Jets, Ravens or Titans? Derrick Mason will pick this weekend


Free agent wide receiver Derrick Mason is weighing offers from the Jets, Ravens and Titans and will choose his next team this weekend.

“I can go to places where they can win immediately,” Mason said, per Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “I have some options and I’ll make a decision based on what is good for my family and my career. I will make a decision quickly because I want to be in somebody’s camp soon. I’ll make one within the next 48 hours.”

Mason was cut by Baltimore shortly after the lockout ended, but the Ravens always said they’d be interested in having him back at a reduced salary. He visited the Jets this week and was reportedly close to signing. He started his career with the Titans.

The 37-year-old Mason started 15 games and caught 61 passes for 802 yards and seven touchdowns last season.

45 responses to “Jets, Ravens or Titans? Derrick Mason will pick this weekend

  1. no matter where he picks to play he’ll still be one of my favorite players in the nfl.

  2. I would bet anything Philly takes him at the last second. Either that or Denver, he would be a monster there.

  3. If he goes to Tennessee, he’s decided that a title is not worth it. If he goes to the Jets, it’s because Rex likes his in-grown toenails. If he goes to the Ravens, it’s because Ray Ray threatened to kill him otherwise.

  4. “I can go to places where they can win immediately” sounds like he’s thinking the Jets or Ravens rather than the Titans or Browns (who ESPN reports are also pursuing him). If I were Mason, I’d sign a two-year deal with the Titans (if they offer the most), move from 2nd to 1st on the Titans/Oilers’ career receiving record list (to complement the same career record which he holds for the Ravens) and pad those Hall of Fame numbers with a shot at a Super Bowl in two years.

  5. He will stay in Baltimore. He doesn’t want to be the number 3 receiver with Sanchez throwing to him.

  6. I don’t know if mason is going in the HOF. He’s had a great career, there are so man receivers ahead of him that are still waiting their turn. If he does go in it’ll be a while.

  7. My guess is he re-signs with the Ravens where he has still been productive even though he is 37. Why would he go somewhere else and try to learn a new system in this stage of his career???

  8. Derrick, your one of the most respected and classiest players in the league. Going to the Jets makes you look line one of them.

    Go to Baltimore to win a superbowl, or go back to Tennessee to finish your career where you started at. Just don’t pick the Jets.

  9. You know, I love when players like this play forever, get up there in all time stats and you never hear and beef about them EVER! This is the real class as opposed to what people make themselves believe Fitzgerald and H Ward are.

  10. The smart move is to stay with the Ravens. they have the best chance of the three teams. Though he would probably have the biggest role on the jets as he would be their most productive WR from last season.

    Isn’t it sad that Hype not production gets Holmes ten mil a year while a guy who out produced him and while he is nowhere near as fast as Holmes is not Mason is a better route runner, has better hands, is a better blocker, and most likely will once again out produce Holmes no matter what team he goes to but especially if he goes to the Jets as I think most people who don’t get caught up in hype agree that Plax is going to be nothing more than a redzone threat, if that.

    I really hope Mason does go to the Ravens. I don’t hate the Jets at all but i do not get not resigning your most productive Wr i guess because he has off the field issues when you resigned a less productive player who if he gets caught with the ganja one more time he is out for a season. And Edwards would have come a lot cheaper as well. And people talk about Eagles Hype atleast they didn’t over pay for anyone.

  11. Come on, dude’s a hundred years old. Had a good run, but he was going to retire a couple of years ago. Hate to see players hang on for a paycheck.

  12. @ rukiddnme29 – “This is the real class…” – nice comment… and you’re talking about class.

    Go back to Dundalk and your trailer.

  13. From an emotional perspective, why would a player want to return to the team that cut him once they realized there were other teams that wanted him more? I think Edwards dissed the Jets – not over money – but that emotional issue of not being wanted ENOUGH. Surely the Jets would have paid more than what the 49ers paid – with zero guaranteed $$ and in fact no money at all if he gets cut before the season starts. That’s just an insult.

  14. ikedavisnose says: Aug 5, 2011 11:16 PM

    Does someone wanna explain why everyone hates the Jets. P.S. This is coming from a Jets fan

    (1) They’re good.

    (2) It’s New York.

  15. Back when I began rooting for the Jets in 1989, no one hated them. That stayed the case through the mid-90s. Why? Because they sucked. What you’re seeing is an important life lesson: no one hates anybody whom they perceive as beneath them.

    The hate comes when you start winning, whether it’s in sports or life itself.

  16. And really, the more people hate the Jets, the more relevant they become. So don’t worry about that. Instead, ENJOY IT. It’s a reflection of the team’s success and the resultant bitterness of rival fans.

    Start worrying when people stop talking about them.

  17. @ikedavisnose

    People hate the jets because they talk soooo much. They predict the superbowl every year now and guess what? its not happening. Their defense is great but their offense sucks and will suck for a few years. Sanchez could be decent eventually but not good enough to win the superbowl yet

  18. Man the Ravens Blow,,,One good reciever and he hasn’t done a whole lot since going to the Ravens. Malcolm Floyd said the hell with that, back to San diego,,,

  19. Chowface…..he said he wants to go to a contender, why the hell would he even consider Denver? That’s my team and I know there is only the most remote of chances the Broncos get even a wildcard spot. Unless the Jets make a significantly better offer I’m betting he stays in Baltimore.

  20. For those saying the Ravens have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl, the Jets have made it farther the past 2 years, so who really has the best chance to win it all?

  21. @ikedavisnose

    I don’t hate the Jets. I just think their coach is a baffoon, he’s constantly running his mouth. It gets old. One year was funny…two was tiresome…three was sort of … just go coach a bit more and talk a lot less, Rex.

  22. Mas, go to NY baby.

    Baltimore SUCKS. City sucks, crooks run the streets. Oh and the Ravens haven’t won in 10 years going on 40.

    Tennessee, doesn’t suck as much as Baltimore.

    NY / NJ has it all baby. Jets are instituting a winning franchise. Rex is the captain. You know you want to be part of something special.

  23. Why in the world would Mason want to play for that perenial losing organization?? If he wants to be a Super Bowl champ he sjould look to Pittsburgh, Philly or Atl!!

    Jets fans and their like wish they had the history that the Dolphins have. Try this on for size fool: 5 Super Bowl appeareances…3 back to back to back…2 Super Bowl victories back to back ohhh and throw in a perfect season. In fact they only lost 5 games in 3 years from 71-73. Before you talk about easy schedule…they beat everybody for 3 years straight. They were 37-5 in 3 years. They beat great Steelers teams, Raiders and Chiefs. Unmatched by any team in NFL history. 22 playoff appearances, 13 division titles and the 2nd winningest team since the NFL creation of 1970 with 399-271 with a winning % of .595.
    The Joke Jest have won NO Super Bowls since the NFL was created. Have won the division 2 times have not appeared in ANY Super Bowls and have finished above .500 only 13 times since 1970 merger. That’s 28 losing seasons out of 41.They have one of the worst winning % ever with a record of 292-360 for a measly .448 winning %.
    I know th Dolphins are in a rough patch right now. I also have never said the Dolphins were the best and were going to win it all as the sad and sorry Jest fans do. You and your loser coach need to learn some humility.
    So yes my SAD Jest fan go hide back under that rock. When you get a REAL NFL team then tell us how wonderful you are.

  24. Wow, I’m just surprised the Dolphins have any fans left, seeing as how whenever I watch the Jets play at Miami, it sounds like a Jets home game.

  25. NY Jets – #3 receiver
    Baltimore – #2 receiver

    Familiar with the Ravens offense
    Familiar with fat Rex’s gut

    …Mason is going Baltimore

  26. kmurph1226 says:
    Aug 5, 2011 9:23 PM
    Derrick, your one of the most respected and classiest players in the league. Going to the Jets makes you look line one of them.

    Go to Baltimore to win a superbowl, or go back to Tennessee to finish your career where you started at. Just don’t pick the Jets.

    You sound scared, stankmuff1226.

  27. rectumnearlykilledem says:
    Aug 5, 2011 8:48 PM
    I’m sure he’ll pick the Jets. Who wouldn’t want a chance to be part of a Super Bowl Three-Peat? Wait…Rex was wrong about the past couple of seasons?

    Another scared Pats fan, eh patsfanloveitintherectum.

  28. skylark70455 says:
    Aug 5, 2011 8:37 PM
    Mason will go to Ravens or Titans…. Jets are done, 3rd place team at BEST this season.

    In Bizarro World maybe.

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