Darren McFadden out two weeks with fractured orbital bone

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Raiders running back Darren McFadden, a first-rounder in 2008 who had a breakout season in 2010, will have to wait a while to build on his success from last season.

Per Steve Corkran of InsideBayArea.com, McFadden is expected to miss “two weeks or so” after suffering a fractured orbital bone.

(Tom Cable and Bill Romanowski have solid alibis.)

Coach Hue Jackson disclosed the injury, pointing out that McFadden missed a large portion of training camp last year, too.

The Raiders had only Rock Cartwright and Louis Rankin at tailback.  Michael Bush is unsigned, and veteran Michael Bennett is injured.  (Corkran didn’t mention the whereabouts of rookie Taiwan Jones.)

33 responses to “Darren McFadden out two weeks with fractured orbital bone

  1. Bush is an RFA that hasn’t reported.. Taiwan Jones was on a bike on the sidelines today with a “speed injury”, most likely a hamstring.

  2. “(Corkran didn’t mention the whereabouts of rookie Taiwan Jones.)”

    Jones has a hamstring pull.

    I worry more about Dmac’s feet than anything. Turf Toe got him the last time.
    We’ll hope for the best for him.

  3. Well all Raiders fans know he’s due 1 injury a year, I guess we can say., better now than later!.. He could easily be missing the 1st two games of the season.

    I’m glad we drafted Taiwon Jones…

  4. Hey DMac??? Get a shield on your helmet!!!! That ends that!!!!!! When you are clowning defenses, they reaching for the sky (Translation, ya face). Can’t see….. can’t run!!!!!!

  5. This is a freak injury… nothing against the player… he just got a hard shot to the face. Coulda happened to anybody.

  6. That’s right, we don’t need Zach Miller because we’re going to ride McFadden and then be a down field passing team when everyone jams the line of scrimmage to stop him.

  7. some of you are just plain stupid.. Sorry I’m just saying! DMAC has no control over an injury like this! He missed time last training camp he will be just fine!

  8. Not a big Raiders fan, but I hate to see any player get hurt. Hope you’re back at ’em soon Darren.

  9. As a Raider fan I’m beginning to get pessimistic about the season. Ford and McFadden our 2 best offensive weapons get hurt then. On top of that we lose Nnamdi and Miller. WTF!!

  10. Make sure all you armchair physicians google “orbital bone” before you criticize McFadden. That kind of injury is nothing against his durability.

  11. I will admit that I do like the Bill and Cable shot. That was pretty funny, but where is the story of Seymour restructuring his contract? I heard it cleared up like 11 mil in cap.

    It’s been a down offseason for the Raiders. It would be nice to hear some good news

  12. 1bigtex:

    You never miss a Raiders thread, never. You’re as much a closet fan as I’ve ever seen.

    Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  13. with all that has gone on with my raiders this offseason, Let me be the (first) person to welcome Luck to oakland & ill see u in a year buddy!!!

  14. When are you guys going to realize this guy is a real bust. Everyone talks about Reggie Bush, but uh this guy has been hurt since day one. Of course he played well last year, hes been in the league for how long now and been surpassed by several RBs that were drafted waaaay after him. “Bet you weren’t saying that last year”…………come on….what good is it having a vette with no wheels? The raiders have been, and will be terrible for years to come.

  15. Of course there’re going to be injuries. Stay optimistic. Its the media trying to bring us down as always with their negative reports. Im not worried. Better hes injured now than half way thru the season. Cue next hater article because they know we know were back to compete for the title. You cant break the will of the most loyal fan base in all organized sports! Fire them up Hue!!!

  16. sxt004 says: Aug 5, 2011 9:42 AM

    When are you guys going to realize this guy is a real bust. Everyone talks about Reggie Bush, but uh this guy has been hurt since day one.

    He looks more like a receiver than a back, but he showed last season that he’s definitely not a bust. Maybe you’re confusing him with another M-something out West, like Mathews or Moreno.

  17. @joetoronto

    I never miss a train wreck. OH, THE HUMANITY!!! Love those bi-polar Raider fans. He’s great, he sucks, he’s great, he sucks, he’s great, he sucks. And of course, they’re talking about the same guy. It’s like the old Seinfeld routine about cheering for laundry.

    BTW, I see you around plenty of other team’s sites. Any confessions?

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