Arian Foster pulls hamstring in his first 2011 practice


Texans tailback Arian Foster, the NFL’s leading rusher in 2010, has seen his quest for a repeat derailed temporarily via a pulled hamstring.

Per Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle, Foster suffered the injury on a 40-yard touchdown run during the first play of an 11-on-11 scrimmage.

It was Foster’s first practice since signing a one-year exclusive rights tender offer on Sunday.

Foster showed up later in the day with the leg heavily wrapped.

50 responses to “Arian Foster pulls hamstring in his first 2011 practice

  1. The camp injuries continue to pile up…is anyone still claiming these guys don’t need all the OTA’s to get in football shape?


  3. Weird how random blood testing is implemented and guys who were winning rushing titles with torn meniscuses can’t even last one practice play…

  4. There goes the Texans chances of actually making the playoffs for the first time ever. Still the Colts division.

  5. Playing with a bum hamstring is a lot tougher than people realize, especially for a player who’s constantly sprinting and changing direction. It’s not something you can just wrap real tight and run through. Only time heals it, so I’d be concerned if I was a Texan fan.


    and dont make too much about it being a 40 yard TD… was after all the Texans defense.

  7. better now than never… lolz he’s certainly not out of shape.. just prob over doin it too soon…

  8. I feel sorry for the people drafting him in yahoo fantasy leagues where he’s ranked 1st. I have no doubts about him rushing for over 1,000 again because he’ll get that easily, but I’m not sure he’ll come close to 1,600 again since Vonta Leach is gone and he’s constantly being nagged by injuries.

  9. Thats too bad. He’ll be back.
    One year wonder?

    Some of you are so dumb.
    1600+ yards isn’t a fluke. Not in the NFL. Not at that position. Repeat? I doubt it. But you better believe you will hear his name more than once this year, presuming he remains healthy.

    I bleed Chargers but appreciate talent. I wish some of you could do the same.

  10. Now that teams know what he’s about ill say he rushes for about 1200 yards give or take a hundred

  11. i hope its not nothing not a texans fan but i really want to see them with a healthy offense and a good defense..this team could be special if certain things fall into place

  12. Man, hope he gets better quick. Hamstring problems linger.
    I’ll just say that I could see this causing issues down the road.
    I mean, unless the NFL turns their back on the locker room, we could see the level of play rise like old times.
    I’m sure you can catch my drift. Arian Foster seems like a good guy, hope for the best.

  13. Ray Rice is on his way to being a top 3 FF pick with the addition of Leach and the departure of McGahee and McClain.

  14. If ever there was a guy that needed to hold out, this is him. Fire whatever 2-bit agent you hired when no one heard of you and get a deal done so you don’t get chewed up and spit out before ever making any real money.

  15. dbellina says:Aug 6, 2011 12:31 AM

    Thank God he wasn’t in my top ten for fantasy football this year.
    If he isn’t in your top ten for fantasy football you should probably stop playing.

  16. He’s got time to heal thankfully. Jury is still out on Tate but he’ll get lots of carries in preseason. Ward was a pleasant surprise last year and looked great when he got the ball. Slaton looked awful. And for some reason they kept making him run back kicks. He was terrible. I wondered if it was punishment. I know it was for the fans……

  17. sdstrong217 is right. If any of you actually watched the games you would see this guy isn’t a one year wonder. He is electric and makes it look quite easy out there. And he led the league in broken tackles last year, so he didn’t always have a clear path made for him by Vonta. He had to break tackles and do it himself. He catches. He scores. Why so negative? He is a beast.

  18. As a Dallas fan who lives in Houston my co-workers did not like me limping into work to day I hurt my hammy. Foster is a one season wonder.

  19. jediwrstlr says:
    Aug 6, 2011 12:38 AM

    Take away his monster 2nd season and Johnson’s other two years were still both at least 1200 yards rushing and at least 10 total TDs. And one of those years he shared duties as a rookie.

    A lot of teams would celebrate if they found a back who could give them that (or better) for three years straight.

    Foster? This is the year where he has to show he can be consistent, especially when you consider his ups and downs in college.

  20. Flash in the pan like CHRIS JOHNSON? Yeah, right. CJ has simply led the NFL in overall yards for the last three years combined. Now we need to get him on the field for year 4.

  21. Talk about OVERREACTION!!! Sheesh, his hammy tightens up on him in the first week of camp and now all of the sudden the dude is a one year wonder???? Long long time for this hammy to heal correctly…. if this was week 6, or week 10…. then its way more of a concern.

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