The Favre watch is on in Miami


After swinging and missing on Kyle Orton and settling for Matt Moore and with a possible win-now-or-else mandate, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano apparently is thinking about trying to lure Brett Favre to Miami.

Sparano isn’t saying whether he is or isn’t, or whether he will or won’t.  Per Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Sparano said simply that he can’t say that it won’t happen.

I can’t rule anything out,” Sparano said.  “I’m giving you the only answer I can give you.”

In other words:  Gentlemen, start your tractors.  Favre Watch IV has officially begun.

Inspection of Kelly’s timeline on Twitter hints that Kelly and others at the Sun-Sentinel aren’t just shooting spitballs.  This is the trial balloon phase of the courtship of Brett Favre, and if the reaction in Miami isn’t overwhelmingly negative (or if it’s remotely positive) the thing will move to the next level.

The news comes only a couple of weeks after the Eagles briefly were linked to Favre.  Somehow, the Eagles will now have an even bigger circus than they would have had with Favre.

And if Favre to Miami happens, he’ll play the Eagles.

And he’ll play the Jets twice.

And he’ll play twice in two weeks in the Meadowlands.

Just when it seemed that this season couldn’t get more interesting, it’s getting more interesting.

132 responses to “The Favre watch is on in Miami

  1. I refuse to read this article. I refuse of open the link. I refuse to leave a comment.

  2. And the end to Favre’s career suddenly looks potentially even more miserable. He should publicly make some huge donation to a nice charity on behalf of each team showing interest in him and leave it at that..

  3. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! This is absurd, the NFL needs to institute a rule that you can only file for retirement only twice.

    And why are the Dolphins in a win-now state of mind?

  4. Oh my… just go away brett.. this is getting sad..

    Maybe Sporano has pics of Farve in his crocs.. why on earth would he or the dolphins even think of doing this.. just trade for Orton.. Farve and Henne are both awful.. Farve couldnt win 8 games if he was on the Packers..

    just walk away

  5. There are two things obvious with owners of teams who even think for one second of getting this loser to play for them.
    1) They had their TVs off and weren’t watching the play off games Burnt Fail was in.
    (Heck, maybe they are just now waking up from a coma from the late 90’s.)
    2) It shows how desperate they are. Really, really desperate.

  6. Ugh. I’d almost rather hear about Lockout/CBA status updates than another Favre watch.

  7. He already destroyed his legacy. And still has plenty of arm left. Why not?

  8. Two names that are guranteed to drive traffic and generate comments on PFT: Favre and Haynesworth.

  9. Can we all admit one thing? While no one tattooed his face across his entire leg, Brett Favre is still the biggest star in the NFL without even doing anything, and if he’s as really as crappy as fans claim he is, why is this 42 year old retired grandpa still on so many team’s radar with Bulger, Warner, Palmer and so many other younger guys retiring or near retirement? It’s clear teams don’t like the distractions he brings so while fans attack his life, football people still see his leadership and ability overcoming the controversy and age.

  10. To be fair, when Sparano was asked about Favre, he was kinda chuckling when he said “I can’t rule anything out”

    Seriously, that’s there answer for anything….so the hype machine is the only wheels on this one.

  11. He wont be able to concentrate on football with all the t and a in miami. But I would love to see him comeback because he is still better than a 20% of the startin QBs in 2011.

  12. Not a chance in hell. Please end this ridiculous Favre speculation already.

  13. I’m sure the Fins will at least try to get him on the practice squad and let him learn from a vet. He may be ready by next year.

  14. Watch Dr. Andrew’s office, if he has a minor surgery so he can skip training camp, we’ll know it’s true. Good thing there are no hot women on South Beach for Deanna to worry about……

  15. Although, Henne may cry if this happens, he can take solace in the fact he has a bigger pee pee…

  16. He might be able to beat out Beck and Grossman in Washington. If Snyder resists this one, he’s either truly a changed man or he’s been tied up in the basement of the Redskins offices by Allen and Shannahan.

  17. I used to love Brett Favre until he decided to retire on a team that was one game away from the Super Bowl. Since then I can’t stand him (can anyone really?) Don’t think i’ve ever done such a quick 180 on any player as much as Favre. I will say that as a Bills fan, this is GREAT news. BrINT in Miami, make it happen!

  18. After the texting thing, Farve would love to go through an entire training camp and season. Can’t be warm and fuzzy on the home front.

  19. Loving this! Brett running around in Miami heat and humidity? Fall down and puke after two days of practice. Maybe the coach is motivating Henne?

  20. No way Brett goes to Miami. The Dolphins suck and FAvre isn’t going to risk his ass to try to carry some 6-10 team at age 42. After all of their moves, the Eagles are probably the only team that would have appeal. Favre is done and has nothing to prove. If he wants to play for fun, go to Philly, otherwise stay home.

  21. Another head coach ready to sell his soul…just amazing. Bring him on Tony and watch your season disintegrate before your eyes.

  22. You guys all keep telling Favre to go away, but need to remember that it’s these needy teams and a lack of good QB talent in the NFL right now that has people knocking down his door. Can you blame the guy for having a complex about being wanted when there’s always somebody wanting his services?

  23. Based on the wishy-washy leadership and support demonstrated by the owner, many fans and the HC, this was simply a matter of time.

  24. “rambo08 says:Aug 4, 2011 2:17 PM

    Just go away Brett.”

    He’s been at home the entire team, its the media and NFL teams bringing his team up. He didn’t do an interview saying “I’d consider playing for the Eagles or Dolphins?” he’s been at home trying to move on, don’t blame him.

  25. Ed Werder must of reported this first. The only thing we have to watch is favre’s cell phone bill and how many pix msgs he sent to of his chode…this man should be tared and feathered like the queen he is.

  26. as a Dolphins fan I’m all about it. That position couldn’t get any more dramatic this off-season. But in all honesty, if he plays any better than he did last year the team could be very good.

  27. Might as well bring back Marino because Favre’s career is over. Done. Kaput.

  28. Stupid Fins. They deserve it. Bring it on. Can’t wait. As long as we’re living in the past, they should re-sign a couple of guys from the ’72 team.

  29. johnnyjagfan says: Aug 4, 2011 2:29 PM

    Loving this! Brett running around in Miami heat and humidity? Fall down and puke after two days of practice. Maybe the coach is motivating Henne?


    Yeah, because a guy from Kiln, Mississippi & who spent most of his pro training camps in Wisconsin knows nothing of heat or humidity

  30. rickycubane says: Aug 4, 2011 2:22 PM

    Oh my… just go away brett.. this is getting sad..

    Maybe Sporano has pics of Farve in his crocs.. why on earth would he or the dolphins even think of doing this.. just trade for Orton.. Farve and Henne are both awful.. Farve couldnt win 8 games if he was on the Packers..

    just walk away

    I was starting to wonder where you were going with that one, after the pics that Favre sent to Jenn Sterger, I thought maybe he sent a pic of his “crocs” to Sporano…lol

  31. This actually makes perfect sense. Sporano is a dead man walking this year unless he can do something amazing with that team (and no, 8-8 is not amazing). If he goes into the season with Henne or Moore playing QB, he might as well start packing his bags now.

    So, basically, he needs to pull out all the stops to save his job. This is basically how Chilly saved his job for a couple of years in Minnesota. If he went into the 2009 season with T-Jax, the team was going to suck and he was going to be fired. No doubt.

    I’m not saying Favre will go for it, but it makes sense that Sporano would try to get him.

  32. Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t he face disciplinary action from the league for sextgate? Football doesn’t need you anymore Brett, even on slow news days.

  33. Daniel Tosh put this the best way.

    Hey, Brett, the whole world wants you to retire…

    Favre: You said $12 mil right? Yeah they can go F*&% themselves.

    Maybe hes not good enough to start. Whats a back up pay in the NFL? About 4-5 million.

    Favre: OH, yep, I’m gonna do that.

    How about 10 years? Not good enough to be a backup, but he could be on the practice squad. Whats that pay? About $800,000.

    Favre: YEP, I’m gonna do that.

    Don’t hate on Favre. Hate on the media that wants to blow everything he does or says into the biggest story every time. If the man has requests for his services…why wouldn’t he come back and play?

  34. Yeah, because the NFL just isn’t complete unless every pregame show during the regular season focuses 60 percent of its attention on Brett Favre.

    Writers were worried for a while they might have to come up with new material.

  35. No idea why this story even has any truth to it, sounds like more p!$$ing on Matt Moore. This kid can play, if he can get some protection and get the ball out to receivers thet try to get open.

  36. I don’t why people are discussing Favre before training camp is over. He won’t play for anyone until the first week of the season.

  37. August 4, 2014……..”Brett Favre finally announced his retirement today in a press conference after playing for all 32 NFL teams.” “Favre said in a statement, that it’s been fun, and I may return to the NFL when the league expands to 34 teams in 2016. “

  38. Why aer people blaming Brett for this? It is the media asking questions to the Dolphins stirring it up like always. At this point, Brett has nothing to do with it.

  39. Laugh if you want, but we here in Baltimore are looking for a veteran backup and I have said Brett Favre since March 1st. Bulger didn’t sign with Baltimore because Baltimore wasn’t going to pay him 4 mil to carry a clipboard, so they offered him considerably less. He didn’t get a starting offer from anyone else, wasn’t offered enough by Baltimore to be a backup, so he retired. When Flacco is bleeding from the eyes, ears, and nose because of being pummelled, I think Bisciotti will find the check book and pay Bolger what he wants. Until then, lets get the crusty old man in here. If I was his wife, I would lock out the camera on his phone first though.

  40. While I doubt he will come back, so what if he does. Favre is an incredible player and is still better than most all other starting QBs in the league. If he wants to play another year and help out another team, while pocketing 10 mil, then I think you people just need to get over it.

  41. I have an idea why doesnt he just play for each team every year therfore favre can go down as the only clown to play for all 32 teams!!

  42. If the fins are even thinking about bringing him back they better make sure that they have a brick wall for an O-Line as he is getting to the point where one solid hit is going to put him out for good. Not sure you want to risk that amount of cap for that.

  43. Dolphins off. coordinator Brian Daboll was Brett’s QB coach with the Jets. That may have sparked something, but I think Tony is not saying anything because his owner is crazy and unpredictable.

  44. We don’t want Henne or Faverer. We REALLY don’t want Sporano!
    Why not bring Dan back? He’d play, because he that thing that Henne doesnt-passion, fire, ability to motivate his teammates…well maybe that’s a few things.
    If Faverer is brought on, you will see that stadium empty and Sporano and Ireland can start packing now.

  45. Not for the Fins……….Seachickens is where he will go…..No friggn way coach Carrol goes into the season with T-Jack….Would he?? If so then I am sorry for chicken fans. Have fun with your “Suck for Luck” campaign.

  46. Matt Dillion “what the hell is Brett Favre doing here?” Brett- ” I’m in town to play for the Dolphins you dumba$$”

  47. What, Bob Griese and Dan Marino said no to you in coming out of retirement first?

  48. I really doubt that Favre will ever play again but … if he does think the Dolphins are too much of a work in progress. You can probably rule out the Bills too.

    Just for fun though, let’s say that Hines Ward’s and Emmanuel Sanders’s injuries are more serious than first thought and the Steelers decide to sign Randy Moss …. and then Roethlisberger gets injured …. and the Steelers coax Favre out of retirement ….. talk about your Dream Team!


  49. I love Favre but Vikings O-line almost got him killed last year. Bottom line is Phins just don’t have enough pieces in place to make this realistic for him. Secondly, how does this make Henne feel?
    Couldn’t land Orton, fan’s boo him, fan’s chant for Orton, brass now trying to pull Favre off the tractor, coach not denying it…How is your confidence doing??? I feel bad for the guy.

  50. kingtrukr says:
    Aug 4, 2011 3:14 PM
    REALLY BRETT! Really?
    Really what? Brett didn’t do anything. The Miami media and Sporano are the ones doing the talking. Brett literally did absolutely nothing.

  51. Wow ! Chad Henne must really be stinking up the field. So the chants from the sidelines now change from “We Want Orton” to “Bring On Favre” ???? Nice….

  52. We hate our QB, yes we do, so now the talk is of a veteran QB with a Super Bowl Ring and now the cry babies are still crying, they will never be happy, the good news is they are jets supporters. Bill

  53. Why? Burt won’t mentor or coach any of the young QBs. All they’ll learn are bad habits, a gunslinger mentality, leaving their pants on the ground, demanding their own locker changing areas, throwing pick 6s with the game on the line, and how to be an egotistical diva.

  54. How is Favre to blame for this crap? Corporate media (including this outfit) is responsible for this madness. What is there to be gained by any media outlet by covering this… and by “covering” I mean making it up whole cloth?

  55. Why, because he is more of a man then anyone who ever played in the NFL. Who ever he plays for their my team! We love you Bret!

  56. johnnyjagfan says: Aug 4, 2011 2:29 PM

    Loving this! Brett running around in Miami heat and humidity? Fall down and puke after two days of practice. Maybe the coach is motivating Henne?


    YEAH, ’cause the climate in Mississippi is so freaking much different? DAMN, what are they teaching you kids in school these days?

  57. please come back to the vikings brett! we are so close to a super bowl i can taste it!

  58. He’s just waiting for Da Bears, the Lions or even the Vikings to come knocking so that he can have another two shots at his former rival team.
    He doesn’t like it that the Packers have not only evened the score but surpassed him by winning the SB and for A-Rod to get the SB MVP which he didn’t do.
    Expect a Burnt Fart return next year if the Packers repeat a SB win. Another thing they didn’t do with this loser.

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