Report: NFL, NFLPA work out final details of new CBA


Though it’s not clear who blinked on the question of whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will retain exclusive control over the league’s personal conduct policy, it’s clear that something happened to push the matter to a resolution.

Mike Freeman of reports that, late Wednesday night, the NFL and the NFLPA worked out the last remaining details of the new CBA.

Next up, the NFLPA representatives will explain the terms to players, who’ll vote at camp on Thursday.  Once at least 50 percent plus one of the players vote in favor of the deal, everyone will be able to practice as of 4:00 p.m. ET.

42 responses to “Report: NFL, NFLPA work out final details of new CBA

  1. I can’t believe it. They actually got it done without any bull. I highly doubt Goodell blinked. He made it pretty clear in his statement that he wasn’t going to blink.

    I agree with him and think that if players don’t want to face the music, simply don’t get into trouble. Play football. After all, that’s what they are getting paid to do.

  2. 6-10 Filthadelphia eagirls, still 0 trophies.

    13-3 for my holy savior and all my internal power and being Jesus Christ’s team, the DALLAS COWBOYS.

  3. Who cares who blinked? At least I don’t have to read about CBAs, lockouts, decertification shams, antitrust lawsuits or godda** Jeffrey Kessler, for the next 10 years. Unless, of course, I go to or PBT.

  4. So pretty much they cant practice tomorrow. They arent allowed to have real practices twice a day and most teams run their real practices in the morning and even if they dont no team starts practice at 4pm.

  5. This is good news, obviously. But I’m still confused.

    Last week, wasn’t it reported that the Patriots unanimously voted to approve the new CBA? And wasn’t it presented by De Smith? So is anything really changing? Or are we just talking about nitty-gritty language here?

  6. It would make sense for Commissioner Goofball to blink since no one individual is bigger than the game/league.

  7. Minutes after this was posted, Albert Breer of NFLN reported the sides were still negotiating final terms – at 1 AM EDT.

    The thumbs up/down rating to the comments above prove the NFL obviously has a persona software package.

  8. NFLPA blinked, Roger probably gave them some assurances but I would bet at the end of the day discipline will be his call.

  9. Whoever blinked doesn’t really matter to me at this point. At least someone decided that enough is enough with this lockout stuff, and fans just want to get back to football. I don’t know about all of you, but I hope this is the last lockout related post I see on here for a very long time.

  10. An opportunity lost. Australian rules football moved to an independent tribunal for discipline over 15 years ago and it immediately took the sting out of these issues. A retired judge set it up and everybody knows the rules and penalties. There is the chance to accept the mandated penalty or to fight it before the tribunal if you think the rules have been incorrectly applied. There is also a right of appeal. It’s great for players, coaches and fans and the commissioner of the league keeps their nose out of an area where they often cause problems.

  11. Let it be Goodell, please.

    My wild guess would be Goodell, just because of how quickly it was resolved, all it would take is one person (him) to back down.

  12. Blinked? I don’t know about that. I think Goodell will retain his control but probably gave in on the other items, whatever they were…

    OK, it’s one vote for the Boss and one vote for the players….

    AT worst, Goodell will allow one person, other than an NFL employee to sit in on each interview when the punishment is dished out, or they will go the a mandantory punishment, like the courts use. — ie: one game for first DUI, 3 games for #2, 1 game for beating one’s ho, you know the typical stuff.


  13. I don’t mind that Goodell has power over penaltys for the conduct policy, but having exclusive power over the appeals process is just stupid.
    Might as well not even have a appeals process.

  14. Please tell us they included a Moral Turpitude clause, effectively banning Bad Newz Vick from the league! 💡

  15. deadeye says:
    Aug 4, 2011 12:19 AM
    Goodell blinked.


    Or the NFLPA did. Let’s wait until we hear the details before making judgements.

  16. Sorry Harrison your gonna continue to get fined.until you can learn to not play dirty..

  17. The players union must have approved this. Goodell is like any top boss and if you screw up off the field or off the job he like any other CEO will come down on them unlike a real job where the person would get fired.

  18. Is the rumor true that Roger will be handing out gold stars to players with good behavior?

  19. Thanks. Now can we please get our newly signed free agents onto the practice field please?

  20. @realnflmaster

    13-3 for my holy savior and all my internal power and being Jesus Christ’s team, the DALLAS COWBOYS.

    Since your bringin religion in this subject I thought the fact that you have that opening in the roof in that stadium is so God could sit down and take a nice old healthy dump whenever he needs to?

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