With Zach Miller gone, Raiders check out Kevin Boss

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The loss of tight end Zach Miller to the Seahawks undoubtedly stung the Raiders.

To quickly make themselves feel better, they may try to sign the next best tight end on the market.  The Raiders worked out Kevin Boss on Wednesday according to Paul Gutierrez of CSNCalifornia.com, with coach Hue Jackson and quarterback Jason Campbell moving on.

Boss isn’t as big a receiving weapon as Miller, but he’s a superior blocker. The Giants want to keep him, but they are relatively tight to the salary cap like the Raiders.  (Last we checked, the Raiders were way over.)

Boss would probably have been signed already in free agency, but he had surgery on his hip in January.  It appears he’s recovered from that procedure.

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  1. How the heck can the Raiders sign anyone? Weren’t they farther over the salary cap than any team in the NFL just a couple of days ago? By something like $13 million?

    Peter King’s reporting that teams have to be under the salary cap by 4PM Friday (not today). I still don’t see how the league will approve a contract between the Raiders and Boss, unless the Raiders figure out some salary cap magic.

  2. Count me as one Giant fan who does NOT want Boss to leave. He’s a 6ft 7 in TE that can block, is tough as nails, and great hands for man his size. Having him is like putting an additional tackle on the line.

  3. Might even be a little better than Miller due to his blocking skills, and maybe a little cheaper. I’m not sure why he wasn’t signed last night! If he’s healthy enough to have worked out; sign the guy. What are we waiting for?

    Long Live Al Davis!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  4. Boss will like it in Oakland. Have fun Kevin. And don’t get any polish on Al’s socks boi.

  5. “Count me as one Giant fan who does NOT want Boss to leave. He’s a 6ft 7 in TE that can block, is tough as nails, and great hands for man his size. Having him is like putting an additional tackle on the line.”

    Same here. Unfortunately, the Giants are in cap hell. Thank goodness their competition is only the Raiders, who are in a much lower level of cap hell.

    I’m almost curious to see how the Raiders try to manage to sign Boss. Almost. I really want him back with the Giants, though.

  6. Losing Zach Miller could be a blessing, depending at what price they can get Boss. He can be effective in the passing game and ce3rtainly hasn’t hurt the Giants running game. Nice sigining if they can get it done.

  7. As a Giant fan, I know what this guy can do, he can be a consistent target, though he has not quite been the same threat he was as a rookie (due largely the repeated concussions he has had)

    The Giants though never use him as the TE is not featured by Gilbride. So I understand his intertest in playing elsewhere.

  8. IF raiders get him IF…
    That means Al has fooled the media and fans of other teams yet again….\Boss is a way better TE than Miller, Miller can not block..
    Miller was highly overated and he is very very stupid..
    I’m not joking go watch a old interview of him with the raiders he can barley keep awake.. He is dumb as a rock…
    Thats the truth why the raiders were in no hurry to sign him. They were going to wait to see if they could get him really really cheap if not then oh well cause he cant read a play book anyways…


  9. No one wants to play for the worst franchise in the league.

    Boss will be moving along quickly.

  10. Dear Kevin Boss,

    If you watch the tape and look at the stats you will see how much Jason Campbell utilizes his Tight Ends…Whether it was Chris Cooley in Washington or Zach Miller in Oakland.

    If you come here you can expect to be a BIG part of the offense and put him numbers.

    Boss like Rick Ross , just win baby,

    sign with the Raiders. It’s just too much of a perfect fit.

    -Macho Man

  11. for the raiders, boss is better then millerfor what hue is trying to accomplish. Raiders do not need a te leading the team in receptions, and total yards. The reason he did was because miller and the rest of the o-line could not provide the pass protection and time needed to throw to a wide receiver. Plain and simple Miller can not block. I know all the seahawks fans are in denial about this, but thats ok, time will tell.

    I get a kick from all the heaters. DMC Sucks, DHB sucks, And even J-bust sucks. problem is mr o-line coach himself and his zbs style had the crapiest o-line in the league , which made all these other guys suck. nothing you can do flat on your back. Hue is going to pound the ball with a lethal dose of dmc, and bush, and a shot of taiwain every now and then, and that will open up the throwing game…cable could do nothing until hue got there.

  12. They are $17M over the cap, I can’t imagine how they get under the cap in the next day or so and still sign Boss and Bush (can’t forget about him). Can they restructure that many contracts in a day?

  13. Nice job by Al dragging his feet on Miller to the point where he signed with Seattle. It was far more important to resign/overpay Routt, Boller, Eugene, Loper and the rest of those marginal players. Clearly losing two Pro Bowl players like Miller and Asomugha was not as important as getting these guys under contract. At least he resigned Seymour. Al Davis has transformed the team into the Oakland Bengals. Good job Al.

  14. The cap has never been a problem for the Raiders.

    Al Davis has already cleared up more than enough room with signing bonuses.

    He does it every year, fellas.

  15. Boss isn’t going anywhere. It’s the oldest negotiating ploy in the book. He’s just trying to squeeze more money out of the Giants while “exploring his options”. He’s not going anywhere, nor is Steve or Osi. The Giants have to shuffle some papers around and get a couple of guys to restructure their contracts in order to free up the money to sign these guys.

    The problem is, Steve’s agent is holding out for a multi-year deal, and the Giants (wisely) are reluctant to do so, since we won’t even know how recovered he will be until midseason at the earliest. That in and of itself affects the signings of Umenyiora and Boss, much less any serious external free agents (Moss, anyone?)

  16. Raiders fans worst in nfl? I wad shocked to read they we’re last in attendance last year. On a positive note. They dominated in all costume related categories.

  17. They’re $17m over the cap. Where’s the money for him? Restructure the whole roster?
    System fail…

  18. I’ll tell you what, I have never, and I mean NEVER, seen a group of individuals do as quick an “about face” as some of the Raider faithful on this blog. WOW!!! You guys must have been STARS in marching band! Supposedly, Zach Miller was never going to leave because he was a member of the family and a great TE. And then, SHAZAM, he leaves and he’s a stupid bum who can’t block and isn’t needed as a receiver because Chaz is suddenly going to stay healthy and DHB will magically stop sucking.

    I really love the “Zach has had too many concussions so we need Kevin Boss” crowd. You might want to check out the Kevin Boss concussion total before you start driving that band wagon.

  19. Look as a Raider fan I will be honest, losing Zach Miller bugs the crap outta me. He was a great TE to have especially with a less than good receiving core.

    I do want the Raiders to sign Kevin Boss because none of the rookie TE’s we have are going to be able to even remotely fill the hole that Miller leaves behind in our offense. Boss is an upgrade blocking-wise, but he is definitely not an upgrade with his pass catching. Miller was also able to make big plays down the field which stretched defenses slightly and made our running game a little more potent.
    Are we going to win the AFC West? I think it’s going to be a dog fight because no one really stands out. Would I like us to win the Superbowl? Of course I would, but we aren’t going to unless some under achieving players step up and some unknown players stand out and a make a statement.
    I believe Hue Jackson is the right choice for Oakland, we just need the players to make it happen. And losing 2 of the top 5 free agents available this off season, being 15 mill over the cap, and dealing with #1 picks who don’t have the drive to meet the expectations. I just don’t see it happening.
    Here’s to hoping I’m wrong though. Go Raiders!

  20. Editor’s note: do not say Boss “isn’t as big a receiving weapon as Miller”. It’s misleading. Boss is a “bigger” weapon technically (6’7 255 vs Miller 6’5 250). But then Boss may only be a bigger TARGET but not a larger weapon…..contemplate that, counselor.

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