Stacy Andrews joins the Giants

One year after the Shawn Andrews experiment worked fairly well with the Giants, New York will try out his brother Stacy.

The Giants announced they signed offensive lineman Stacy Andrews on Wednesday.  They had to cut Shawn Andrews in a salary cap move previously, just like Stacy was cut by the Seahawks.

It’s  good fit for both sides. Stacy Andrews struggled last year, but he’s started plenty of games and has a lot of talent for a reserve offensive lineman.  He could push both starting tackles in New York.

16 responses to “Stacy Andrews joins the Giants

  1. Man the Philadelphia owned NJ giants suck. Stacy Andrews is less reliable than his brother!!! What doe that tell you. Another eagles reject getting scooped up by the nj team.
    Not exactly RT Harris, the player the eagles picked up yesterday, HUH??

  2. Funny with all the Eagles fans out there beating their chests about their signings and talking trash about the rest of the NFC East. Reminds me of…um… every other year when the Eagles fans think they’re gonna win it. But just like every other year, they’ll prove to be an epic disappointment. Maybe even more so this year with the whole “Dream Team” BS.

  3. He is not good enough to push either tackle. He is simply a backup who won’t see the field unless McKenzie or Beatty get hurt. He probably signed for the vet minimum.

  4. @jbl429

    As long as we are playing in January .. it’s all good.

    It must really suck to is over in November ?

    Eagles fans ..don’t really know that feeling.

  5. @sportswannabe

    Why …we will OWN the NFC East for years to come .

    In November … you can watch relevant teams play for something.

    or watch that VHS in theat dusty VCR .

    We are in the playoffs every year ..
    as long as we win the NFC East .. it’s all good.

  6. Stacy Andrews – He could push both starting tackles in New York.

    OMG … rofl @ that one.

  7. @ the Shoeman
    How many Super Bowls have the Philthadelphia EGirls Won?
    You guys are just setting yourself up for yet another disapointing post season..Cant wait to watch the Battery chuckers in Philthy loose their mind when they get punked out in the playoffs yet again…

  8. Stacy Andrews couldn’t even keep a spot on Seattle’s train wreck of an offensive line last year.

    Tyler Polumbus was far better…and is still on the Seattle roster as a backup.

    If he survives training camp and is on the roster opening day….not a good sign for depth on the Giants offensive line.

  9. last time I checked, championships haven’t always been called Superbowls…just another idiotic New Yawka or some emo fist pumper from New Jersey with the same old tired argument…

  10. sportswannabe says: Aug 3, 2011 4:51 PM

    Super Bowl. When you’ve won one, you can talk, Philly fans.


    Irrelevant arguments: For when the rival who has beat you six times in a row suddenly gets ten times better for 2011.

  11. sorry Greg the guy is horrible he has no lateral movement and really not that much strength to speak of. He hasnt been half the player he was before his knee injury and isnt likely ever going to be able to challenge a real decent offensive lineman for his job again.

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