Jags extend Marcedes Lewis


The Jaguars didn’t need to create cap space; they enjoyed a $28 million bulge as of Thursday.  So by, as Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union reports, extending the contract of franchise-tagged tight end Marcedes Lewis, it’s not immediately clear whether they structured the deal to create space under his one-year tender — or to chew up space.

Either way, they’ve got Lewis signed for the new five seasons.

The tight end franchise tender accounted for $7.28 million in 2011.  The new deal, per Stellino, is worth slightly less than $35 million with slightly less than $18 million guaranteed.  Depending on the structure, the Jags could have decided to load up the front end of the deal in order to use up current-year cap space.

Lewis had the best season of his five-year career in 2010, with 58 catches for 700 yards and 10 touchdowns.  FOX’s Jay Glazer consistently has raved in the offseason about the manner in which Lewis has developed during MMA workouts.

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  1. Ok, how in the WORLD is that first comment on the “garrard carted off” article still on the board!? Please don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for it. Funny stuff. It’s just that I get WAY less deleted regularly, most of which is hilarious stuff I promise your readers want to hear. Let me speak! Firthst ammemmett!

  2. @jenniferxxx

    Lol, what the hell are you even talking about? If you look at the top TE’s in league, and make no mistake about it, Lewis is one of the tops (I know you haven’t ever seen him play or read from coaches and teammates about his value to the team – that doesn’t stop idiots from talking though, I understand), his contract is well in line. Fair contract.

  3. Now if only we could see the felon in FILTHadelphia ‘extended’ out on a stretcher by the hands of DeMarcus Ware. We won’t have to wait too long thankfully!

  4. @jenniferxxx: He’s considered one of the top tight ends in the league and he’s getting paid Top 5 money.It’s a fair deal. Plus, the Jags have among the most cap room in the league, so they’re not spending money freely either. Wanna try that again?

  5. Marcedes Lewis is definitely one of the best all-around tight ends in the NFL. Not just catching the football. He’s also an outstanding blocker.

  6. Meecha: I agree w/ your assessment of Lewis but it was a familiar dynamic–took him years to get here and after his breakout season, we pay him phat like Garrard & MJD after the playoff run. Haven’t been back since. I’d like to have seen them make Lewis have back-t0-back superstar seasons before making him a superstar offer. He could have made a fortune this year and if he was doing well again, inked a deal halfway through the year.

  7. Like this move. I always thought this guy would be great. Surprised it took so long for him to truly breakout, but I think he is here to stay.

  8. Johnny, Marcedes Lewis had a good season in 2009 as well. He had the highest ypc in the league with a significant amount of catches. He was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2009 as well. The only difference from 2009 and 2010 is the fact that he became a red zone target as opposed to Maurice Jones-Drew.

  9. Havent you constantly repeated over and over and over again everytime someone has brought up teams needing to do make moves bc they have to much salary cap space left that the biggest misconception about the cba is that teams have to spend 99% of of their salary cap this season? That in reality it doesnt take effect this season and teams can spend as littles as they want this year?

    So why would you say the Jaguars could have extended Lewis and front loaded his deal to take up remaining cap space when you clearly have tooken it upon yourself to tell every1 else when they make a suggestion like that that they are wrong and it doesnt need to be done?

    Seems like just another person being to buzy pointing out the specks in other peoples eyes instead taking care of the branch in theirs.

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