49ers e-mail every team, trying to trade Taylor Mays

The San Francisco 49ers want to trade safety Taylor Mays, and they want every NFL team to know he’s available.

Adam Schefter reported this afternoon that the 49ers sent out an e-mail to every team in the league to try to trade Mays. One front office of another team told Schefter it has never seen a team just mass e-mail a trade availability like that.

It would be interesting to know whether the Seahawks have any interest, considering that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was Mays’ coach at USC. Mays was furious at Carroll last year when the Seahawks didn’t draft him.

The 49ers drafted Mays in the second round last year, No. 49 overall, and he played in 16 games, starting six. But the new regime apparently isn’t as high on Mays as the old regime in San Francisco was, and after signing safety Madieu Williams, the 49ers apparently view Mays as expendable.

78 responses to “49ers e-mail every team, trying to trade Taylor Mays

  1. Mays is a beast! He was a little raw last year, but hey he was a rookie. I believe in this guy and whoever picks him up will not be sorry.

  2. First! Dallas should trade Newman for him.. Both worthless but at least Mays is young

  3. When the Seahawks drafted Earl Thomas, I remember wishing we had got Taylor Mays instead. Now…. not so much. Earl Thomas has way outperformed the expectations. I’d say he’s better than Mays, and even better than Mays was supposed to be. Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add another safety.

  4. Dear media: Just because a player used to play for Pete Carroll.. doesn’t mean the Seahawks are interested.

    I think they’re more than happy with Earl Thomas.

  5. Didn’t see him play last year, but twitter seems to think he can cover at all. Emailing every team in the league stinks of desperation. Might be a project, but might be a steal if they want to get rid of him bad enough.

  6. Wow.. yeah… soooo Dallas? I know we just signed Elam and Sensabaugh, but those are 1 year contacts. Let’s make this move and plan for the future.

  7. Draftniks, last year, including the great draft guru Kiper, said it was a major reach to take Mays where the 49ers did. Also, remember that Harbaugh and many of his former Stanford staff now with him in SF went against Mays for several years at USC and probably know his strengths and weaknesses quite well.

  8. this guy is the best safety in Madden.

    why you ask……..because he has a 98 speed rating.

    what a joke Madden is.
    bring back NFL 2k

  9. wow…this kid must have really f#(ked up to have his team want to be rid of him this badly at this point in the season and this early in his career.

  10. Trade him to Green Bay, he’d be excellent depth behind Charlie Peprah. He and Clay are pretty close too.

  11. Would LOVE to see Mays land in Cincinnati. The Bengals loved Mays last year and tried everything thing they could to move up in the draft to take him. When they were unable to, they selected Carlos Dunlap, which worked out well. Still, his addition would take the Bengals safety corps from old and injury-prone to young and promising. Zimmer would know what to do with him.

  12. Very strange move.

    They have to know that just sending out a blanket email like that would lead to someone leaking it.

    And everyone knows that nothing kills trade value quicker than everyone knowing you want to get rid of somebody (in most cases, anyway. Some teams- I’m looking at you Arizona- will still overpay for players another team wants to get rid of).

    So either the new niners brass is really stupid, or they are actually trying to send a message to the player to shape up or ship out.

    Which, now that I think about it, would still be kind of stupid. There’s gotta be easier ways to send a message to a guy.

  13. Singletary and new GM Baalke were arguing in the Draft room last year about the time of this pick.

    This pick was a pure Singletary move, and the kid doesn’t have it clearly.

    Moving on.

  14. I’m guessing for all of Mays’ athletic ability he can’t put it together on the field. I don’t see him in Seattle since ole Pete passed on him last year in favor of their much better young safety out of Texas.

  15. Sounds like what the less savvy fantasy football owners do. They want to dump a player like Cadillac Williams so they send an e-mail to everyone in the league to see if anyone will offer them someone like Adrian Peterson for him. When no one responds, they cut him.

  16. Why is every ex-USC player linked with the Seahawks?

    Didn’t you post an article on these very pages about how Pete Carroll seemed to be ALIENATING himself from his ex-players?

    Reggie Bush
    Matt Leinart

    All linked to the Seahawks. All signed for other teams.

  17. Doesn’t that scream red-flag? Did he fail a drug test? It can’t be a personality issue since they seem to placate Dez. Is his play that bad?

  18. He should have transitioned to WLB coming out of college. That fits his skill set more (fast, hard hitter, better covering RBs than WRs).

    I wonder if he could become a MLB in a cover 2 scheme. His speed/size would be great in that role.

  19. Dear NFL Teams,

    That was supposed to be sent to my fantasy football team bulk email list. MY BAD!


    Trent Baalke
    San Francisco 49ers GM

  20. If the mass email had been from the vikings then Pete Carroll would’ve been all over Mays, LOL

  21. The comments on this forum just prove how little many posters know about football compared to professional coaches.The 49ers staff wants to rid themselves of Mays in a very odd manner, but many posters are saying ‘oh get him for my team’ without knowing any details. Carroll knew enough about Mays to avoid him, and now Harbaugh is saying the same thing. Wise up, ppl.

  22. I dont like this move, i think the niners should give him another year with good coaching before they think about getting rid of him. They are jumping the gun on this kid.

  23. Harbaugh is cleaning house like Carroll did last year. Mays could be solid back up and worth low/mid round pick in a trade. Probably won’t(shouldn’t) get much more than that especially since you told EVERY team you were trying to dump him.

  24. He hits hard but he’s horrible in coverage. People were shocked that he didn’t go in the first round but anyone who knows football knows it takes a lot more than speed and hard hits to make it as an NFL safety. Safety is about playing with great instincts. Mays just tries to smash people

  25. starfan79 says: Aug 4, 2011 3:43 PM

    First! Dallas should trade Newman for him.. Both worthless but at least Mays is young


    The Cowboys should throw in an ’87 Oldsmobile Cutlass, just so the 49ers can get a little bit of value out of that trade.

  26. MossMoon2Packers says:Aug 4, 2011 4:26 PM

    Wow! The 49ers brain trust must be brain dead if they think that Madieu Williams is any good.

    Or Mays really sucks that badly.

  27. This isn’t the niner way. They need to give him at least 6 years to really prove he is a bust, then they should resign him. York genius.

  28. There is obviously something we dont know about the kid or else he wouldnt be being shopped around like this. That said he unquestionably has raw talent along with deficiencies.

    Whilst i know we have cap room trouble at the moment, if he could be got for a reasonable price picks/player-wise i wouldnt mind seeing us steelers rolling the dice. He has the size/speed for both safety positions, ryan is in a contract year i believe and we’ve seen what losing polamalu does to the rest of the defense. I’d be happy to give something up to get a talent who has the athleticism of polamalu (not for an instant saying he is the next troy) that would sit for a year maybe, play some snaps as the backup learn from one of the greatest safeties in the game and have our coaching staff show belief in him,discipline and improve him as a player. If it doesnt work, then the price was reasonable move him on try again with someone else.

  29. If he’s a Singletary guy, you’d have to the think the Vikings, with Singletary on staff + given thier shaky situation at safety, might be interested.

  30. A couple of things…First, doesn’t earl thomas play FS, and he plays SS? This is apples and oranges here.

    Secondly, if he is available and we don’t throw a 6th (maybe 5th) at them, then Carroll really does have some dirt on the kid. Seattle born, O’Dea alumn…Would be awesome.

  31. This dude was roasted so many times. Had 1 int his entire career. Guess people were in love with the few hard hits he made. Playing db in the NFL takes more than size.

  32. The guy can’t cover WRs….

    Ad 25 lbs, convert to LB and you may have a solid career.

    Stay at safety and you might very well be out of the league in 2 years from now.

  33. Mays has always been a huge hitter, but he couldn’t cover a crock pot.

    A cover 2 MLB…? Maybe.

  34. As a University of Tenn Alumni, I can’t help but laugh at all the fools who thought this bum was better than Eric Berry in college.

  35. contract is right. A big time athlete like Mays can excel in college due to the level of competition. In the pros, he simply doesn’t have the coverage ability needed in this day and age for safety, and I’m not sure he’s big or physical enough to play any sort of linebacker. I guess, as others have done, he could try being a WILL backer in a 4-3 chase scheme.

  36. Just goes to show that teams need to look at TAPE of a player’s game, not how he “wows the scouts” during pro workouts while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. That teams still fall for the workout wonders continues to baffle folks.

    I watched al the U$C games and Mays was continually out of position and has hands of stone. He was only able to get to WRs due to his speed over slower receivers. In the NFL everyone is fast and his athletic ability can’t overcome his lack of instincts.

  37. If Madieu Williams can beat out Mays……there’s no future for Mays, LOL……..as for the poster who commented about P. Carroll cleaning house for the seachickens???? Seems to me that it’s Carroll who is bringing in everyone else’s trash. He gets rid of a pro bowl QB, last I check the Pats were very happy with D. Branch, etc. but you replace them with rejects named Whitehurst (not to mention the low draft choice he cost you in the trade), TJoke, D. Bevelle, S. Rice (who has did NOTHING in his 3yrs without B Favre but he did play WITH TJoke during the other 3 years….are ya startin’ to smell the coffee seachicken fans??????

  38. very clearly sending the player a message..
    great way for the coaches to bring out his true colours and judge if hes not only the type of player they want, but also the type of person they want

  39. Let’s see, a guy with great triangle numbers AND a former USC player. Al Davis must be busy rubbing one out in anticipation of grabbing Mays.

  40. Dear NFL Teams,

    That was supposed to be sent to my fantasy football team bulk email list. MY BAD!


    Trent Baalke
    San Francisco 49ers GM


    This is hysterically funny!

  41. Funny thing is the Begals tried to move up last year to get Mays, now he is available after Whittner screws them to go to San Fran to take Taylor Mays spot on the roster. Does it all come full circle, does Mays end up in Cincinnati? I doubt Cincy gives up a draft pick to a team that just stole a safety they had agreed to terms with.

  42. This just in: The Eagles have traded Mark Wahlberg for Taylor Mays, Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, Chris Johnson and seven first and second round draft picks in a multi-team deal.

  43. I really dont believe Mays is going anywhere. This is just a wake up & get your game up call.

  44. Seahawks please don’t try for Mays. He is an emergency backup at best. He is a hard hitter, but couldnt cover a …I can’t think of a good example.

  45. Chicago can use him with the loss of daniel manning. We have major wright but he would give us depth at the position……pull the trigger jerry!!!

  46. All you foo’s were prob praising the 49ers for picking Mays, now so eager to jump on the wagon and slam him, he’s young and needs time to develope. Who didn’t fail at something new at first, YOU? We all did. Give em a chance to improve and gain confidence! And Alex Smith again, omg! Here we go again, for the 7 year? I’m not sure but way too many chances and years of losing! Come Dork family, spend some money on a real QB!

  47. The Kid has size speed and can tackle. Dunno why you would wanna dump a talent this early in his career. He must have issues with the coaching staff. He could be a beast on special teams if he really wanted to be.

  48. This story makes no sense any way you look at it!

    Instead of asking Eric Davis for “expert advice”, who I will never confuse with Eric Wright, how about asking Ronnie Lott? Or Steve Atwater? Or John Lynch, Tatum, Atkinson, etc.?

    There must be another reason other than he’s too tight in the hips. And because he’s a good kid from a good family, I do not think he has been derelict in his duties.

    I believe that he asked to be traded.

  49. After hearing the coach speak on this subject, i dont think hes going anywhere. Harbaugh stated that they (meaning the team) have been receiving inquirings about Mays for 8 days, Meaning other teams have been asking about Taylor Mays services. So when u are in need of other positions yes you put a player on the trade block to see what teams are willing to offer for him. If no team offers anything that will better your team then you keep him.

    I just think the other teams in need of a safety wanted to see how much we valued him and i bet they made some lousy offers. If we can get Asante Samuels that would be nice or another BEAST at LB.

    At the end of the day i think this was also a way for the niners to put some heat on Mays to get him to play even better. He will be a 49er.

  50. If the niners thought Mays was that bad then he wouldve been traded by now. Unless we get a real nice offer that will upgrade or fill another hole then he stays.

    If he stays i bet he plays well.

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