Vernon Carey moves to guard, takes a pay cut

When the Miami Dolphins signed offensive tackle Marc Colombo, it made Vernon Carey, the incumbent starter at right tackle, expendable. So to save his job, Carey has changed positions and restructured his contract.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Carey apparently has agreed to restructure his contract. His current deal was scheduled to pay him $4.15 million in 2011 and nearly $16 million over the next three years.

Carey also moved to guard at today’s practice.

The Dolphins chose Carey with the 19th overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, and after spending most of his rookie year as a backup he settled in as their starting right tackle.

16 responses to “Vernon Carey moves to guard, takes a pay cut

  1. Signing Colombo was a solid move for the Miami brass.

    They’re going to be better than expected, lots of good players that aren’t talked about a lot.

  2. About friggin’ time! He played guard at UM better than tackle, he played G early in his career. He’s too slow to play T. If we can just sign O’Hara, move either he or Pouncey to the other G, we are set…

    well, except for that small QB problem!

  3. Good luck to Colombo. The guy is an absolute warrior, but I don’t believe he can last a season anymore. The leg injuries have taken their toll. He’ll give the Dolphins everything he’s got, but what he’s got left isn’t much.

  4. drtharrison – The dolphins rewarded Incognito this year with a 3 year deal because the dude was solid. If this line stays healthy, then this could be the best line the Dolphins have had in years.

  5. Great move in my book, for both parties. Stay home, Vernon, with the fans that support you. I personally think he’s a quality lineman, and I think a plan for the offense is becoming apparent. Solidify the front five, give Henne one last shot (shudder), and do the best they can to become a legitimate running threat to keep the pressure off of Chad (shudder).

    As usual, I am excited to see how it all turns out, and hopefully this year I won’t be disappointed by week 4.

  6. skel420 says: “Remember when the Dolphins selected Carry one spot before a sliding Vince Wilfork in the 2004 draft. ”

    Vince Wilfork is the most over-rated fat tub of lard in the game today. I’ve seen game video of races between Ronnie Brown and Vince Wilforks fat @ss (being plowed backwards) to the goal-line… and Vince won many of those. lol

    I’m still mad Spielman pissed away a 4th round pick to move up a few spots for Vernon… but he definitely got the right guy. Wilfork blows. Oops! 🙂

  7. @skel420

    Not quite. Cary was selected at pick # 20. That was a result of the brilliant move by Spielman to give up a 4th round pick to the Vikings to swap positions with them. Miami was to pick 19th and the Vikes 20th.

    At that time it was common knowledge that the Vikings were going to grab a D lineman named Chikeezi or something to that effect.

  8. Miami’s offensive problems are not because of Henne. Their past offensive coordinators have sucked at calling the right plays at the right time. It’s not Henne’s fault that Miami was calling wildcat plays at the worst time. I believe if their o-line stays healthy and the coaches stop the musical-chairs with them, the offense can be good. It’s all about chemistry and execution.

  9. Didn’t Miami panic after the Eagles took the guy they wanted at 16 (Shawn Andrews) and draft Carey on impulse? That’s the story I remember.

  10. heguywhotoldtimtebowtoshutthefup,

    You are right, Incognito was solid last year. But O’hara? He is a Pro Bowler.

    In any event, and despite what Jet and Pats fans say, we are going to be tougher than most people think if Henne can regain his 2009 form.

  11. Good for you Vernon — the way a professional does business, whatever is best for the team.

  12. reticarga says: Aug 3, 2011 3:28 PM

    Didn’t Miami panic after the Eagles took the guy they wanted at 16 (Shawn Andrews) and draft Carey on impulse? That’s the story I remember.


    That is exactly what happened. Miami was targeting Shawn Andrews (rightly so) and the Eagles jumped up out of nowhere to take him a few picks before hand. They basically panicked and gave up the 4th to move up one spot and grab the next best interior lineman.

    I remember being shocked/pissed that the Eagles pulled that move off, I was definitely on the Andrews bandwagon that year.

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