LaMarr Woodley announces a new long-term deal

As of Thursday, the Pittsburgh Steelers needed to clear more than $8 million in cap space in order to comply with the salary cap.  Part of that process apparently was to reduce the eight-figure franchise-tag number for linebacker LaMarr Woodley by giving him a long-term deal.

Woodley has announced via Twitter and Facebook (but apparently not “MyFace”) that he will retire in Pittsburgh and that he’s a Steeler “for life.”

He disclosed no details of the deal.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has said that he’s willing to restructure his contract to help create cap space, a process that can be done without reducing compensation.

UPDATE:  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s a six-year, $61.5 million deal.  He’ll make $18.1 million in 2011 and $27 million over two years, making him the second highest-paid Steeler of all time, behind only Roethlisberger.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the move created $3.5 million in cap space, which means that they still need to cut more than $4.5 million by 4:00 p.m. ET today.

17 responses to “LaMarr Woodley announces a new long-term deal

  1. He’s worth every penny. The guy is a beast and wants to do nothing but get better everyday. Now we need to get Timmons, and Polamalu’s deals done.

  2. What’s happening is clear…….all the teams above the cap will miraculously get under today…..they all had deals in place to restructure contracts which they can do without losing any practice time now the new yr has started. If they had signed Woodley last week, he wouldn’t have been able to practice until today IR late yesterday. Samething will happen in adallas with Romo and Ware announcing they’ve restructured their deals

  3. Just another loud mouth, overpaid, scumbag from Pittsburgh.. From the bottom of my heart, hope u get hit by a bus LaMarrrrrrrrrrr….

  4. Is that Joe Flacco crying in the corner with this announcement about Woodley?

    Woodley Steeler for Life = no Raven Playoff wins versus Steelers!

  5. @fb80
    you clearly know nothing about Lamarr. I’m sure your just saying that b/c he plays in the burgh, and we probably dominate your team. your obviously a POS and i hope nothing but horrible things happen in your life for wishing that upon someone, especially a really good dude.

  6. Excellent move by the Steelers. They take care of their important players, always have.

    And to fb80, you said “From the bottom of my heart, hope u get hit by a bus LaMarrrrrrrrrrr….”??? If you really feel that way about a football player that you absolutely cannot know anything about personally because he got a new contract, then you are one pathetic sick puppy. Get a life.


  7. Dude is a beast and he deserves every penny and thats coming from a dieahard ravens fan. Flacco just craped in his pants. lol But one thing I got say is with or without big ben, Flacco did put up nice game winning drive in Pittsburgh last year and that had nothing to do with an opposing QB. Flacco is not great, but he is not scared of the steelers and he proved that whether it was in the playoff’s or not. Steelers fans and Ravens fans always take shots at each other i.e. “Rapist this” and “Murder that” but im one Ravens fan that respects that organization and realizes how similar these two teams are.Week 1 hurry up!!!!!!!! GO Ravens!!!!

  8. I’ve given up trying to understand the salary cap. He’s making 18.1 million this year and that HELPS them get under the cap?

  9. @packerjer
    it doesnt really make sense to me but i do know that signing bonus money doesn’t count toward the cap, but it counts towards the contract, if that makes any sense.

  10. The Big Bad Wood is back. Way to make the right decision and come back to a great organization. There will be another superbowl win in your future. Be afraid, opposing qbs. Its almost Wood-chopping time. Congrats Woodley.

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