Recapping free agency winners, losers

10 days after this post-lockout free agency frenzy started, things are finally starting to slow down.

Teams are mostly set for the upcoming season, with only a few big chess pieces left on the board.

With that in mind, Florio and I looked back on the week that was on PFT Live Thursday to go over some of the winners, losers, and biggest risk takers.

Actually, we yapped too much and never really got to finish the winners.  But I love what the Falcons, Chiefs, Rams, and Saints have done for the record.   Glad I got that out of my system.

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54 responses to “Recapping free agency winners, losers

  1. Yeah I don’t even need to watch the video to know that the Cowgirls, Deadskins, and Aints were all LOSERS!!!!

    Oh, I almost forgot about that other NY team and their 2nd class hand me down free agents. SAME OLD JETS……

  2. Minn no speed outside? Guess they forgot about Harvin. And Oakland offered Zach a huge contract b4 the lockout and I guess he thought trying to catch passes from Tavares Jackson was a better idea. And Huff isn’t making 8 mil a year. His contract looks that way, but he isn’t…

  3. Thumbs up if you don’t want to watch videos on this site and wish they’d offer a transcript.

  4. “Actually, we yapped too much and never really got to finish the winners. But I love what the Falcons, Chiefs, Rams, and Saints have done for the record. Glad I got that out of my system.

    What?????!!!!! — Not the Iggles SuperTeam!?

  5. What kills me is when people say that the Patriots are the FA winners FOLLOWED by the Eagles. Okay so the Pats got Ochocinco (MIGHT regain Pro Bowl form) and Haynesworth (hopefully can become a dominant force once again, felt sorry for him in Washington). BUT! The Eagles added 5 PRO BOWLERS! I’ll repeat that. 5 PRO BOWLERS! I dont care what you think Ocho and Albert will add to the Pats, the Eagles are the winners by a colossal mile. The secondary is the best (on paper) in the league and they have the most explosive, tricky offence in the league. The D-Line has been revamped and looks outstanding. Add to that that they’re coach by the best. The O-Line is sure to at least be better than last year just by the pure coaching of legendary Howard Mudd and acquisition of Danny Watkins. Watch out people. Haters can hate all they want.

  6. Thats what Ive been saying. The Eagles still have their core players from last years team. They still have all of their stars. Yeah they brought in a few new starters, but they were all positions that the Eagles were VERY weak at last season. So even though these new players might not have the chemistry that other teams have right away, they are GOOD players, and they are still INSTANT upgrades at those positions. And everyone keeps talking about how the packers have all of these guys coming off IR that didnt play last season. You could also say that these players wont have the chemistry that their team had during their championship run.

  7. FA winners and losers? The freakin season hasn’t even started! No one even knows how these players will mesh. You sound like Vinny Cerrato. Lol

  8. Not sure anyone can talk about winners and losers in FA until the ball is snapped. Until then, the prognosticators will say the Patriots were winners. Raiders, Bills, Bengals – Losers.

  9. phillychzstk2012 says: Aug 4, 2011 6:25 PM

    The Eagles added 5 PRO BOWLERS! I’ll repeat that. 5 PRO BOWLERS


    Pro Bowls are about as meaningful and impressive as the Eagles’ trophy case

  10. I wonder if the new Eagles have found the invisible Super Bowl trophy case yet.

    I’m glad they got the Paper Champs award from most people so their fans will have something to be proud of. Congrats!

  11. Did the Browns do ANYTHING in free agency to help Colt have a chance to become an elite NFL QB?

  12. Only one of those players made the pro bowl last year stupid, Jason Babin, and asomugha was hurt. So to answer your comment, they added a lot of egos and are already talking smack around the league. Thats exactly what you dont do. They added one elite player in Asomugha, and hes not a playmaker. So you added 0 gamechanging, wow players. Not to mention theyve already put a target on their own backs. Cant wait to see them get blasted by the crop of the NFC (Falcons, Saints, Packers)

    Go Ravens

  13. Randy Moss was spotted in a fine Philadelphia restaurant today courtesy of 610. Eskin says it doesn’t involve the Eagles probably visiting NFL Films, but what does he know? Besides anybody who knows the Eagles knows sources can lie. Welcome to the Birds Randy! We’ll see you at camp soon! Randy in Green and White!? What?! Birds fans can I get an E!?….

  14. Wait which group are the Eagles in?


    The one that has never won a Super Bowl.

  15. Hey Einstein, he didn’t get it from the fall, he has a blood vessel abnormality in his brain. That’s what caused the problem in the first place.

  16. Whoa whoa whoa… I’m confused by that little parting shot at the end of the segment. I agree, the Chiefs have to feel good about the coming season, but if I were a Chargers fan, I’d be nervous. They secured some of their own guys but made no major improvements to their team. It is great the kept the headache that is Vincent Jackson, but they’ve lost Nanee and probably Floyd. Ryan Matthews seems to be a bust. What, exactly, are the excited about?
    The Broncos biggest off season move was getting rid of McDaniels, enabling a balanced offensive attack and a coach who knows defense. They’ve improved almost everywhere (LB, DT, S, RB, DE, TE) without wrecking the core of the team (Bailey, Williams, Dawkins, Lloyd, and 4 of the 5 starting o-line). Yes, there was a bit of a QB controversy, but please don’t estimate Broncos fans by assuming we all just want Tebow. This is incorrect. We want to win, and if Orton gives us the best shot, we’ll love him. It all comes down to wins and losses, but right now, I think you guys have major tunnel vision on what has happened in Denver in the off season. I’m not saying Denver is playoff bound, but looking at the off season alone, there is actually room to hope that the Broncos can compete again, and that’s HUGE after last season.

  17. More teams could have been winners if the Eagles didnt sign every free agent available. I still say ….. too many chiefs, not enough indians

  18. “Chalk Miami up as the losers”


    What? When Matt Moore is hoisting the Lombardi trophy over his head this February, you will realize that Miami had the single best signing in free agency.

  19. The losers are the veteran RBs that can’t get a sniff, and when they do, they are getting cheap contracts, comparatively speaking. The owners must love it.

  20. Write it down! Seahawks had a great offseason. Rebuilt offensive and defensive line, picked up Rice and Miller to go with the future QB next year. T-Jackson is just a stop gap. You can’t do it all in one year. What QB should they have signed? Overrated Kolb? Over the hill hasslebeck or Mcnabb? Jackson cost 4 mill a year, SHould we have overpaid for a different stop gap?

  21. Correct me if I’m wrong. Didnt the Vikings beat the Eagles with Willie Beaman at QB? Didn’t the Vikings prove that even a bad team can blitz Vick and he didnt have the time to make any reads? Didnt the Packers do the exact same thing to them? And what linemen did they sign to fix that problem?

  22. To all Iggles fans – seems to me that Wash has tried the “add every big name FA available” approach year after year since DS has owned the team. Tell me again how successful that approach has been?

  23. eagles eagles eagles…. best secondary on paper? 5 probowlers- 5 probowlers? your right the eagles won free agency! BIG WIPPTY DO. last i checked spending a lot in free agency didn’t win any superbowls. and yes the eagles got better, there linebackers are still suspect, and best coach in the league? reaid is a good coach no doubt, but the best? i don’t think so. you might wait til he at least win a superbowl before you say he’s the best. just sayin

  24. Leave it to a Philly fan to feel sorry for Fat Albert Haynesworth. Poor guy collected (stole) about$40 mil from the Skins in 2 worthless years. You are being sarcastic, right.

  25. People seem to forget that every one of these players was deemed not worth it by there old teams. There the ones that know them best. 75 percent of them will probably be cut within two years. The best players in this league never even make it to free agency. There teams get them signed up beforehand.

  26. Philly and New England are by the best so far! Im not a fan at all of either, but I’m not gonna be a HATER LIKE IT SEEMS EVERYONE IN THE SPORTS WORLD IS BECOMING!

    Rams & Chiefs really? Lovable losers maybe?? Have no idea what thats about!

    The Chiefs added a 35 year old DT for one year deal, Steve Breaston a 3rd string WR, and a 3rd string RB/FB. Explain to me how that is great especially when you consider they had the most money to spend and signed those 3 for a total of what 10 mill a year combined???? Wow dynasty in the making

  27. The rams got wideout Simms-Walker,he’s a very good player.

    I don’t understand the eagles spending big money on another corner , after spending big money for Asante Samuel & getting Rogers-Cromartie in the Kolb trade. Isn’t that too big a cap hit on one position? Was it really a big need for the eagles?

    The Pats are being praised for getting Haynesworth & Ochocinco, but if the Dolphins had made the same moves they would have been ripped for it.

  28. Philly reminds me of the ’98 Deadskins that attempted to build the best team money can buy. One important factor often over looked is team chemistry. You can’t see or touch chemistry but you can sure see it missing when teams lack it.

  29. So basically all the commenters are using this post to tell the world how their team is the best.

    Naw you’re not biased at all.

  30. wow…what a tool:) I guess teams are supposed to overpay aging veterans over 30 to be considered a winner…Jags did give a little too much to their FA, but majority of them are 25-27 years old and entering their prime… may not be game-changers, but solid players. It is nice to see some “punk with knowledge” stating that this is too much money for someone who may never make a pro-bowl……There are plenty good players that never made probowl and I don’t think their contracts were structured based on amount of ProBowls they been to. Chief’s Tamba-Hali made it as replacement. Fred-Taylor made it as replacement. Production matters…probowl..not so much

  31. Winners: Saints…Eagles….Lions….49ers…Falcons…Jets.
    Losers: Panthers…Vikings….Raiders….Seahawks…Bills.
    This is MY opinion! The winners are teams that i think made the best moves whether it be resigning their own FAs or filling needs without overpaying. The losers are teams that either let their own players leave by being cheap or overpaid for good but not great players. Really tho, I dont know anything yet and neither does anyone else until. We wont know who won or lost untill atleast December/January. Seasons almost here…CANT WAIT (Bart Scott voice)

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