Agent reiterates that Favre is retired

Agent Bus Cook has now twice told the media that quarterback Brett Favre is retired.

“Brett Favre’s retired, that’s all I can say,” Cook told ESPN in the wake of Dolphins coach Tony Sparano’s refusal to rule out “anything” when asked about possibly signing Favre.  “He’s like Elvis now.  People just won’t let go.”

And so the prophecy is coming closer to fulfillment.

After all, doesn’t Cook say Favre is retired every time a rumor of his return surfaces?  And hasn’t Favre unretired on multiple occasions after Favre has said he’s retired?

Sooner or later, Favre will retire and mean it.  That could be happening now.  But it’s not unreasonable to conclude that another unretirement is coming, given that three in a row have happened.

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  1. HAHAHA One day we will no longer have FavreWatch. Unfortunently, that will be sometime in the next few years. He can’t be worse than Henne.

  2. Favre should just comeback…. just for the sake of it.

    Like the Saw Sequels, I just don’t care anymore, after the 3rd or 5th one, I just don’t care, just make another one, go for it, go set a record.

  3. Even if he decides to come back, won’t he be suspended for some games for the Sterger thing?

  4. “Brett Favre’s retired, that’s all I can say”

    Oh really? That was all you could say the last five times Brett retired as well.

  5. The picture is a guy who plays favre in a wrangler commercial spoof. The jeans have no fly so his junk can hang out all the time. I suggest looking it up.

  6. “Agent reiterates that Favre is retired”

    Yes, but he has reiterated the same statment before, hasn’t he???

  7. Whatever Cook says, you can believe the opposite. The easiest way to tell if he’s lying is that his lips are moving.

    Phins’ fans can now start clearing closet space for their Favre jersies.

  8. So now that the Kolb saga is over and dead, it’s back to “ole reliable” to fill space.

  9. It’s sad that some columnist has to “make-up” stories that Favre is planning another comback just to get people to read his worthless columns!

    Brett’s retired. Pick on someone else!

  10. @medtxpack
    “ill believe it when the playoffs get here and i dont see him anywhere…”

    LOL, wasn’t that last year, when he got demolished and was eliminated from the playoffs in early december…

  11. I really doubt that Favre will ever play again but … if he does I think the Dolphins are too much of a work in progress for him. You can probably rule out the Bills too.

    Just for fun though, let’s say that Hines Ward’s and Emmanuel Sanders’s injuries are more serious than first thought and the Steelers decide to sign Randy Moss after the first game of the season …. and then Roethlisberger gets injured …. and the Steelers coax Favre out of retirement ….. talk about your Dream Team!


  12. medtxpack says:
    Aug 4, 2011 3:17 PM
    ill believe it when the playoffs get here and i dont see him anywhere…

    If he comes back to play for Miami, you won’t have to worry about that………

  13. I love the Favre talk! Please don’t go away. It made me sick to my stomach…he beat my Packers twice…but then the smirks and grins and media attention returned in 2010 only to have such a dismal year….Packers got payback on him beating him twice…and won the Super Bowl. Nothing matters anymore to me with this guy…keep the posts coming…I love it! And Favre…please come back!!!! I enjoy a good pick 6 or two now and then.

  14. He was horrible last year, why would he come back to reaffirm his horribleness? OR will he come to prove his horribleness was an aberration and he is still the most amazing Qb ever to walk the face of the earth and that the NFL can never go on without him?

  15. Why do you use that picture? The guy doesn’t look anything like Favre. It just shows you to be an amateur operation.

  16. He could easily defuse this by saying “Brett Favre is retired, AND WILL REMAIN SO.” Until he adds that part, it’s all a game of semantics.

  17. Bert still hasn’t gotten the parades all across the country and the National Week of Honor that he expects. Thus he’ll be back to try to outdo the last year that Marino had in Miami.

  18. Favre just emailed Tony Sparano’s secretary a picture of his junk, to test the interest of any Dolphins chearleaders or office staff to him un-retiring. Says he’s looking for a “package” deal.

  19. Brett “Fraud” needs to get a life. Maybe use that college degree from Southern Miss. Er…..maybe not?

  20. “Dolphins coach Tony Sparano’s refusal to rule out “anything” when asked about possibly signing Favre.”

    Wouldn’t it have been a lot better and easier by just making the trade for Orton?

  21. spunjmunke says: Aug 4, 2011 3:52 PM

    I’ll believe it when he’s dead.

    Yeah, but even then you will hesitate a little bit.

  22. Rumor has it that the Fins are offering a Scooter AND throwing in one of those Inspector Gadget grab-it things.

    How can he say no to that?

  23. Man, there’s a lot of Favre haters. Whether or not you care for his waffling on retirement, give the man respect. He holds pretty much every QB record, was exciting to watch (except in 2010) and is a sure-fire first-ballot HOFer.

  24. Little Earthquake says:
    Aug 4, 2011 4:49 PM
    “He’s like Elvis now. People just won’t let go.”

    PEOPLE won’t let go? I don’t think the public is the one with the problem letting to.

    That’s what I was thinking. Someone brought this on himself. We’re just like, “Fool me once, shame on you… fool me four times, shame on me.”

  25. Bus Cook wants to know who the “Favre Impersonator” is so he can collect a portion of his fees.

  26. axespray says:Aug 4, 2011 3:20 PM

    Favre should just comeback…. just for the sake of it.

    ………. just make another one, go for it, go set a record.

    The only records he’ll set by coming back would be the most attempts at lying about an impending retirement, the most times coming out of a retirement, and of course….adding to that INT record.
    He comes back now and he’ll be likened more to Herb the Perv from Family Guy than a Hall Of Fame QB.

  27. Come on PFT nation,
    Take Bus at his Word. Take Bretteny at his word.
    They have never lied about this well only 3 0r 4 maybe more times .
    They are stand up guys the salt of honor never break a contract or vow.
    Unless of course you count Brent sexting,
    or his breaking of his Marriage vows,
    or his promise about a celebrity soft ball game. Because he wanted some time off when he retired but could fly all over giving interviews.Well maybe he couldn’t play from the thumb cramps he got while manipulating his phones keyboard.
    Yep trust these guys as much as counting on Brent not to throw an interception at the worst time in a playoff game.
    On second thought do you think Brent will wear # 4 in Miami?

  28. I heard Favre sent a picture of his feet to Rex Ryan & is expected to sign with the Jets.

  29. The fact that there is still media and fan speculation just goes to show what little credibility Lord Brett Favre has anymore, plus his lying agent. How many times has chicken little cried that the sky is falling only to point and laugh at us.

    No, little Bert. You have lied to us too many times. Your legacy is tarnished and your reputation is destroyed in the eyes of everyone who is not named Jon Gruden or Ron Jaworski. Face it, Favre has become a clown show starting when he threw that long running tantrum over the drafting of Aaron Rodgers and his immature and selfish refusal to mentor any backups.

  30. Football sucks without him. Funny how the low lifes forgive a dog killer and hate one of the best athletes who ever live because he loves the game. Must be the people who voted for Obama.

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