants to unretire.

If he wants to unretire.

Thus, the timing of the Eagles’ offer is irrelevant.  The question is whether the Eagles can get his attention.  At least we know they’re on his radar screen.

99 responses to “Report: Eagles made post-retirement offer to Moss

  1. as an eagles fan… i’ll be the first to say it could blow up in their faces. we all know randy does what he wants.


    imagine if he is motivated and plays for a ring?

  2. Funny thing is i heard Reid on Mike and Mike this morning, and he said he hasn’t reached out to Moss and in his book he’s retired.. so someone is lying here, could it be Reid and the Eagles? I’m sure they wouldn’t do something like that..

  3. Naturally, being a Raven fan and all, I Hate the team to the west of Philly, but I’m really starting to dislike the Eagles…can they just stay quiet?

  4. Depending on how much the contract was for I think Moss would not mind taking a 1 year deal(which was his real hangup) to play with the eagles. I mean who wouldn’t? Doug Free is probably kicking himself now.

  5. As a Giants fan, I genuinely hope this happens. I really do. This team is being loaded up with a lot of talent, no doubt, but tons of talent doesn’t necessarily translate into good team chemistry. You have pieces of puzzles being thrown together all at once – when has this ever translated into a Super Bowl? One or two additions… but never this many.

    They’re going for a Super Bowl this year or nothing at all. You can say “Sour grapes” all you want, but you win a Super Bowl by building talent in the draft – not free agency.

  6. Moss would be a great example and mentor to Desean Jackson.

    NOT! That would really be a fun train wreck to watch.

  7. imagine if he is motivated and plays for a ring?


    Imagine if every second pass doesn’t come his way, win or lose? He’s quit on every team he ever played for, why would the Eagles be any different?

  8. Moss doesn’t want to play for a full year.

    He’ll see how teams are sitting in late November or December and try to jump on a train he thinks can give him a lift to the SB.

  9. He probably knew that in order to be the true dream team they needed chilly-dog back as OC. So he ran like hell.

  10. rgwhodey says: Aug 3, 2011 10:30 AM

    Funny thing is i heard Reid on Mike and Mike this morning, and he said he hasn’t reached out to Moss and in his book he’s retired


    +1 … heard that also !

    Hmmm . . . ..

  11. I’m sure they’re not the only team to inquire.

    stinkfist… (good tune, by the way)… The Eagles would love to stay quiet but it looks like the media will be all over them for some time, taking little tidbits and blowing them into stories.

  12. Eagles are so desperate to get their first ring Haha its too funny….u can’t buy a championship, hey I guess its true they are the Miami Heat of football

  13. I could see this move coming from a mile away. IF Randy does come back I would liken his mentality to when he was in NE, he knows hes not getting any younger and the eagles would give him the best opportunity to win a ring.

    PS to all the cap talk, eagles will be UNDER the cap this season and UNDER the cap next season, its great to have a FO that actually knows what their doing

  14. “Do the Eagles have a different cap number than the rest of the league?”

    To answer your question:NO they do not! What they do have and have always had are Business people as opposed to football people,when it came to managing the cap.

  15. First, it ISN’T the Eagles that are talking–it’s the media. All the team is doing is signing available FAs. The Eagles have been managing the cap for years–the rest of the NFC Easat–not so much–that’s why Dallas and Washington had to dump players. And for the poster that said Washington 2.0, there’s two main differences in what the Eagles are doing and what the Skins are doing–

    1. The Skins signed players that were over the hill and thought they could still play. Asomough, DRC (obtained in trade), Brown, Jenkins, etc., all of these guys are still in their prime.

    2. There’s no stabiltity in the Skins–in the 13 seasons that Reid has been the Eagles coach, the Skins have had 7 HCs–that means 7 different staffs, 7 different philosophies, and different players to fill those philosophies.

  16. Why would he think he would be playing for a ring when the eagles have never won one? Plus, when Vick gets hurt, he already tried having Vince Young throw him the ball… it didnt work out.

  17. Don’t like this. The potential return isn’t enticing enough to jeopardize all of the work the Eagles front office did to assemble this team with one inflated ego. However, if DJax’s holdout goes in to the season, Maclin’s illness is more serious than is being reported, or Avant goes down…I may be singing a different tune.

  18. Love it! The eagles are the “new redskins” when it comes to wasting money. Champions are built from within! This is great news for the rest of the NFC East and NFC in general. With the Eagles out of the way is there anyone in the NFC who can compete with the Green Bay Packers???? It doesn’t look like it.

  19. Do the Eagles realize they have one of the best young WR’s in the game who actually is a building block for their future that they are ignoring?

  20. Even if this happens, I still think the Miami Heat…..oops…..I mean Philadelphia Eagles will lose to the Packers again in the playoffs.

  21. “Eagles are so desperate to get their first ring Haha its too funny….u can’t buy a championship, hey I guess its true they are the Miami Heat of football”

    Every team should be desperate to win the ultimate prize every year, first time or not.

  22. “Though we’re not inclined to publicly disagree with any Herald scribe not named Ron Borges…”


    Please tell me you’re joking. Borges is the worst. A free-bowl-of-soup plagiarizing hack if there ever was.

    With all the big-name signings, trades and holdout watches, there hasn’t been as much focus on the field as there normally would be.

    But some of the players who have caught our eye include Sinorice Moss, Casey Matthews and Trevard Lindley.

    Moss has been catching everything and could be making a push for a roster spot.

    Matthews has taken over the middle linebacker position and has impressed his coaches with his early command over the defense.

    And Lindley has looked smooth in the defensive backfield, and has come up with some athletic pass break-ups early on.

  24. instead of complaining about how the Eagles have managed their cap situation this year, why not complain about how the front office of YOUR team mismanaged yours

  25. Reliable sources from the Moss camp are reporting that the deal was rejected because the eagles normally distribute funds on payday via electronic funds transfer, and Randy prefers ‘straight cash, homie.’

  26. If the true Salary Floor doesn’t set in til 2013 then does the true cap not set in til then either. It looks like the Eagles think so.

  27. “1509lucky says: Aug 3, 2011 10:44 AM

    “Do the Eagles have a different cap number than the rest of the league?”

    To answer your question:NO they do not! What they do have and have always had are Business people as opposed to football people,when it came to managing the cap.”


    Said “business people” should be informed that big free agent signing don’t win championships.

  28. Lol all the Eagle haters sound like a bunch of jealous cry babies who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. All their moves this week have been a product of excellent salary cap management throughout Reid’s tenure as well as an excellent foundation built through the draft. All of this non-sense about “you can’t build a team like this” is bogus and makes you sound ignorant. Get over it. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

  29. Dont forget after Moss’s great 2008 season with the Patriots and he became a free agent the Eagles offered him more money then the Patriots did but decide to stay in New England. Andy Reid has wanted Moss for a long time and Im not suprised at all that they made him an offer.

  30. rc33 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 10:54 AM
    “Though we’re not inclined to publicly disagree with any Herald scribe not named Ron Borges…”


    Please tell me you’re joking. Borges is the worst. A free-bowl-of-soup plagiarizing hack if there ever was.


    Exactly hes saying the only Herald writer he would publicly disagree with is Borges.

  31. I actually plan on taking Moss in the last round of all my fantasy drafts. Usually taking a scrub there anyway, so why the poo not.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Pats told him to file papers, then sign him before week 1.

  32. ‘Said “business people” should be informed that big free agent signing don’t win championships.’
    Correct. Making it to the Super bowl and then scoring more points than the other team that made it there wins championships.

  33. It would appear that many of you are jealous because your team’s front office didn’t manage the money good enough to sign anyone worth while. When you even look at the guys the Eagles acquired, their salaries very imposing on the cap given that they let a lot of people go. Remember Kevin Kolb? His salary is gone. He was overpaid anyway but he’s gone and Cromartie makes peanuts compared to his salary. And signing guys like Ronnie Brown for 1 year doesn’t hurt them at all. The big difference between the Redskins and Eagles and that the Eagles didn’t overpay for a guy who is over the hill. The Eagles have stability in the organization and in Washington it’s pure comedy. From the coaching staff up to Snyder. There’s a huge difference. Any idiot can see that.

  34. What in the hell are Andy Reid & Howie Roseman doing exactly? Did Jeffrey Lurie tell them that they are gone if they don’t give him a Super Bowl Ring this year? I mean what’s with all of this madness?!?!

  35. rc33 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 10:54 AM
    “Though we’re not inclined to publicly disagree with any Herald scribe not named Ron Borges…”


    Please tell me you’re joking. Borges is the worst. A free-bowl-of-soup plagiarizing hack if there ever was.

    Yet Borges is getting PAID to be a sportswriter for a major newspaper while your sorry asz posts on a free Internet message board. Par for the course commentary from a member of the lamest fan base in all of the sports world, the New England fan base. Speaking of “free-bowl-of-soup plagiarizing hacks”, you NE sports fans will parrot anything that is spoonfed to your miserable little mouths if it is remotely complimentary to your overhyped teams, while crying like the little tittybabies that you all are if anyone remotely says anything bad about your teams. The lame comments by whiny Pats fans in the Dungy thread are proof positive of that.

  36. Are you people ever going to realize that the only job Moss wanted in football was the one he stupidly talked his way out of, and Chad Johnson HAS it now?


    2010 was all about Moss learning what an idiot he was; he realized it when he got back to Minny, he definitely realized it when he got to Tennesee (can anyone who has half a clue about Randy Moss see him waking up in the morning, happy to look himself in the mirror, and say “I’m HAPPY to be a Tennesee Titan!) ????

    Randy Moss had one of the best quarterbacks in history throwing the ball to him, behind one of the best O-lines in the game, for a coach who is a freaking GENIUS (cue the “Belicheat” morons) …. and dude let his ego get to him.

    Now he’s been through football purgatory again (what, you forgot how Oakland felt, Randy?) and knows where he should have stayed.

    There is no better place for Randy Moss in the NFL, and with all of his “straight cash”, he doesn’t NEED to play anywhere else.

    He’s pretty humbled by this, I can imagine, and should that phone call from Foxboro ever come ….

    And are we pretty much deciding now that the Super Bowl will be between the Yets and the Beagles????

    Why even play the games, right?

  37. Love how many people are starting to hate the eagles now. People hate what they fear. Seriously, nobody has a problem with teams that are non-threatening to their beloved team. Nobody likes the Pats, the Jets, the Steelers. Seems like a matter of insecurity than their actual football knowledge. why not support your team and let the fans of those teams worry about their squad.
    Eagles finally make moves one off-season. Every other team in the league had the same opportunity to entice players. Fortunate for the birds, Mike Vick, was half these guys idol growing up and want to play with the guy.

  38. sj39 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 10:31 AM
    Do the Eagles have a different cap number than the rest of the league?

    No they dont, but Banner always figures out how to manipulate it well. Since we seldom go after big F.A.’s we have mad cap room.

  39. Eagles fans, please beware of the “loaded team” or the ‘dream team’. Minnesota has created such teams on several occasions in the past few decades. Washington buys ‘name’ players (and coaches) as fast as they can.

    Recall the results of those efforts. Moss is/was awesome in many ways. Same for Vick, Young, etc. Putting them all together creates expectations so high and media focus so tight that these teams never relax.

    I’ve heard that Philly is a brutal media atmosphere, not for the squeamish. It must be downright horrible now. Be careful about begging Moss to return. He could be the magic secret ingredient. He could also be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  40. I don’t understand people comparing the Eagles moves to those of the Redskins. The Eagles are NOT overpaying players with 100 million dollar contracts. Players are taking PAYCUTS because they want to WIN. These are all low risk and high reward moves. No one went to the Redskins thinking “Hey this team has a great chance to get to the Super Bowl!” No, those fools just went to the highest bidder.

    So please don’t let your jealousy, or anger with your own team’s failure to be aggressive in free agency get in the way of your judgment.

  41. the Eagles are going to lose there edge on getting DeSean Jackson if these WRs keep telling the Eagles to go fly a kite. I love it. I hope Desean becomes a RFA and tells the Eagles to well whatever the Eagles fans do to the opposing fans.

  42. hey, with all this Eagles talk, lets not forget how much we hate the JETS! stay focused people

  43. being one injury away from Vince Young… is about as scary a proposition as there is in football.

  44. I love all the haters of the Eagles. Do you smell that? The bravado is the fear they feel!! Go EAGLES and PHILLIES!! It’;s about time for Philly teams to step up and do it. If you look at when Boston started the run they are on as a city, there were nay sayers. So lets wait to see how this plays out. As an Eagels Fan i am PUMPED, so keep hating on the Birds!! it is music to my ears. 🙂

  45. As an Eagle fan all I can say is please god NO!!! This guy is one of the biggest losers in the history of sports not just the NFL. No one ever talks about the play in the superbowl where Randy could have won the game. Late in the game Brady throw a bomb that would have put them in FG range and utimatley win the game. Moss was covered well, but the ball hit him in the hands and he couldn’t make the play. The biggest play of his life and he came lame. Thats been a pattern through his whole career. Hes a slacker, loser. Please Eagles do not sign this cancer.

  46. Interesting news…but all indications are that following last season’s disaster, he isn’t who he used to be as a wideout threat.

    Were the Eagles bought out by The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase or something? Even the retired (Favre, Moss) aren’t untouchable. Still, good luck winning deep into the playoffs with that awful front eight and safety group. Especially the LB positions – these guys are a poor imitation of the Jets from the last two seasons.

  47. First, as a life long Eagles fan I’d like to say Ahahahahaha. Second for all the haters out there that keep saying “you can’t buy a championship”, the Eagles already had an established core of players and these are pieces to the puzzle. And in closing, I do understand all your jealousy, but you still have to get up everyday and go back to your meanless lives.

  48. Ok first this report is not true or you wouldn’t be hearing about it. Notice how nothing has been said about any player the Eagles signed till AFTER they sign (with the exception of Babin and that link is because of Coach Washburn).

    The Eagles may have inquired about what it would take to get Randy (kick the tires so to speak) But they did NOT extend an offer.

    Also i do not think Randy Moss is done. I just don’t see it. To me this is Randy trying to get a few teams to “beg” him to come back. The guy is one of these low self esteem WR who needs to feel loved. I have said it all offseason and i am sticking with it i think Moss goes to NE after camp. I thought that it would happen at about the 2nd pre season game after the Pats signed Ocho (whom i love) when they figure he is just not a deep threat anymore.

    First the Eagles have about 2.5 mill in cap space and even though they ARe going to clear about 8-11 mill in cuts pretty soon i think most of that money goes to DeSean or at least the bulk of it does. The only way the Eagles could afford to bring in Moss is if what i think might be brewing is brewing with Chicago. The bears are in heated talks with Lofa and this could be because they have a deal on the table Samuel for Urlacher. I know it sounds crazy right, but if you think about it does make both teams better. The Eagles get a top tier MLB for 2 maybe three years and most likely a 4-5 pick and the Bears get a younger not as good but good MLB and a top 3 in the league corner and the best play maker in the back field in the league. This also saves the Eagles about 5 mill in cap room on the trade because they would only be responcible for 54’s real cash money this year. Watch for it cuz it could happen. Of course the deal might also be for Briggs I am just not sure if the Eagles would give up a top 3 corner for good not great linebacker.

    One more thing i’d like to add for all the haters and man there sure is a lot that are saying “if/when Vick gets hurt …..blah blah blah ” Right I think we all agree on that. Same way if Manning hurts his neck or Brady his knee or Brees his shoulder or Romo his collar bone (which i might add after its broke once for the 3 year so it breaks again very easily) I could go on and on with this. But basicly if your QB gets hurt for all most all teams their season is done. Now in the Eagles case if your really objective you would look at Young and say hey this guy won 30 out of 47 games thats top ten in winng percentage in the same time period in the league. And he did that with only a good running back. Now he would have a good everything. So which would you rather have for example if manning goes down Painter ??? or Young ??? seriously i think the Eagles can take a Vick injury as long as its not season ending. But also remember this the Eagles just signed a guy to play Rt who in my book is still getting better and was B+ player already. The line is B+ and above at every position. This isn’t going to be like last year. with all the sacks. In fact the scary thing is Vick is going to have time this year.

    Without Jackson (who is the most underrated center in the league) at center anyone good at Right guard and the revolving door in justice (who should be getting ready to sign elsewhere soon) the eagles line imo is going to be top 8-9 in the league this year and they can be better than that.

    All i am saying is our cheep a$$ front office finally decided to spend to the cap for the first time since their was a cap and i for one am loving it. The best part is we still right now have more cap room than the cowboys and Redskins and giants lol

  49. Dieharddolfan6493,

    The Eagles front office people are very shrewd businessmen, and have always been very good at negotiating contracts that do not hurt the team in the long run. If you go through each players contract that has just been signed, only Nnamdi’s contrat is over the top everyone else’s is not a big cap hit. I know at the beginning of FA they had a little over 20 mil, before the cuts of Mikell, Bradley, Harrison, etc.

  50. Even having Moss out there will let dudes like Maclin, Celek, and Jackson be more open. Harvin loved his presence when Moss was in Minnesota. Do it!

  51. Common! Get DeSean back and let Moss retire quietly.

    … or maybe… make everybody even more jealous by hiring Moss for 1 year!

    Go Eagles!

  52. Pathetic,
    After a time away from this site, I return to comments such as these? There used to be intelligent, meaningful posts that actually added something to the discussions! Now, it’s pathetic banter. I feel sorry for most of you. You know who u are.
    The eagles have a stout track record for solid coaching and team play.
    Moss haters???? He is far from washed up, he is top 3 greatest receivers of all time, like him or not. If the eagles acquire him, their offense will be dangerous. As a Viking fan, I wish our roster was half that good. Before you post ignorant opinions , at least have a point!

  53. I see a lot of people on here comparing the eagles to the skins , Miami heat , and making claims that the birds are trying to buy a championship! Let me explain the difference. The redskins spend big money on high name players such as DT’s when they don’t even have a QB. They throw a bunch of money around when their team as a whole has no existing talent. The Miami heat brought in 2/3 ‘s of their team that created all their hype.Only had one star before that who carried the whole team. Now the eagle’s are a team that built a solid young team full of explosive talent. Through a risky investment that nobody else would touch the groomed a supreme athlete into a supreme QB. There is a reason the birds are always under the cap, they give themselves the room for when the team is close and players are available that could possibly fill their weaknesses they can pull the trigger.They did it in 04 and here we are again . Eagles smell blood and are going for the kill. One of the smartest front office’s in the league second only to the patriot’s. So everyone can talk sh** but in philadelphia we know what is really happening here, be jealous, I probably would be too!

  54. I’d be more instered in reading an article that list the FA the eagles DIDN’T make an offer to.

    I understant they are trying to make a run, but the way they have been trying to sign EVERYONE not only looks desperate, but it is laughable.

    All you eagle fans better hope and pray that you win the Superbowl or else you will never, ever, ever hear the end of the “Dream Team” debaucle. I’m sure you all hate the fans from all the other NFC East teams asking “How many SB’s do you have again?”. Just be ready for “How’d that Dream Team thing work out for you?”

    All of philly should be on their knees every Sunday from now until March 2012.

  55. Andy Reid is a great coach.

    However if the Eagles don’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, his job will definitely be in jeopardy!

  56. People the Eagles have also contacted

    Jerry Rice
    Barry Sanders
    Emmit Smith
    The muscular guy from the body spray commercials
    Ed 2 Tall Jones

    I’ve also heard disturbing news that they have also attempted to reach
    Johnny Unitas
    Vince Lombardi
    Andre the Giant
    Lyle Alzedo
    The University of Michigan fab 5
    Dewayne Wade
    Lebron James
    Chris Bosh

    Eagles personell consulted Phil Savage told people close to him that this was the method he used when he lead the Browns to all 3 of there superbowl wins. Then Doctors medicated him and put him to bed.

  57. You mean Andy Reid said on Mike and Mike that he isnt interested in Moss?

    Reid would NEVER lie to the media about a roster move, would he?

  58. What we need is more grown men acting like little girls. Let the eagles live this is no different than what the cowgirls, patriots, and all the other teams do every year.

  59. getting moss will build our offense up to get more 68 point games and the new defense will allow ZERO points a game this team will break records and boost commercial ads philadelphia will party every sunday like its the super bowl…hey moss get in training camp asap so half the country can loose there minds…

  60. @dieharddolfan6493:

    Banner has been stingy with the money for the past 10 years, because he had no reason to spend their money up to the cap. Now with the new CBA and that all teams have to spend 99% of the money, meaning use up all cap money. The Eagles have roughly … 110million to spend. Then Banner being the brainiac that he is … only uses the money he can spend on the guarantee and not on the contract themselves. So, with Asomgha he got 25 mill in guarenteed money and 10 mil for this year. Do the math. They have a crapton of money to spend.

  61. For those asking where the Eagles are getting this money from — we all have the same salary cap morons, difference is our front office planned this two years ahead of time and your front office tried to make moves in an uncapped yr — look where they are now.

    For those of you that say you don’t win Superbowls through free agency….hmmm, ever heard of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers? Noob.

  62. At least we know they’re on his radar screen.

    I think you meant….

    At least we know he’s on they’re radar screen.

  63. hey packer fans congrats that was last year when y’all won BUT saying the packer will beat the birds again this post season(new eagles) is like saying my jordans from last year are still fresh …every player is playing for this year not last year …you packer are in fear like the rest of the nfc…

  64. people always hate people with money hey eagles you got it spend it …@the haters your favorite team need to make you guys happy go write a GM ALREADY…

  65. To all the Eagle fan haters – give us a break. I was 8 years old in 1960. I have a vague recollection of the Championship. I told a friend in 1980 I would probably die before the Birds won a Super Bowl. I get closer every year. I lived through some horrible teams, owners and coaches. I watched in Jax while McNabb threw wounded ducks into the end zone and choked. Can’t we be entitled to a little hope?

  66. andyreidisfat says:
    Same way if Manning hurts his neck or Brady his knee

    Not so much:

    2008, Matt Casell, 11-5

    Has VY done that?

  67. With all the Eagles have done and still have room on the books for Moss I think each team should do what ever it takes to hire thier cap guy

  68. he will play again just like you predicted that Kurt Warner would play again right Mike? oh wait you wrong on that one but you never admit it do you?

  69. This would be one move too many, IMO. The Eagles don’t need a potential malcontent to blow the whole thing up.

  70. Imagine if every second pass doesn’t come his way, win or lose? He’s quit on every team he ever played for, why would the Eagles be any different?


    Moss didn’t quit on a winning team. In Minnesota he helped take them to a 15-1 record and in NE it was 16-0. For one year, I’d take Randy Moss and really open up the passing fan with three deadly receivers (Maclin is so underrated it’s unreal).

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