Braylon Edwards got no guaranteed money

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Some of the details are in on Braylon Edwards’ contract with the 49ers, including how much guaranteed money he received: Zero.

Matt Maiocco of reports that Edwards has a $1 million base salary, and no guaranteed money. The reported $3.5 million salary for 2011 is what Edwards will earn only if he reaches all his incentives, including catching 90 passes and making the Pro Bowl.

The fact that Edwards gets no guaranteed money is huge: It means that if Edwards reveals himself to be more of a pain in the neck than he’s worth at any point during training camp or the preseason, the 49ers can cut him without having paid him anything. Edwards is a vested veteran, so his $1 million base salary will be guaranteed if he’s on the 49ers’ roster for Week One.

Edwards’ contract is nowhere near as good as the one-year, $3.017 million deal Plaxico Burress got from the Jets, so it’s clear that the Jets view Burress — despite the fact that he’s been in prison the last two years — as an upgrade over Edwards.

If Edwards is smart, he’ll take the lack of interest in him from around the NFL as a wakeup call. Edwards is one of the most talented wide receivers in football, and the fact that he had to settle for a contract with no guaranteed money shows that for NFL teams, the trouble Edwards brings with him outweighs the talent.

Edwards becomes a free agent again in seven months. If the 49ers are lucky, he’ll be on his best behavior and motivated to earn a much more lucrative contract in 2012.

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  1. 49ers got a steal in signing him.. Even if he still has a case of the dropsies they won’t have paid much if anything

  2. What a shame, his stupidity has killed him over and over. If he screws up again it really could be it for his career.. For people who dont like him i understand but from someone who has watched all his games since 09 ill say hes a great athlete and very talented. He needs to wake up!

  3. The jets are stupuid for making this “upgrade”. They could have had Edwards for cheaper and even with Burress in his prime they were about as good as each other. Both have off the field issues so there really is no difference there either.

  4. The 49ers really did get a steal! Edwards is one of the most underatted blocking receivers in the game too. You niners fans will like him, and the dropped passes thing kills me cause people dont relize he had the fewest drops out of all the jets receivers last year with just one.

  5. He’ll implode. No steady vets and a lot of hot heads (Vernon Davis, Crabtree, Ahmad Brooks and a lot more..Harbaugh has his hands full) – Edwards ran himself out of the league …. no turning back from this …. no DUI, no problems and Harbaugh is a rah-rah type … we’ll see how that act plays out.

  6. My all time favorite Braylon play was watching him sprint down the sidelines, 10 yards clear of the defender, and having a perfectly thrown ball clang OB off his facemask.

  7. jpk6044 says:
    Aug 5, 2011 12:02 PM
    “Edwards is one of the most talented wide receivers in football”

    “Ummmm, no.”

    There is a difference between being talented and being successful. Edwards is among the most talented in the position but he isn’t consistent to be one of the best.

    I think that is what the previous poster meant. I doubt he was trying to compare Edwards to the likes of Megatron and Andre Johnson.

  8. I bet he could have got some guaranteed cash if he actually knew how to CATCH a football.

    I still cant figure out how him and Derek Anderson did it in 07’…

  9. Great! So he can come to SF with a “contract year” mentality, kick butt for 16 games, sell himself to the highest bidder in the next offseason (or re-sign with SF for huge bucks)….and then return to underachieving.

  10. He’s not even close to one of the most talented WRs in the league. Maybe one of the most talented non-number 1 guys, but even then. He wouldn’t be the no. 1 on about 28 teams.

  11. scutzi128 says:Aug 5, 2011 12:02 PM

    The jets are stupuid for making this “upgrade”. They could have had Edwards for cheaper and even with Burress in his prime they were about as good as each other.

    The Jets knew this guy better than anyone, since he played for them last season, and yet didn’t re-sign him for what would appear to be a ridiculously low price.

    What does that say about him?

  12. Once again, look for the Rams to pwn the rest of this division all year long.

  13. Hey if the guy can’t guarantee that he’s going to catch the football when you throw it to him why should you have to guarantee to pay him?

  14. The 49ers just went from 5 to 10 wins this year with their signings in the last 72 hours. Harbaugh is a stud!

  15. If only you could have stayed out of trouble you’d have been a Cardinals player, Braylon.

    Working as a #2 to Fitzgerald would be less pressure than being a #1 in a team with no QB.

    And you’d have got some guaranteed money….

  16. I am not so sure the reason the Jets didn’t get Edwards back was because he didn’t like him. I am guessing, that when they were looking at Plax, Edwards was asking for more money. Jets saved cash, signed Plax and that was it. Why would you resign Edwards when you could get someone cheaper who has something to prove?

    Then Edwards got in trouble, his stock fell and he ended up in SF. The Jets really didn’t get a cheaper Edwards because he was clean then and looking for a team.

  17. Teams could live with the DUI incidents, but losing a fight to a couple of elderly Vietnamese kitchen workers, to the point his group had to use weapons, really made everyone have second thoughts.

  18. Wow he goes from being considered a premium free agent to be last year to not even getting 1 year of guaranteed money. That sounds like his career is on it’s last leg. The future does not look bright considering he is depending on Alex Smith to get him the ball to make an impression.

  19. Aside from the Akers signing I think Niner fans have more to be hopeful about with this signing. Edwards has talent as we’ve seen in 07 & 08. He even lead the Jets last year in rec yds and I think could’ve had more if they didn’t have LT. I think our WR Coach, Bobby Engram, will have a huge impact on Edwards and as we’ve seen with Josh Morgan, here’s another receive who can make even Alex Smith look good!

    I’m more hopeful today about our Offense today than yesterday, but I’m still nervous about our D.


  20. “Once again, look for the Rams to pwn the rest of this division all year long.”

    Um, when did THAT happen? They split the series with the Niners and LOST the division. Wow. Delusional.

  21. It’s about time a team doesn’t just shell out ridiulous amounts of money to a repeat offender! He’ll be back in court for some other off field infraction before the end of the season. He’ s a recidivist, plain and simple.

  22. you guys have to remember that “ridiculously” low price the jets wouldn’t pay came after they had signed burress and after the new incident happened. when the jets signed burress, braylon was still expecting\asking for a ton of money. He screwed himself once again after rebuilding himself with the jets with that “spooning” incident.
    some people never learn.

  23. Looks like Borges was right. The Jets wanted no part of Braylon

    Now the 49ers have two of the most over rated diva receivers in the NFL Edwards & Crabtree

  24. To the mob of commentors who love to claim he isnt talented and always drops the ball… your comments translate to pure ignorance and anything you say after the horrible joke about dropping the ball goes unheard to the educated reader.. and the comment response to the writers description as one of the most talented receivers in the nfl of ” ummmmm, no”…not only do you sound stupid, you give absolutely no explanation, although i’m sure you would have thought of something original like he cant catch the ball and he is a diva… Its amazing how fools can so easily be blinded by hate, and pretend that they never noticed that he only dropped one catch last year, less then every one of all of those receivers that obviosly have good hands compared to braylon. And as long as we are looking at the mob’s ideal talented receivers that are way out of braylon’s class… How many of them have had 16 TD’s in one season…ever?? And in that season had some undeniable freak catches.. but lets just pretend that none of this happen and focus on his off field troubles and the one year he struggled with drops which clearly proved to be a simple head game he had to overcome rather than a depiction of his talent.

  25. “Get your knuckles ready,” Braylon!!!

    It’s good that the 49ers are spending their money wisely, but Braylon will not get 90 balls from Alex Smith no matter how much he demands the ball.

  26. nyjalleffingday says:Aug 5, 2011 12:35 PM
    Know what’s even funnier? Braylon dragging him into the endzone with one leg with his butt buddy McCourty on the other leg.

    That probably was my favorite Braylon Edwards play as a jet.. That was awesome i was so pumped watching that. Good call !!

  27. Braylon better hope Alex Smith starts throwing more accurately if he wants to put up good numbers and get a big contract in 2012.

    Too bad the Niners couldn’t have ponied up to sign Ronnie Brown to unite the top 3 picks from the 2005 draft.

  28. Well if Edwards can catch passes from Smith the way he catches cases, he should have no problems meeting the incentives on his contract.

  29. He just violated his probation again with a bar fight up in Michigan. I don’t think the judge is going to be as nice a second time. He may be under contract with SF but it’s very possible he’ll be back in NE Ohio wearing orange soon. Just not of the FB variety….

  30. For $1 and no guarantees I don’t see a single team in football that wouldn’t pay that. Hell just bring him in as a warm camp body to create competition at the 3rd WR spot and cut him come regular season.

  31. I wish the Jets would sign Malcom floyd. They have the money. Imagine Holmes Plaxico and Floyd. Floyd is young and could sign a 3 or 4 yr deal that would secure him and holmes for a few years and then plaxico this year and see where it goes. That would be a formidable recieving core. Two giants and a gamebreaker.

  32. ronaldmexico says:
    Aug 5, 2011 1:34 PM
    Braylon better hope Alex Smith starts throwing more accurately if he wants to put up good numbers and get a big contract in 2012.


    Sigh. I know that football is a lot about gut and feeling, but does nobody look at stats?

    Alex Smith is a more accurate QB then Sanchez. Sanchez only completed 54.9% of his throws (behind a better O-line and with better WRs) while Alex Smith completed 59.6%. Alex Smith’s yards per attempt are also higher then Sanchez. Sanchez only threw 6.49 yards per attempt while Smith threw for 6.93 yards per attempt. Their ratings reflect that disparity, with Alex Smith coming in at 82.1 and Sanchez coming at 75.3. In almost every statistical way Edwards made and UPGRADE at QB.

    Anyway, I wasn’t super excited about picking up Braylon Edwards with the baggage he brings. But considering how much the 49ers got him for I feel a lot better. Not only does that mean that Edwards will have something to prove to the rest of the league if he ever wants to get paid well again but the risk is pretty minimal to the 49ers if he doesn’t pan out.

  33. im liking this contract…earn your money….I love it! gives incentive. to all you haters out there from the seahawks and the cards…we will see who has the better qb rating at the end of the season.

  34. marcus158 says:
    Aug 5, 2011 12:28 PM
    A #1 in a team with no QB and your outstanding ability to drop easy balls, I might add.


    Says the guy whose team just mortgaged the next 10 years for a qb with hardly any experience, a losing record, and more int’s than td’s. Yeah you got room to talk about qb’s smh.

  35. The Eagles should have offered him a similiar deal. With D Jack holding out, ? and Only God knows whats up with Maclin, I think that Edwards would have been c heap insurance. What say you guys?

  36. How is Bray Bray gonna pay his bar tabs and legal fees with a contract like that? I see King Cobra 40’s and court appointed attorneys in your future, stonehands.

  37. Let it be known, Edwards may have signed a piece of paper that made promises, but he did not sign a contract…this situation is a friggin’ tryout.

  38. So it’s not guaranteed until week one and then it is guaranteed?

    Surely this guy can mind his manners for a month and a half for a sweet mil……or not.

  39. @oldbyrd… i was thinking that as well, it would have been a very smart move.. its seems maclin’s deal might be as bad as anyone could imagine if they haven’t explained it yet

  40. Lol so many haters spewing crap that they can’t back up. Hate all you want but SF got a steal in Edwards. He has proven he can be a play maker and the contract gives SF zero risk with a huge potential for a big reward. And as much as I hate Alex smith, he’s better than mark Sanchez. Fact.

    Haters finna hate. Carry on haters 🙂

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