Berrian says his relationship with Favre was “one-sided”

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As expected, the Vikings and quarterback Brett Favre have parted ways.  As not expected, the Vikings and receiver Bernard Berrian remain an item.

Our pal Paul Allen of KFAN, stationed at training camp in Mankato, interviewed Berrian, and the subject of Berrian’s relationship with Favre came up.

I think it was one-sided,” Berrian said.  “I think it was just one-sided.  I like Brett, I love Brett.  I’ve always liked Brett.  You know it’s in the past and let’s lay it to bed.”

It’s hard to tell what Berrian is getting at.  He could be referring to their locker-room interactions, or he could be referring to Favre’s willingness to feed Berrian the ball.

Or maybe Favre simply wouldn’t respond to Berrian’s repeated voice mails and text messages.

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  1. Berrian dropping all of Favre’s passes might have had something to do with it. I’m amazed the guy is still in the league and anyone cares what he says.

  2. I’m looking forward to the first NFL pre-season when Burnt Fail won’t even be a whisper.

  3. No matter how you shake it, one sided when referring to Favre makes zero sense.

    I bet Berrian was misquoted. I bet he was talking about that idiot Major Dad Chilly Childress.

  4. Here we go again just like NY… You see Brett Favre for years on TV yucking it up with his teammates, he joins your team and just because he doesn’t take you out hunting or send you pictures of his penis you’re all hurt.

  5. Berrian sucks, everyone in Minnesota wants him gone, we can’t believe he’s still here… yeah, I’m sure he’s insecure right now, looking to make any excuse. I’m starting to wonder about Frazier already – keep Berrian when all these other good free agents were available???

  6. Berrian better step it up this year. For whatever reason he never clicked with Favre. Overall his numbers with the Vikings aren’t too far off from what Rice’s were. He just doesn’t seem to have half the heart/determination/drive.

  7. I guess Berrian never got an invite to Brett’s hotel room when the old junkslinger was lonely…

  8. He started to talk, and then thought better of it, and wants it to die. Not that I really care what anyone thinks about Berrian, but let’s respect that little bit of self-control and let it die, and not turn it into some presumed alternate lifestyle indication. He has enough on his plate trying to rehab his on-field image.

  9. Will Miami sign Favre? I laughed it off/dismissed it when Kornheiser said Brett would eventually sign with Miami at the end of his career (back in 2010). But due to a lot of chatter today (possibly smokescreens &/or just a lot of acorn searching) it’s possible we’ll have to endure “Favre Watch” once again.

  10. I could be out on a ledge here, but Berrian was always a Tarvaris Jackson fan. Something tells me Berrian was part of that small locker room schism the Vikings had when Favre first arrived.

  11. “Overall his numbers with the Vikings aren’t too far off from what Rice’s were. He just doesn’t seem to have half the heart/determination/drive.”

    Was it determination and drive that led Sidney Rice to delay hip surgery in order to get a new contract, causing him to miss most of last season?

    Then again, the definition of a real man has always been a little different in Minnesota, so you may have a point in your world.

  12. Ah, I just read the KFAN article. Berrian said their NEGATIVE relationship was one-sided, meaning Favre didn’t like him but Berrian liked Favre. This PFT article makes it sound as if that was unclear.

  13. nice article.

    Berrian said something about Favre but nobody knows what he’s talking about.

    the end.

  14. Maybe Berrian was confusing all those picture messages Farve sent as friendship. Bernard, some advice if I may, If Brett sends you pictures of that, he’s not trying to be your friend. I know its confusing but its okay you don’t have to be his wide reciever anymore.

  15. Probably referring tp the way Bert threw him under the bus after one of his interceptions. Don’t remember the game but remember Bert saying something like “I threw the ball where it was supposed to be thrown” or words to that effect after being asked what happened on the play.

  16. Man up and take responsibility for your underachievement Bernard! Berrian is just making excuses for his poor performance over the last two seasons. If a pass was thrown his way, he was sure to drop it or come up injured. Not to mention his fumble inside the 10 yard line against the Saints in the NFC Championship.

  17. Berrian had a good first year with the Vikings but the last couple of years were probably a combination of injuries, lack of effort, and not being on the same page as Favre. If he can stay healthy, I think Frazier can get something out of him. Don’t be surprised if he comes up with 50 receptions, 900 yards, and 6 touchdowns.

  18. Is anyone surprised that Bert caused friction in the lockerroom? First, the team bent over backwards to get this grandpa who never participated in offseason workouts or even in training camp. While everyone was running gassers and suffering two a days, gramps was kicking it with high schoolers at home just waiting for the camp to end so he could get a private jet escort to the facility complete with a fat new contract. Plus he had his very own changing room and own parking spot during the season.

    Naw, that won’t cause friction at all.

  19. It’s absolutely true — the relationship was one-sided.

    Brett threw him the ball, and Berrian did NOT catch it.

  20. Then again, the definition of a real man has always been a little different in Minnesota, so you may have a point in your world.

    Then again, the definition of a man in Wisconsin is to go to a high school party and get accused of raping a 17 year old.

    Or is it beating up your wife, after entertaining strippers?

    Or is it peddling cough sizzurup?

    Ruvell, you probaly shouldn’t throw stones.

  21. I guess he couldn’t catch Favre’s photo messages and text messages any better than his passes…

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