“We want Orton” chants make Tony Sparano sick


Chad Henne has reached the point in his Dolphins career where the fans are irrationally impatient.

They boo him when he makes a bad throw in practice or when he makes a checkdown pass.  Most famously, the home crowd at training camp uncorked a “We want Orton!” chant on Monday night that was still ringing in coach Tony Sparano’s ears Wednesday when he was asked for a reaction.

“Beside the fact that it really makes me sick? That would be it,” Sparano said Wednesday via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I think that when people come to the stadium like that in one of those kinds of events, OK, to support the Miami Dolphins, that what we should be thinking about. That’s what I think.”

If it makes Sparano feel any better, those same fans chanted for Brady Quinn not so long ago. So it’s fair to question their judgment in personnel.  The Dolphins coach doesn’t expect it to rattle his quarterback.

“I’m not worried about how it affects anybody. We’re all big boys here, OK,” he said. “I’m just talking about taking my team to the stadium, OK, in one of those situations and the reason why we did it, OK, and then to see that happen – it’s just disappointing to me.”

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  1. who remembers the dolphins owner comparing henne to marino?

    so much for that superbowl prediction…….

  2. I dont blame dolphins fan. I really dont. Chad Henne is a scrub. Im not saying the guy doesnt work hard, but he sucks at QB. Some people have it some dont. Just the way the cookie crumbles.

  3. Our fan base, like all others, have some inconsiderate morons. Orton is not better than Henne. Orton has more experience but Henne has a bigger upside. Henne had his issues last year but so did the rest of the offense. Marshall had several drops, Ricky put the ball on the turf in key situations, the o-line was sub-par; why did thes fans not single out anybody else? Stat lines do not tell the whole story and Henne is better than his stats show.

  4. Yeah, every team has an idiot brigade of armchair GMs and ours just seem to want Kyle Orton. If you’re really dumb enough to think he is a savior of our team than you’re hopeless. Btw. How dumb is it to bring in QB so late in the already shortened offseason and expect them to learn an entirely new system? OC Brian Daboll even admitted he would only be able to install half of the playbook by Week 1 against New England. Oh thats right its really dumb.

  5. This is coming from the guy who gave a speech about how Chad Pennington gave him the best chance to win and then had to throw Henne back into the game after three plays. Don’t pretend the disdain makes you sick, Tony… everyone already knows how you feel.

  6. I don’t much care for Henne, but this is a side of fans that I loathe utterly. All fanbases have these type of fans and they all suck.
    And we will get the argument from those fans that OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!11!11 WEPAYTHEIRSALARIESZ!!111! And if it’s a regular season game and the guys are getting booed or the fans are yelling for the other QB or something, they will say WE PAY FOR THE TICKETS IT’S OUR RIGHT TO BOO. OR THEY MAKE SO MUCH MONEY TOUGH BEANS!!! And I will say yes, you are correct they make a lot of money and yes you have a right to do whatever you want that’s not against the rules, but it still STINKS.
    So BOOOOOOO to all of you who boo or scream for other players to go in. I am no blind homer but there’s probably only one thing that would make me boo my team: if I thought they were laying down/quitting. All they owe fans for their money is to play their hearts out and treat fans with respect in public encounters. PERIOD.

  7. Sparano’s opinion of Beck matters less than the fan’s opinion of Beck.

    Give yourself a second to think about why…

  8. Chad Henne is a Michigan Man. It takes more than a bunch of ignorant bandwagon football fans to rattle him.

  9. The fans may argue, “I paid my money so I can BOO if I want”. But really, this was the 4th practice with a new offensive system and the fans got in free. I can understand passion for your team, but wait awhile to pass judgment on THIS year’s team.

  10. Reminds me of last year when a Bills fan jeered Trent Edwards at training camp and Chan Gailey stood up for him.

    Edwards was cut three games in the season.

  11. Ok, that was a lot of useless, ok, ok-ing. I don’t know what I think about the situation. I think if Henne can’t find some spark with all of the speed on the field this year, (Gates, Bush, Bess) mixed with the horses B. Marsh and Thomas, then there isn’t any hope for him. This will be the make or break season for him.

  12. What ought to make him sick is the product that he has put out for those same fans, the ones who also buy tickets and Dolphins merchandise.

  13. so coach ……i guess you dont want the fans to “boo” when you guys stink up the field too ….but you want them to cheer otherwise …go back to being a line coach because you dont have it to be a head coach …or go pump gas

  14. Ok to feel that way Tony, but probably shouldn’t say it. Never wise to insult your fan base. People that buy tickets, watch the games, and are generally responsible for your entire industry existing get to express whatever feelings they want to.

  15. You best man up, Coach Sparano. As a fan who attended the infamous “Sammie Sucks” game, I promise this training camp bleating doesn’t compare to real fan wrath.

    And seriously, given the heat stroke risk we take to attend early season Dolphin practices and games, we have the right to be a bit surly, if not downright rude.

    What should make you sick, Coach, is working for Steve Ross. Yeah, the $2,000,000 raise may have smoothed over the edges, but Ross is obviously a clueless, star-struck, idiot, who should stick to leveraged real estate deals.

  16. Why is that countless other garbage QB’s have been given far longer to ‘pan out’ before the chants and blogosphere BS. Guys like Alex Smith, Kyle Boller, and Jamarcus Russell come to mind and they were all drafted higher I believe. Give the guy the first 6 games of the season under a more competent OC and let’s see what he does. Quit being so impatient and fickle Dolphins fans. Good for Tony to say something.

  17. I think Tony should take solace in the fact that the Dolphins fan base is loaded with ignorant bandwagon-jumping, professed “know-it-alls” who probably are more informed about next week’s local garage sale than they are about football.

  18. i dont understand why people want Orton. he’s a product of josh Daniels system. Brady broke records in it (not taking anything from brady), cassel went 11-5 in it and he didnt even play before that season. orton couldn’t beat out rex Grossman in chicago. i just dont think hes a huge upgrade and itll cost more to get him.

  19. I having trouble wit this comment:

    Orton has more experience but Henne has a bigger upside.

    If that were true, why did the Dolphins want Orton at all?

  20. I have no problem making Sparano sick. His handling of the QB position has made me and all other Dolphin fans sick.

  21. Fins fans are so desperate for a decent qb they are going crazy for a mid-level talent like Orton!

  22. How bad does you’re team have to be to chant “we want Orton”? That’s just embarrassing.

  23. At this time last year all Dolphins fans could talk about was Henne and how great he would be. LOL

  24. Maybe a 1-7 home record last year makes the fans sick. I don’t think Orton was the sole answer in anyone’s mind but … Henne and Moore certainly won’t be keeping anyone in their seats for that fourth quarter comeback. The coach should defend his players. The coach should be smart enough not to get in a media war with the team’s fans. Most of all, he should head down the hall and get the GM off his butt to find a proven QB even if he isn’t a franchise player. I’m one Dolphin fan who doesn’t want to wait another year for a respectable offense.

  25. Miami would compete if they had a good QB. They have weapons all over the place. It sucks to be Bush, Bess or Marshall. Bottom line is they will win 5-6 games with current QB. Orton will upgrade 2-3 wins. Aaron Rogers….Now that is a playoff team, too bad that ain’t happening. They’d be better off blowing this thing up and hoping for Andrew Luck or MAtt Barkley next year.

  26. Booing Henne at practices means that the Dolphins fans actually care.

    I did not believe that was true, now I do.

    No disrespect but Fish management really screwed the pooch by not sending a 4 over to the Bronco’s a week ago, ugh.

  27. so i guess Sparano is , OK, with Orton as his ,OK, starting quarterback.. I dont know what is wrong with these ,OK, fans that are never satisfied with the job that the front office, OK, the job they try to do?

    seriously who talks like that? OK?

  28. Miami fans are to be disregarded. I have lived in all 4 corners of this country and have been through just about every state in this country. And as somebody now living in SoFla, Miami fans (and the local sports market in general) are by far the most fickle, bandwagon, least knowledgeable fans in the country by far. These clowns didn’t even acknowledge they had a football team until after they started 2-0. Before that it was all bandwagon Lebron/Heat talk 24/7. Then they climbed on board the Dolphins bandwagon for a couple weeks and then jumped right back off when the Phins lost a couple games.

    And my God you should hear the callers on sports talk radio down here (like 790 The Ticket). It’s unbelievable how retarded these people are here. You don’t go to practice and boo. That’s classless. But that’s Miami fans for ya.

  29. Well at least Reggie Bush will finally get to see what it feels like to be on a team with a bad qb, tons of drama, and all the touches in the world.

    Next year he’ll be begging the Saints to sign him for league minimum.

  30. @FinFan68:

    Orton is not better than Henne. Really??? That’s like saying Joe Montana is not better than Trent Dilfer. Or, since you are a FinFan, Dan Marino is not better than Pat White (sorry, Mike).

  31. I think you have to give him a chance and see if he can prove all of us wrong until then give him a break.

  32. In all the time I’ve spent on PFT, I never thought there would be a discussion on whether Orton or Henne was the better QB. Shouldn’t we be arguing over which one is worse?

  33. Mr. Sparano:
    We the fans are waiting for the last 3 years that you “ex- Offensive Line Coach” fix the Dolphins Offensive Line…By the way could you tell me where you bought the title?, because you know about Offensive Line the same thing I know about astrology..nothing.. Remember last year you went to Senior Bowl draft J. Jones and today is working with the 3rd. string group.
    Also, when you and Ireland are going to stop pick-up all the garbage than the Cowboys throw out?

    Oh, I remind you that, if the Philosophy about how to win games -Field Goal Approach- and win games in home no change , be ready soon to ear: We want Jon Gruden!!! We want Jon Gruden!!! We want Jon Gruden!!!

  34. Guess what the crowd will be chanting at Sparano in every city the Dolphins visit this year?

  35. steelers4385 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 3:15 PM
    I dont blame dolphins fan. I really dont. Chad Henne is a scrub. Im not saying the guy doesnt work hard, but he sucks at QB. Some people have it some dont. Just the way the cookie crumbles
    Funny you should mention that as a Steeler fan. Didn’t that crummy QB have a great day against the Steelers last year and only due to one of the worst calls in NFL history did the Steelers beat the Fins?

    I’m not saying I think Henne is a superstar by any means but if someone should not be picking on him it should be Steeler fans.

  36. Better to hear that in practice then to catch it unexpectedly at the home opener.

    Which reminds me, I can’t wait to hear the standing O that Alex Smith receives at the home opener.

  37. Bills fans did something similar last year with Trent Edwards, the coach Gailey said they were all behind him. During the 4th week of the season they cut him.

  38. Disagree. Fans are historically known to (and expected to) be vocal when things are going wrong. Dolphins fans are doing their job.

  39. When did Mr. Mackey become the head coach of the Dolphins?

    “I’m not worried about how it affects anybody, mmm- kay? We’re all big boys here, mmm- kay?,”. “I’m just talking about taking my team to the stadium, mmm- kay?, in one of those situations and the reason why we did it, mmm- kay?, and then to see that happen – it’s just disappointing to me, mmm- kay?”

  40. You know what makes me sick is the Dolphins in general and there lack of ambition and sense of pride in being stuck in football purgatory going nowhere not up or down just sideways please take Jason Taylor and Chad Henne and take a long walk off of a short peir

    Ps Tony the only reason you have your job is because Harbaugh didn’t want it so watch it when you talk about the fans that let you stay in your seat as the Dolphins coach

  41. Don’t worry, Tony, the Dolphins won’t be your problem next season. Steve Ross has the keys to the organization ready for Bill Cowher.

    What was the name of the QB when Michigan lost to a 1-AA program… oh yeah, Chad Henne. The guy needs more time to learn behind veterans, he is not a star, but might be okay as a backup in this league for many years.

  42. ezra954 says:
    Aug 3, 2011 4:45 PM

    Ps Tony the only reason you have your job is because Harbaugh didn’t want it so watch it when you talk about the fans that let you stay in your seat as the Dolphins coach
    What exactly do the fans have to do with who coaches your team?
    Come on now.

  43. dolphins fans also didnt want ted ginn that day plus we wanted Matt Ryan over Long then give us our canes that we saw every sat and wanted(90’s 2000’s ) i think the fans in miami would be much better off if they where in control.

  44. I wonder how effecttive it is to boo a player? I wonder if Henne will do better having fans boo him or chant for his replacement? Perhaps this strategy will work.

  45. CKL says:
    Aug 3, 2011 5:06 PM

    What exactly do the fans have to do with who coaches your team?
    Come on now.

    well if they start boo birding Tony like they chantted “we want Orton” he will quit before he gets fired. I was there and atleast 3/4 ‘s of the fans that were there wanted Henne’s Head

    what does it matter he will be gone at the end of the year unless he goes 18-0 with his Henne

  46. Are dolphins fans that desperate? Go watch the broncos 49ers game and watch how little effort Orton gave to recover his own fumble( looked like haynesworth when he laid down wiith nobody on top of him) . Please take orton, not because I want tebow, but because I want Luck!

  47. As a dolphins fan this makes me sick also. While I wasnt happy with Chad Henne’s performances last season, he is a young qb on a bad offensive team. Last season all dolphins fans saw bad play calling, bad Oline play, bad running, dropped passed, and not to forget our coach who has an orgasm when we kick a field goal. Chad deserves some of the blame but other player have to step up around him. If the coaching staff and fans would give this guy a little confidences maybe we could have won some of the close games we blew at the end. While I would like to see another qb on the team to compete with Chad (dont think matt moore is the answer) i think he deserves another shot.

  48. We should be chanting fire Ireland, and sell the franchise. We have become the laughing stock of the league under this ownership. Joe Robie is turning in his grave.

  49. Chad Henne’s performances last season, he is a young qb While I would like to see another qb on the team to compete with Chad (dont think matt moore is the answer) i think he deserves another shot and if he don’t make it next year they all be gone any way and will get another coach with a promise and dreams and we still have to wait another 3 or 4 year and nothing he’ll take the money and run like they all do.I hate it I’m disappointed And tired of this crap!!!

  50. Way to warm up to the fans there Tony.
    That, and bringing Tiki Barber in already shows them you don’t care about the fans.

  51. @maddenraiders
    “The only thing the Dolphins can do know is get a colored quarterback.” A “colored” quarterback? Wow, I thought most of you OLD school racists had died out with Strom Thurmond. What was it like to vote for a Dixiecrat as President back in 1948?

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