Report: Giants drop price tag for Osi

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The Giants reportedly had wanted a first-round pick for disgruntled defensive end Osi Umenyiora.  Now, the Giants reportedly want a second-round pick for Osi.

The new report comes from Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun, who also reports that the Ravens and Patriots are two of the teams considering making the deal.  Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News has reported that the Rams, Chargers, Seahawks, and Broncos also are interested.

The bigger impediment remains making Umenyiora happy with a new contract.  Per Preston, the Ravens likely would have to sign defensive tackle Haloti Ngata to a new deal that would drop his cap number from that eight-figure franchise tender.

Even then, it’s a risk, given Umenyiora’s injury history.  Still, Preston reports that several of the Ravens’ bigwigs are urging G.M. Ozzie Newsome to do the deal.

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  1. TheBlueScreen

    I can’t rule anything out, but two NFL sources now have told me the #NYG haven’t dropped their demands yet for Osi. They still want a 1st. 2 minutes ago via Seesmic

  2. Why even mention teams that will be inteterested in the big name players? We all know he’s going to become an Eagle. When’s Favre coming out retirement? He’ll be an Eagle too.

  3. haha so when a giants player or franchise makes news its when someone goes elsewhere. giants will be bottom of nfc east and prob not gonna hit .500 because theyre gonna be an abortion of a team

  4. If him and Shady didn’t hate eachother he would actually fit in nice in phillys 4-3 defense. But the last thing we need is him to bring that giant stink. Send him to the AFC.

  5. Chargers have 0 Sb wins , just letting everyone who didnt know… Aj Smith wants to coach the team so bad, so he hired a laid back coach in Norv where he could give orders to, they got rid of Schottenheimer – bad move, that man built your team, not Ego maniac AJ Smith who has 0 rings either…

    so send him there, they got no one, the Raiders went in their backyard last year and whooped them, then they paid eric weddle all this money even though McFadden ran over him at the goal line. Eric Weddle wants no part of Darren McFadden, hes shook.

    the Broncos messed the QB situation up, they could use him, there defense will be on the field a lot this year.

    ravens would fit well with a good D

    if he goes to the Pats – its a wrap, Pats got the AFC East on lock , haynesworth is gonna ball, he just didnt want to for Mike Shannahan and his silver spoon fed son of his (even tho hes the O-coordinator)

    could u imagine taking orders from kyle shanahan whos never played in the NFL and looks like he came from an archie cartoon? rough! I wouldnt play for mike shanahan either… haynesworth & Osi on the same team is NASTY

  6. I doubt this will happen but as an Eagles fan id love to trade our 2nd rounder which will probably be a late second rounder to the G-Men to get Osi.. The Eagles would still have The Cards Second Rounder and they suck at drafting D Linemen so id rather have Osi than roll the dice with an unproven college player… but knowing the Eagles they wont re up Osi’s Contract .. and they prolly want to package that second rounder with their first rounder to move up now that the rookie wage scale has made the value of early picks shoot skyward.. i doubt they could resign DJAX if they brought in Osi and we still need a veteran middle linebacker

  7. I’d actually like to see Osi play for the Ravens…that would be very interesting to see..I dont know why, but it seems defensive players on the NY Giants defense don’t get noticed or talked about as much as other NY teams..I think Osi would stand out on the Ravens defense. I like the move. Besides, for some reason, I like playing with the Ravens defense sometimes on Madden..EVERY YEAR they are a BEAST! (on Madden) 😀

  8. Why are the Eagles not in this? Ha ha. Just kiddin’

    One point though…

    The Patriots and Jets have been trying to scoop up a bunch of FA and nobody is calling them desperate… Why are the Eagles desperate?

  9. The Eagles said you must trade him to them to have the honor of being in the same division as the Eagles. Umeurine’s sole responsiblity will be to carry McCoys jack strap if he can beat out sheli manning for the job. Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

  10. A third. At the most, he is worth a third, but if the Gmen really wanted him gone they’d take a 4th.

  11. I don’t see the Patriots biting for that deal – this trade window and their recent trade history both speak to value over star power. Why a great draft pick for an injury and character risk? Besides, the marginal value to an already improved pass-rush is probably smaller than the value that will be gained next year by that 2nd round.

    I don’t know anything about the Ravens’ trade history, but it does seem like a good fit.

  12. The Raiders should try and go after him. Teaming Osi up with Seymour would be a sick tandem. And with the young talent Oakland has on the D-line with Lamarr Houston and Matt shaughnessy it could be one of the best D-lines in the league. Plus they got the big guys John Henderson and Tommy Kelly. Do it Riders, get Osi!

  13. Hahahahaha! C’mon Seahawks! Don’t pull he trigger til they drop it to a 3rd..possibly 4th..

  14. Get a starter along with that pick and I’m fine with it. JPP is ready to terrorize the NFL.

  15. I still am not seeing why the Ravens would waste the pick or money on a guy when people are saying Kindle is ready to play.

    The PAtriots do make sense though if they are going to end playing more 4-3. I am guessing by moves they have made or better yet not made they do intend to go to a more 4-3 base defense this year. The hoody has run a lot of 4-3 in the past and having Haynesworth would almost make any coach want to play a system that that guy fits in. When is going right he may be one of the biggest difference makers on defense. Unlike Shanny in Washington perhaps Hoody is smart enough to see that he needs to taylor to his talent not taylor his talent to him. Then again thats why Hoody is wining and shanny will be fired by the end of the year.

  16. Holy crap if the Pats got him we’d be complete! We have two seconds, ship them the raiders’ pick and finagle with the cap and get this done BB! The reason we haven’t won since 04 was because our front 7 was very mediocre to poor. Consider this (in a 4-3):
    olb-Mayo (yes on the weakside)

    We could also move Cunningham back to olb a bit and throw Wright/Moore in at the other de spot…wow!

  17. Don’t be so quick on that,Umenyiora’s agent, Tony Agnone,said he’s unaware of a change in asking price.He is still trying to get a 1st round pick!

  18. Would be a big boost to the Ravens if they could get him, but Belicheck needs to be stockpiling those picks for something. I’d say he goes to the Pats, plus I’d rather have Ozzie make the decisions than random “bigwigs”.

  19. For any team with an already solid defense, it’s a good addition for a 2nd round pick. When he’s on, he’s unstoppable getting to the QB. But sometimes he disappears for long stretches.

    As a Giants fan, I’m tired of his constant complaining every pre-season, but I’ll also be sorry to see him go. The Giants certainly aren’t improving their team by trading him away.

    It’s a shame they haven’t even talked about upping his contract. I wonder how far apart they could be on Osi’s value.

  20. And after a day and a half of no team willing to give up a 2nd for him, we’ll see another report that they’re willing to give him up for a 3rd.

  21. So tomorrow we’ll wake up to the headline “Umenyiora joins Dream Team”? Eagles will swoop in at last minute and grab him, lol
    But seriously, too injury prone for a huge contract, anyone who gives it to him will be taking a major risk.

  22. Also, I’ll be thrilled to see him traded out of the division….even better if out of the conference.

  23. shaunymac424 says:Aug 3, 2011 2:03 AM

    Why wouldn’t the Eagles try and trade Samuels for him? I think the G-Men would have to go for that.

    The Eagles don’t have anyone named Samuels on their roster, so I bet the Giants would go for that… suckerz!!

  24. die hard Raven’s fan here…would like to see Ozzie pull the trigger on this and send NYG a 2nd rounder in 2012 or 2013. work Ngata a new deal and lock Osi up we need to sack these QB’s and bring back that #1 D to Charm City. Make the move Ozzie and be done lets get it!!

  25. I have a strong feeling that I am going to wake up to the headline. “Eagles makes trade for Osi”

    It’s a long shot because of the divisional rivalry but at this point the Eagles could somehow find a way to bring Barry Sanders back into the NFL and sign him and it wouldn’t surprise me. So with that said. It would be a smart move picking up someone who knows the Giants (divisional rivals) playbook.

  26. He’s not a fit inBaltimore at all. Watching him every Sunday for the past 5 years, one thing is painfully apparent: he is a 4-3 DE & he would struggle in a 3-4 set. He is a pure speed pass rusher off the end & is a liability against the run without a strong LB to back him up. On the other hand, if BB is really switching to a 4-3 as Ty Warren indicated upon being cut, he would be a PERFECT fit. Osi is one of the best speed rushers in the game coming off the end. There isn’t a T in the AFC East, that isn’t named Jake Long, that could stop him & he would wreak havoc week in, week out. I’ve watched this guy dismantle some of the best tackles in this game over the years & Vladamir Ducasse & Fergusson wouldn’t stand a chance against him. It would be interesting to see how well Sanchez plays with #72 on his a$$. BB knows the Jets are his only competition in the division & you’d be fooling yourself if you didn’t think this switch to a 4-3 is a direct attempt to completely stop the Jets color-coded, JV offense. The top 4-3 defenses in the league generate their pass rush from the front 4, especially on the ends. Haynesworth and Osi on the line together would instantly upgrade the Pats D from worst to close to the top & help their pass D exponentially. Pull the trigger BB.

  27. i gurantee you if Ozzie gets Ngatas contract hammered out this week, the Ravens will most definitely make this trade…..100%. Welcome to Bmore Osi! you will be welcomed with opens arms especially by Suggs! lol

  28. Everyone says a 1st round pick is crazy and would set a team back. What first rounder is going to have 11.5 sacks and 10 turnovers? Nobody. Asking for a 1st rounder isn’t crazy at all.

  29. I could see the Patriots going for Osi. They have 2 1st rounders I believe, so it would be as expensive for them.

  30. I need to wake up and tomorrow and see this guy headed to the Patriots.

    Seriously… our best pass rusher is Albert Haynesworth. (and this isn’t 2008)

  31. Detroit Lions baby! KVB will be out soon enough and dunno of Avril is comIng back..Osi, Suh, Fairley..WOW!

    2nd rd pick isn’t to much to give up when yr gettin a proven starter in the league. Plus how many 2nd rounders last in the NFL? Even If they do work out they’ll most likely be gone after the rookie contract.

    Go get em Lions.

  32. shaunymac424 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 2:03 AM
    Why wouldn’t the Eagles try and trade Samuels for him? I think the G-Men would have to go for that.

    Why would the Giants want a 5th corner (Webster, Thomas, Prince, Ross) who already is making more than Osi? Beisdes, they don’t need another selfish corner…one is enough (Ross).

  33. “Why wouldn’t the Eagles try and trade Samuels for him? I think the G-Men would have to go for that.”

    With Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, Prince Amukamara, and Aaron Ross, yeah, what the Giants really need is another cornerback.


    Aside from the fact that they aren’t trading Osi in the division, what the Eagles have is not what the Giants need. The Giants need linebackers and offensive linemen. That’s what the Eagles need, too.

  34. Broncos trade for osi and asante then with doom miller osi blitzing and asante and champ in coverage oooooooooeyyy!

  35. If I’m not mistaken, Agnone is a Baltimore guy, who got his start as an agent when another Baltimore guy – Mel Kiper – put Agnone in touch with his college buddy – Sean Landeta (another Baltimore guy who became a Giants guy) – to rep Landeta.

    Sounds like it’s all turning up Baltimore to me!!!

    C’mon Oz – I bet he can be had for a 3rd!!!

  36. Saint Louis and Seattle will hopefully keep battling each other for him – and keeping the price high!

    I’d be OK with a 2nd rounder and a 5th or 6th. If it drops to a 3rd, then it should two 3rds

  37. Well this season the likely destination is Philly, to bad the Giants can’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to see a trade. They are already too scared of this Birds team and they haven’t even got torn by them yet!

  38. Keep in mind that trading for him is not just a draft pick, but that team will have to sign him to a big money contract. He’s not worth a first round pick and a 50 million dollar contract.

  39. Pats have 2- 1st. round and 2 -2nd. round selections. They also have a group of young D-lineman. The team has a need for an inside O-lineman. No way he is coming north.

  40. Any GM would have to be insane to give up a #2 for an aging DE that you have to sign to a long term contract. #3 with a 2 year deal is best i’d do for him

  41. I don’t understand why the Bears wouldn’t do it for the !st rounder let alone the 2nd. We have 1 first rounder still on our team from the last 10 years. If we make the trade, teams would have to stop Peppers and Umenyiora, no thank you. This to me would be a no brainer.

  42. He’s D-Ware’s best friend. They’d make awesome bookends!


    Pass. He’s too one-dimensional to play LB and too small to play DE in a 3-4.

  43. Isn’t it the Giants’ best interest to get the best draft pick they can for him ? If they are going to get a 2nd round pick, it doesn’t make sense to trade him to the Patriots or Ravens who both figure to have good seasons and later-round picks. For speculation purposes, if the teams mentioned offer a second, seems to me the Giants should trade him to Seattle, Broncos or the Rams so they get the higher 2nd round pick.

  44. If the Giants have dropped the price to a 2nd rounder, Umenyoria’s agent hadn’t heard about it as of last night according the several Giants’ beat writers.

  45. No, it’s not in the Giants’ interest to settle for less than a first rounder. Osi is under contract to the Giants for two more years. He has two choices if there is no trade: he can honor his contract and play this season, or he can not play and forfeit his $3.1 million salary for the year.

  46. Thanks for proving your a bit**, honor your contract and stop being a distraction to the team. This guy will never be happy. I don’t think he’ll live up to what he did last year, any where he goes.

  47. First of all Adam Schefter from ESPN just reported that the price tag has not been dropped to a 2nd rounder, they still want a 1st rounder.

    But the reason for this is to show Osi that he is not worth as much as he thinks, thus possibly settling for less money. If someone steps up and offers a 1st rounder, then the Jints would take that deal immediately. However, I as well as most of you do not think that will happen so it is possible we can get a 2nd rounder in the 2012 draft and maybe a 5th rounder in 2013. Is it likely, that’s iffy…but I truly believe that this is all a ploy to show Osi he’s not as high on peoples charts as he thinks.

    And for the record, he’s definitely not the best d-linemen on our team, maybe 2nd or even 3rd.

    As for everyone hating on the Eagles, it’s obviously just jealousy. I hate them as much as the net person but you wouldnt be complaining if it wass your team signing all these players. And lets not anoint them the “dream team” until we see if they have any chemistry…that will be the most important thing. Plus a few of their signings were for one year contracts…those players won’t be touchin the ball too many times a la Ronnie Brown and Vince Young.

  48. oh and Nhamdi has only 3 ints in 3 years…he had one good QB in his division….just saying.

  49. i don’t see bill bringing him in unless the price dropped a little more and osi isn’t expecting a monster contract…nate solder still needs to be signed and i’d like to see matt roth get signed if they can to give them better OLB play when they do play the 3-4…that being said if bill can work out the cap and get osi i would be thrilled i just don’t really see it happening

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