Chad Henne says Orton chants hurt his feelings


When Dolphins fans chanted “We want Orton” at training camp, coach Tony Sporano said it made him sick.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne said it made him sad.

Henne acknowledged today that it hurt his feelings that Dolphins fans would rather see the team trade for Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton than support the quarterback they have.

“I’m human,” Henne said of the Orton chants, per Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel. “Deep down inside it does hurt.”

Henne said he understands that criticism is part of the job — “It’s tough to be a quarterback,” he said — but he’d prefer that Dolphins fans give him a positive reception.

“You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back,” Henne said. “But obviously if I’m doing bad they will critique me.”

Henne’s comments are refreshingly honest — most players would claim they can just brush the criticism off. But the comments won’t do anything to make Dolphins fans like him more. In fact, Henne may have ensured with his words that the “We want Orton” chants will get louder.

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  1. South Beach: Where professional athlete’s go to get soft.

    Give me a break with the emotional crap already…

  2. Cry me a River…. You get paid to play a game. Sorry if the fans, you know the ones that spend their money (which translates to your pay) does not like how bad of a player you are and want MORE….

  3. He isn’t human…He is a time traveling Robot sent to us from the future to make 6 yard passes.

  4. Bad move Henne. Sorry. Fans and the “impartial” media will never let you live this down. Just goes to prove that athletes MUST hide behind their walls like Tiger and MJ.

  5. STFU already…I’m sure everyone here complaining about articles you post like these hurt your feelings too salami slam. NO, I’m not a Phins hate…don’t care for em personally but DAMN

  6. First of all, I am a Dolphins fan. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of idiot Dolphins fans that think Orton will turn the team around. Really? Orton? This team needs a consistent and efficient coaching staff as well as a new owner that likes football more than worthless celebrities. Henne is not that bad, his coaching has been terrible.

  7. Deal with it kid, you think your the first one to hear some bullsh*t chant while practicing? Get over it and play ball, thats what they pay you for.

  8. You are such a pansy, Henne. Seriously? How about, “It made me absolutely irate and now I’m going to throw 5,000 yards and 40 TD’s this season”?

    See, THIS is why they chanted “We want Orton!”, Chad. Because Tom Brady or Peyton Manning wouldn’t cry about it to the press. They’d go do something about it.

    And I swear to God, dude, I sincerely hope you silence all of your critics in 2011 and beyond. Use it as fuel.

  9. They might be “refreshingly honest”, but they are pretty stupid to make.

    You can’t let the fans get to you, even if said fans say and do mean things.

    I guess Miami now has a shot at last place, given that Henne has opened the door for more stupid fans to say and do mean things to purposely hurt his feelings.

    Go Bills!

  10. “You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back,” Henne said.

    Someone please tell Chad Henne that respect is earned, not given.

    He has 27 TDs and 33 Interceptions in his career. Should the dolphins fans give him a standing ovation for mediocrity?

  11. The Phins are the most QB-desperate franchise in the NFL, spoiled by the greatness of Marino, Phin fans long for the passing game of Miami’s aerial heydays. While I can say the booing isn’t the classiest move, let’s consider one plain and simple fact, Chad Henne: the ONLY way you’re going to silence the boos is by WINNING football games. Miami fans are beyond restless in waiting for this franchise to solve the ongoing QB quandary, unfortunately for you Chad, you’re caught in the crossfire. Rise to the occasion and those boos will become cheers, Dolphins fans would love nothing more than for you to prove them all wrong about you.

  12. Hurt your feelings? Are you a cast member of the Housewives of Broward County?

    This is why you suck. It should have MOTIVATED you not hurt your feelings.

  13. I respect that….but at the end of the day its FOOTBALL…as a fan, I would say its not personal, simply because they dont PERSONALLY know you bruh! Win some games and shut’em up….good luck this season!

  14. I thought the city of Miami had already reached their quota on whiny, pouting, and crybaby athletes.

  15. I support Henne. The Dolphins can win with him at QB. The chants and booing are classless. What happened to giving a QB the chance to develop? The Dolphins are starting to put the players together on offense to build a winner and Henne should get the chance to succeed.

  16. I bet if Chad Henne had a good, breakout type of performance season this year, all these fans chanting would be cheering instead and want his autograph.

  17. Hey PFT, why did you not post the quote where Henne said:

    Dolphins QB Chad Henne said criticism is part of the position, and he’s using it as motivation.

    You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back,” Henne said. “But obviously if I’m doing bad they will critique me.”

    See? He understands why he’s being criticized and he’s feeding off of it. Why didn’t you post that he had one of his best practices yesterday after the chants? You make him look a lot worse as a person than he actually is.

  18. Quick question…..was Chad wearing a sundress or capris when he made that comment? Was he carrying a Coach bag, or something by Louis Vitton?
    I’m sure all his fashion maven friends want to know.

  19. I don’t know whats more hilarious…

    The fact that Dolphins fans are so dumb that they’re booing their starting quarterback in training camp! (You guys realize whether you like it or not, Henne is your man this season…booing him at this point wont help anything…)


    That its Kyle Orton they’re chanting for. Jesus people, we aren’t talking about trading for some proven winner of a gunslinger…we’re talking about Kyle F-ing Orton! You’re team won’t be in the Super Bowl with Henne or with Orton…but go ahead and keep booing the guy that will control your destiny…enjoy the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  20. Wonder what Sparano and Ross think when the Dolphin fans start chanting they want a new owner and head coach?

  21. “I’m human,” Henne said “Deep down inside it does hurt.”

    Awwwwwwwwww……… poor Chaddi-poo

    Here’s a thought:

    STOP SUCKING, and live up to your potential, jacka$$ !!!!!!

  22. I predict that Henne moves on from the Fins in the next year or two, unless he makes a leap this year (in spite of coaching). This coaching staff took a guy who had a gunslinger mentality and turned him into a checkdown queen because they are afraid.

    I think he will become the next Testaverde. Vinny moved on from a horrid Bucs team and did well with Cleveland, then NY.

    Just like Vinny, Henne is a strong armed, somewhat robotic guy. He needs good people around him, and good coaching that understands his strengths.

  23. He has 27 TDs and 33 Interceptions in his career. Should the dolphins fans give him a standing ovation for mediocrity?
    Why not? Some idiots are standing up and chanting to bring in a guy with a 32-30 career record. If Henne gets as many starts as Orton has, he would likely have an equal record or better. The fair-weather fans acting like fools at practice should just shut up and cheer for the team, or go away.

  24. I guess it’s time to realize nothing is going to change for this season. I’m honestly more concerned that Ireland has done pretty much nothing to improve the offense. Yes, we did sign Reggie Bush and we’ll see how that plays out. But, the reality is Henne is who we’ve got and while I would have liked to see a move at QB it didn’t happen. Hopefully, Ireland will be held accountable for being unable to pull any significant triggers (unless he makes some big moves once camp starts).

    That said, the Dolphin fan in me is going to hope with all I’ve got that I’m wrong. I’m going to root for you Chad because you’re the QB and it’s abundantly clear that your success or failure will equate to my joy or pain during the season. I’m going to stop complaining and hope beyond hope that this is your year.

    Ireland and Ross put Sparano in a ridiculous position in their pursuit of Harbaugh. Now they’ve done it to you Chad in an eerily similar way. Too bad we can’t cut them or trade up on management and ownership.

    Go Chad! Take the heat and make it work to your advantage. Give us something to cheer about!

  25. I have to admit, Henne has shown signs of being a good NFL QB at times. He needs better coaching in my opinion. We Dolfans have begged for a QB since Marino retired. Henne may not be the answer, but neither is Orton

  26. See this is why I hate the media, they never report the truth.

    It finally comes out…

    Denver offered to trade Orton to Miami for a 7th round pick in 2021. Miami was about to pull the trigger until it realized that Chad Henne’s feelings were hurt.

  27. Chad,

    Now that you’ve admitted it hurt, step up and use this as motivation to prove everyone wrong. Let it light a fire and show the fans that you are finally the real deal. That is the best and only way to make them stop booing, so make it happen. Otherwise, it will only get worse before it gets better.

    Dolphins fan.

  28. Now the Fins will really suck!!!

    As Deion Sanders once said, “there’s no crying in football!!!”

  29. Look, here’s the bottom line for you Phins fans. You need 2 things:

    1.)A QB who isn’t some mid-round project or some other teams reject.

    2.) A coaching staff that can actually coach QB’s.

    Pray you go 0-16 and get Andrew Luck. Your team would probably pass him up anyway.

  30. Fair weather fans like this piss me off. Did Henne play extremely well last year…no. Was it all his fault…no again. Henne had an o coordinator that did not use him very well. With the exception of Jake Long, the offensive line did not play very well. Our running game was horrible last year.

    Do these “fans” realize they are making the team worse by chanting things like this? All these comments do is hurt the confidence of our starting QB. To be an effective QB in the NFL you have to have confidence in your abilities. Without confidence, you don’t take any risks and throw to your check downs or throw passes in the dirt. Funny, these are two of the criticisms of Henne. Do these “fans” really think that by chanting for Horton the administration will just say ok let’s get him? All these chants do is hurt the team by distracting from training camp and by hurting the confidence of our starting QB.

    I have been a Dolphins fan since birth. I would never boo a member of this team for playing poorly as long as they were giving it their all. I mean who are we, Eagles fans? I applaud our administration for not panicking and giving up our draft picks for a temporary fix at QB. If Henne proves he is not the answer this year, then we will remedy that problem next year.

    To all you punks who predict a losing record for the Fins this year…lol. We were not that bad last year. We beat both the super bowl teams (yes I am counting the Pitt game as a win even though the officials screwed us). This year, we have improved an already top defense. If our offense improves at all, we will have a winning record. I’m not saying we will make the playoffs, that would be tough in our division. However, the team will be better this year. I would say 9-7 or 10-6.

  31. The vocal segment of fans doing this is the same segment that foamed at the mouth until the NFL’s winningest coach was run out of the locker room. It’s the same crowd that complains about the “boring” run-first, good defense model, yet basks in the history of the team that perfected that model with 3 consecutive SB appearances.

    While it’s one thing to be skeptical of Henne’s ability to progress, it’s another to show up at the team’s 4th practice and berate the guy when he throws an incomplete pass.

    He is our QB for 2011. If he fails to improve, he will not be in 2012. If he does, will these fans admit that they were wrong?

  32. Its not like he brought it up. A reporter asked him a question. He answered honestly.

    Seems reasonable to me.

    But clearly not to the trolls that frequent these threads.

  33. Feeeeeeeeeeeeee-wings,
    Wo-wo-wo, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-wings,
    Feewings dat I have for da fins fans,
    Dat don’t like me, boo-hoo…. (repeat ad infinitum)

    Of course, its unfair. So is getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, while lounging on South Beach. That’s life….

  34. kingbrady12 says: “Orton says Chad henne is a bitch”

    And yet Orton chose to stay where his brightest future is to caddy for Tim “baby jesus” Tebow, instead of challenge Chad Henne.

    Who’s really the bitch? lol

  35. Know what makes me sad YOU DO!!! you jackwagen maybe we should take a trip to mamby pamby land and find you some self -confindence.Need a tissue? Crybaby

  36. My feelings hurt going 6-10 and 7-9 year after year. Its not all Henne’s fault. He didn’t make himself the starter.

  37. I think the Dolphins front office want a qb from Stanford…name ecapes me…….

    “On the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select……..Andrew Luck QB Stanford University”………

  38. purpleman527 says:
    Aug 4, 2011 12:42 PM
    They might be “refreshingly honest”, but they are pretty stupid to make.

    You can’t let the fans get to you, even if said fans say and do mean things.

    I guess Miami now has a shot at last place, given that Henne has opened the door for more stupid fans to say and do mean things to purposely hurt his feelings.

    Go Bills!
    Couldn’t agree more. And I am sure you recall Gailey basically calling out Bills fans in TC last year for heckling Edwards. Edwards didn’t cry about his feelings IIRC.
    The sad thing is that Sparano went out of his way yesterday to say that “we’re all big boys no one’s worried about how it affects anybody” then the next day his QB goes all emo about it. LOL

  39. Give the guy a break, any reasonable human being’s feelings would be hurt by this. Now don’t get me wrong, this dude blows. Or at least he has so far. But if he says it hurts his feelings he’s a baby, and if he says he doesn’t care he’s lying. Sometimes the media really is unfair to these guys.

  40. The sad part is 90% of the fans making that chant could’nt jog 30 yards without getting winded let alone hit a reciever at that range. Unless you can do a better job yourself….shut up.

  41. One easy way to shut them up — put wins on the board. Its amazing how fast those naysayers will start cheering his name once the team starts putting those notches in the win column. Its put up or shut up time for Henne anyway. Either show the Dolphins brass something this year or go sell insurance as Brady would say.

  42. hurt feelings? not a miami fan but man this the nfl. u want the fans to stop chanting orton go out ther compete and win. philly booed mcnabb then they loved him. this should be motivation for him

  43. Things are pretty bad when people are chanting we want Orton, instead of you.

    That’s like being a coach and hearing chants of, we want Mangini.

  44. This guy is the second coming of Scott Mitchell – he’s a backup, not a starter. Too bad that he has to deal with the fan reaction, but he shouldn’t be fooling himself about being a starting caliber NFL QB.

  45. Why do I keep picturing that scene from joe dirt when kid rock makes him cry… “you cryin’ boy, you CRYIN boy? Why dont you go get a whineburger and some french cries?” haha

    I find it very difficult to care about someones hurt feelings when they makes millions of dollars a year to play a game. So now the starting QB and “starting” RB (reggie) both cant handle the criticism. Dry ur eyes and play harder. Such a long season down there in south beach already.

  46. Miami fans need to chill out. Soon as Henne wins a game they’ll be right back on his nuts…

  47. Sounds to me like Henne needs to go hole up in a corner somewhere with McNabb, a box of tissues, and some Dashboard Confessional. Oh, and some tampons. Or Pamprin.

  48. Isn’t Henne the same bad ass who said :“My judgment is that he’s not an NFL quarterback,” Henne told Curtis Stevenson and Anita Marks of WQAM in Miami regarding Tebow. “I’ll leave it at that.” In the judgement of the fans at Miami’s training camp (and deep down the Dolphin’s GM), Chad is not an NFL quarterback. In my judgment Chad needs a heavy dose of Vagisil. I’ll leave it at that.

  49. The fact that the fans yelling for Orton hurt Chad Henne is one of the reasons why he has not been successful in Miami. Chad does not have the pause. Now after years of therepy he may be ready to play like a first line NFL quarterback. Chad Henne just does not perform when the game is on the line.

  50. come on.. Chad should call Donovan McNabb and they can tell eachother how important they are.. and how people like them and how both their moms think they are good looking and charming..

    give me a break… im from philly and we would be doing the same thing.. Dolphins fans arent idiots they just have a crappy squad, and if they care enough to show up at camp for that awful team then they should be able to chant whatever they want.. how anyone could think that Chad Henne is a starting quarterback in the NFL is beyond me..

    Henne is a backup on his best day, Orton gives you a chance to win.. if you will give up a second rounder for AJ Feeley, you damn well better give up a 3rd rounder for Orton Tomorrow.. pull the trigger.. if you want to win 8 games or more.. if you want 4 wins go with Henne

  51. alteast their quarterback gives a damn about the fans. If more players cared about the fans the lockout never would have happened.

  52. If you paid me millions of dollars, you could take a dump on my chest everyday without hurting my feelings…

  53. suck it up son! this is the nfl which means not for long when your skin is that thin!

  54. I was at that practice, all this guy was doing checking down or getting sack. I’m like dude they not gonna hit you throw the Damn ball. The backups was going deep, but no not check down chad. Man up you big p#$$@

  55. I think it’s time the dolphins suck it up and get a real long term franchise QB. Stop getting these low 2nd and 3rd round picks that don’t have the physical or emotional ability. Stop trying to bring in journeymen QB’s with little or no arm strength (Pennington, Orton). Either trade for a real 1st stringer or bite the bullet and invest the 1st round pick (and money) on a stud. Stop living in the ghost of Marino Past.

  56. Grow up! You’re a professional football player. All athletes get booed from time to time. Just so happens Chad Henne sucks and his time to time is all the time. I bet he isn’t whining like a little fairy as he deposits that check every week

  57. purpleman527 says: “I guess Miami now has a shot at last place, given that Henne has opened the door for more stupid fans to say and do mean things to purposely hurt his feelings.”

    No shot.

    Hello!?!??! Bills!?!?? LOL

  58. Chad, don’t feel bad that the Dolphin fans don’t have your back. You didn’t have their back by your play on the field.

  59. @ rickycubane

    I dont think you’re in much of a position to call Dolphin Fans “idiots” when you yourself are a philly fan………. Batteries, Santa Claus, Boy Scout, get my drift???

  60. Alex Smith had people chanting “We want Carr” and he didnt cry about it. Repeat DAVID CARR!!!!

  61. I actually read this title and though it was a mistake. Henne grew up 90 minutes from Philly and went to same high school as me, where 75 % of the fans in the area are Eagle fans. I’d put good money on the fact that he grew up going to Eagles games if any. So for him to make a statement like that is so completely surprising to me. Seriously don’t ever come home and play for the town favorite you probably won’t make it.

  62. “orenthalsimpson says: Aug 4, 2011 12:44 PM

    “You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back,” Henne said.

    Someone please tell Chad Henne that respect is earned, not given.

    He has 27 TDs and 33 Interceptions in his career. Should the dolphins fans give him a standing ovation for mediocrity?”


    Could have traded him to the Cardinals for DRC and a second round pick for production like that!!…and the Cards would have given him $12 million a year…everybody wins.

  63. I can understand Miami fans being frustrated (I’m a Texans fan-quite familiar with disappointment/frustration). But whatever happened to being a TRUE fan? How is it helpful to your team when you show up at training camp ragging the hell out of your own players??? That shows ZERO class!! This is just my opinion, but I don’t think Orton is some huge upgrade at QB. Is Henne going to be in the Hall of Fame? No. But he could be effective with the right coaching, better play-calling, and a better supporting cast. I think it’s refreshing for a professional athlete to be honest. These guys aren’t robots…they are human beings. Just because they get paid alot of money, doesn’t mean they’re devoid of emotion.

  64. When The Packers played The Dolphins, Clay Matthews/RyanPickett/CullenJenkins/Zombo, basically our entire pass rush was absent.

    Henne had a huge oline to hide behind, no pressure and he still missed easy passes, even throwing an interception to Tramon Williams….Tramon is nearly half the size of Brandon Marshall.

  65. shempnet says:Aug 4, 2011 1:57 PM

    Isn’t Henne the same bad ass who said :“My judgment is that he’s not an NFL quarterback,” Henne told Curtis Stevenson and Anita Marks of WQAM in Miami regarding Tebow. “I’ll leave it at that.” In the judgement of the fans at Miami’s training camp (and deep down the Dolphin’s GM), Chad is not an NFL quarterback. In my judgment Chad needs a heavy dose of Vagisil. I’ll leave it at that.


    Can’t fault the guy for being a good judge of talent for other players. I’d blame the Miami front office, although it was about time the Broncos wisened up and came to the realization that they are screwed without Orton on roster as the starter. Miami’s management believed they could go out with Henne last year, which failed. Their obvious fallback for playing hardball with the Broncos in negotiations was that he could start again, which was an unwise choice as well.

  66. Miami needs to quit playing and sign Troy Smith.

    I know a lot of people seem to not like the guy, but he did show how fast he picks up an offense after being picked-up by the 49ers the 1st week of the season and unseating Alex Smith and doing a pretty decent job considering the coaching staff and the OC change in the middle of the season.

  67. Henne and Kerry Collins graduated from the same Pennsylvania HS. They play in our league. He was a great HS quarterback and a great QB at Michigan. He beat us 3 times with ease. He has yet to find his way in the NFL. You can bet your butt he will. You gun slingers who throw insults at him are classless. I would think you would grow up sooner or later.

  68. To All Dolphins Fans: I’m not a fan of Chad Henne, but Ross Tucker from Sirius Satellite Radio brought up some excellent points of why the Miami Dolphins are better off sticking with Chad Henne. I agree with Ross Tucker, Dolphins fans we need to support Henne. Give Chad a chance. Did he have an Offensive line? No, only one starting Offensive lineman played the entire year. The Running Backs were very average at best, if not poor. Wide receivers were all injured with the exception of Davone Bess. Again, a QB needs a supporting cast. Even a QB like Manning or Brady, still need an Offensive line, WR’s, and a decent RB. Let’s just shut up and support our QB, Chad Henne. Dolphins #1

  69. guys really? henne ISNT bad ok? he isnt the problem. what we need is a deep threat to go opposite of marshall. bess is a great slot option but you double marshall and throw a good saftey on bess we have no options.
    a deep threat will make it so that at least one person is open then its up to henne…. once that happens it wont matter whos our qb we would even do decent with cullpepper back so shut up bout orton he isnt coming pluss he isnt the solution

  70. AS a loyal fan, I feel bad for Heene, the media is demonizing anyone they can, Hes already at a low point, His coaching is obviously borderline, Anytime, ie, everytime I hear sporano, say hes gotta get better, BLa ,bla,bla, I just dont see a real coach in Sporano, had faith in him, But its reared its ugly head, His voice has no influx, its so muddled and blaise, it will put ya too sleep, he maybe a nice guy, but I see the same lethargic attitude in sparono’s coaching and media footage, NO fire, just like Henne taking a Hike, no foot movement, slower than the wheres the beef lady drivin a golf cart. 3 yrs… still he has no clue, not only to scan the feild, arch the ball up…so as not to get blocked at the line, Or to pump fake. OMG… Ive never seen a slower, no dence, QB….But I blame the Coach… Isnt he subposed to teach, esp….if ya cant find that dude that can throw it your way……film doesnt lie…. Its all on Sparano.. Watch him speak….Hes a lame duck…. I can assure you, These players play for the money here… For guys like Seattles coach, Rex, Bellichek, they buy what they sell… Sporano….sorry but he cant sell hot chocolate in the north pole, hes still and always will have a teaching mentality… Not a winning mentality.. Hes got no Balls.

  71. Chad is a wuss who would not last 5 minutes in a real sports town, i.e. New York, Philadelphia, Boston, etc. He’s fortunate to be in Miami, a town where 10,000 people show up nightly to watch the Marlins. Acutally they support the Dolphins. In other words, a lame “sports”town. Enjoy LE-FRAUD !!!!!!!

  72. Sammy SUCKS! Sammy SUCKS!

    Sorry I repeated that back in the day and y’all should feel the same ’bout sayin’ it to Henne today.

    Truth is, during the regular season, there’s 159 players in the AFC East that truely suck and none of them wear the Aqua & Orange.

  73. Wow, apparently nothing, but hardened badasses post on PFT! Obviously, the kid needs to improve, but it’s not like he isn’t working at it. Not to sound like a softie here, but it is human nature to be somewhat bothered by those types of chants from fans.

    Large salaries or not, NFL players take a lot of pride in what they do. Fans chanting for a different QB isn’t going to sit well with Henne or any other player for that matter.

    That said, he probably should have kept those thoughts to himself. The media will really spin this into something that he doesn’t want.

  74. I don’t necessarily agree with the crowd disrespecting him, but he’s not going to win over the crowd this way. Just get back out there and work as hard as you can Henne. They’ll stop once you get some W’s.

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