Donte Whitner lands in Cincinnati

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I got a few angry emails and tweets last week after leaving Donte Whitner after the PFT top-80 free agents.  The former top ten player just didn’t seem like a guy who would attract a lot of interest.

After spending a week on the market, Whitner was able to find an interested team.  He agreed to a two-year contract with the Bengals, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Whitner figures to start opposite Chris Crocker. While Whitner isn’t a huge difference maker, he can be a good tackler and he upgrades one of the Bengals’ worst positions.  It’s a nice spot for Whitner to turn his career around.

The Bengals have added Nate Clements, Manny Lawson, Thomas Howard, and Whitner to their defense in the last week.  Now Mike Zimmer just has to work his magic.

35 responses to “Donte Whitner lands in Cincinnati

  1. cjspiller12 says: Aug 4, 2011 2:55 PM

    Ha!!! You can have him!! Ha!!! Ha!!!!!


    The annoying kid from the Simpsons?

  2. one time i had gay sex with donte whitner in a taco bell bathroom. yes the stereotype is true, he was a bad tipper.

  3. Say what you will about the Bengals but that Defense is starting to look pretty good. They’ve given Zimmer a few nice new toys with Whitner, Lawson & Howard. And Clements is a solid #2 CB. Add those guys to Peko, Atkins, Dunlap & Maualuga and you might have something.

    Still can’t forgive Mike Brown for not Franchise tagging Jonathan Joseph. Horrible mistake.

  4. The pundits won’t admit it, but those cheap Bengals have quitely had one heck of a free agency run this past week….

  5. Good and versatile player. Unfortunately for him never lived up to his draft status.

    Good luck Donte, and please learn to use twitter in a mature and responsible manner.

  6. Signing with Cincinnati as a free agent is kind of like looking around the bar at closing time and only seeing that one fat chick left and saying “Well, its better than nothing.”

  7. This guy has a fragile psyche. I’m suprised, he used to complain about being laughed at by opponents while playing for the Bills, so why did he choose the Bengals? And BTW, this guy is “Twitter Chad” 2.0.

  8. @cincinnasti says:
    Aug 4, 2011 2:59 PM
    cjspiller12 says: Aug 4, 2011 2:55 PM

    Ha!!! You can have him!! Ha!!! Ha!!!!!


    The annoying kid from the Simpsons?
    Ha! Good one!! On a serious note……….He may do fine with you guys, he really needed a change. He got burnt all the time on the pass…….with Baltimore and Pittsburgh being more of a running team, he may do fine with you guys. I liked him, he was a class act in Buffalo, just wore out his welcome.

  9. Good riddance! I’ve been advocating his benching for two years now! He doesn’t make any plays, and how about this little nugget:

    In 2009 and 2010 — Against the run:

    Donte Whitner made his 125 tackles on running plays an average of 8.1 yards downfield.
    George Wilson made his 80 tackles on running plays an average of 3.7 yards downfield.

    But I see how he fits in Cincy. After losing OchoCinco, they needed a new TWIT.

  10. “he was a class act in Buffalo”

    Like that time he got tazed by the cops…or his playoff guarantee…his rigged SB ticket contest on twitter…or laughing at the FO and fighting with fans on twitter during the draft…or his standard response to criticism “you dont know the game of football”…..

  11. KingJoe! says:
    Mar 7, 2010 10:43 AM
    Well again I see an opportunity for the Eagles. Vick and 4th for Whitner, helps solves the Eagles safety issues.

    Just searched the site for Whitner related stories and found this comment. No offense, KingJoe, but that is hilarious! Obviously none of us Eagles fans saw what was coming with Vick (especially last March) but in hindsight this is awesome.

  12. I think he is an allright talent but his off the field stuff is just to much.

    The Bengals might have a good defense =, but, by mid season when they are losing games because they don’t score the D will give up.

  13. Bengals can have Whitner. I didnt think he was that good in Buffalo. Not good enough for the 8th overall pick, atleast. He can tackle (most of the time) but he has no pass coverage. He’s had a lot of missed opportunities to make plays here in Buffalo

  14. I’m surprised that Cleveland didn’t try to pick him up considering all of his connections to them. I am pretty sure that Cleveland is his hometown, where his family resides.

    I wish things would of worked out with him in Buffalo. He is a great tackler with decent coverage skills. I’ve always liked Whitner, he just hasn’t lived up to a first round top 10 pick.

    Good luck in Cincinatti Donte, you’ll be missed in the B-lo!!

    Go Bills!!!!

  15. Say what you will about Whitner but this is a MAJOR upgrade for the Bengals’ safety corps. Zimmer will know exactly what to do with him. Old and VERY injury-prone for several seasons, this group is slowly getting younger and a little more promising. I would love to see Cincinnati swing a trade for Taylor Mays since Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers are shopping him, but I doubt Mike Brown would give up the draft pick(s) to make it happen.

  16. Cincinnati Bengals:

    Where rookies do their NFL training.

    Where veterans go to retire.

  17. oooops… cincy can’t even sign a lousy FA. He went to SF instead. They ought to just fold the Cincy franchise. They are really an embarrassment to the NFL. Not taking a shot at the fans, who honestly have put up with more bullsh!t than any fanbase ever should have to suffer. But that team, the front office, the head coach, and especially the GM/Owner are frankly and embarrassment.

  18. whitner was a good, solid player and he will have a long nfl career. the two things which i feel worked against him were being drafted so high and not keeping his mouth shut so as not to draw attention to the fact that lots of people expected more from him for being drafted so high. that being said, good pick up for the bengals. i wish him luck

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