PFT Live: Derrick Mason heading to the Jets?

In the latest edition of PFT Live, Mike Florio discusses Derrick Mason’s visit with the New York Jets, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s thoughts on the personal conudct policy and the Chiefs locking up linebacker Tamba Hali with a longterm deal.

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  1. Yes, it’s about the sliding scale of fame. The NFL doesn’t even attempt to hide that. If Goodell had suspended Underwood and Young following Roethlisberger, he could have made the argument that it was a new day in personal conduct enforcement. But he has carte blanche to do as he pleases, so why should he bother pretending to care about anything other than PR? The sad thing is that most PFT readers don’t get it because they’re too naive, too caught up in homerism, or living in the myth that only bad people get in trouble.

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