Goodell: We’re committed to finalizing drug testing details

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith signed the CBA on Friday, and then appeared on NFL Network afterwards to bask in the relief.   But not every detail has been worked out between the two sides.

Rich Eisen pressed the two men about drug testing policies after reports surfaced Thursday that HGH blood testing would be part of the agreement.

“We’re both committed to getting it done by the start of the regular season,” Goodell said.

Smith also indicated that the players were committed to the process for the sake of the integrity of the game. But some specifics still have to be worked out.  The CBA included the “goal” to finish the process by the start of the year, and at this point it seems safe to trust the two men to finish the job.

It was remarkable to see how comfortable the two men were together after going to battle.  Eisen asked Goodell and Smith if they would head on vacation next.

“Not together,” Smith said to big laughter.

10 responses to “Goodell: We’re committed to finalizing drug testing details

  1. I NEVER thought this would pass. GH has been the bees knees for everyone in sports for years because of the lack of testing, but what now? If this testing is legit, I wonder how NFL players are going to get around this? I’m just talking realistically here, the guys have to find something to take to stay big and strong or eveyrone’s going to look like Jason Giambi 2005.

    I hope none of you thought that the reason the NFL players are bigger and stronger than they were in the 80’s steroid era was because they worked out harder?

  2. I’m so sick of seeing and hearing from this guy.

    Roger just shut the fcuk up for a while!

  3. Sensitive to the players reluctance to undergo blood tests, Rajah offered a couple alternatives.
    They can have bone marrow drawn or if they choose, undergo a full autopsy.

  4. Mo looks like he is teetering on that orange crate he carries around with him for photo sessions.

  5. If the really begin HGH testing we will see massive changes in the “big hitters” just like we saw with more stringent steroid testing in baseball. In fact if it takes hold in the NFL we will see less and less “super humans” in all sports.

  6. De Smith has the smile of a man who recently;
    1. Was paid off by owners(they paid a Federal judge in ’92 so he was easy)
    2. Took $50M from Union coffers to pay premium for Lockout Insurance that was never used….who received the commission De?
    3. Sold out his players to pad his pockets and move his own career forward
    4. Did what Gene Upshaw said he would never allow—NFL to do invasive procedures on players
    5. Is being voted out soon for such a terrible deal and placing his interests ahead of all else

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