PFT Live: Broncos G.M. Brian Xanders, Raiders talk with Paul Gutierrez

The week at PFT Live wraps up with another big decision maker from the NFL.

Florio welcomes Broncos G.M. Brian Xanders, who will talk about the decision to keep Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow’s latest comments.

We’ll also get to talk all things Raiders with Paul Gutierrez of

Watch the show live right here at noon.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Broncos G.M. Brian Xanders, Raiders talk with Paul Gutierrez

  1. If Tebow was upset that the job was being given to him and then taken away…just wait and see how bad he feels when they put him in the game and he loses the job that way…

  2. Yeah i don’t get it either. Orton’s shown he can be a starting QB, and Tebow had one long rushing touchdown and suddenly everyone’s in love. They guy was never considered an NFL prototype QB, and hard to change that in one year.

  3. @axespray: I am a staunch Bronco fan and cannot understand the cult of personality surrounding TRT. He is truly dreadful.

    Here are facts:

    Orton is a 60% completion guy with a 2:1 TD:INT ratio.
    Tebow is a 50% completion guy with a 1.25:1 TD: INT ratio.
    Orton has played in and won big games in the NFL against quality competition.
    Tebow’s best game was against an historically bad pass D in last year’s Texans.
    When they’re both healthy, Orton has outplayed Tebow in practice and on the field. Tebow’s biggest supporter (Josh McDaniels) recognized this and signed Orton to a big $$$ extension. Fox/Elway, etc. recognize that, as Orton has taken every training camp snap with the 1s.

    Tebow is dreadful. He is not a quality QB at this level.

    A hypothetical for Tebow fans: if Tebow were cut tomorrow, what team(s) would pick him up as their starter for this year? Name the teams. I cannot name a single team in the NFL wherein Tebow would represent an upgrade over their current QB situation. Not one, including Seattle or SF, which are both terrible…..

  4. I love when some dillhole comes on and starts comparing the stats of a year starter to a rookie who started three games like it’s an accurate and fair comparison. What a tool.

  5. People!! Tebow has played 3 games in his career!
    guy… @iplaybad is all up there trying to look smart posting stats about him and Orton.
    Orton has played 7 years…. Tebow has played 3 games.
    And Mr. Raider guy you want Tebow to start so you can “wreck” him??
    Yeah kinda like you “wrecked” him in his first NFL start ever??
    I recall a 40 yard TD pass, and a 40 yard TD throw…. If that’s what you call “wrecking” then that’s pretty sad.
    Listen people if you want to be like Merril Hoge and judge Tebow after he’s had 3 career starts then that’s your own problem.
    I’ll be over here on the other end thinking that Tebow has a TON of potential to be a great QB in this league.

  6. Many of you are quick to throw up stats on Orton, like his 60% completion rate and his 2:1 TD to INT ratio, but did you watch any or all the Broncos games the past two years?

    Sure he could throw the ball between the 20’s but never showed up when it counted in the fourth quarter and the game was on the line.

    His record as a NFL starter is 32-29. His winning percentage is on par with guys like Neil Lomax, Rodney Peete, Elvis Grbac and Wade Wilson. Not exactly legends behind center.

    Just saying that TT may or may not be the future of the Broncos, but Kyle will be gone next year and maybe it’s time to see what #15 can do. It’s not like 8-8 will excite Denver fans with #8 at the helm.

  7. @iplaybad:

    Here are the real facts:
    Orton – 58.8 comp%, 20-9 td/int,7.3yd/pass,1 fum
    87.5 qb rating; 98yd ru, 4.5 avg, 0 td, 3 fm
    3-10 record
    Tebow – 50 comp%, 5-3 td/int, 0 fum, 7.9 yd/pass
    82.2 qb rating; 227yd ru, 6 td, 1 fum,
    5.3 yd avg, 1-2 record

    An HONEST evaluation of the numbers reveals a very similar performance… except that orton completes more passes but is about as mobile as drew bledsoe. Except that it is probably not fair to compare Tebows 3 games vs Ortons 13 because 3 games doesn’t tell what he’ll be like 7 years from now. Which is the whole point of this debate. Of course Orton better than Tebow right now but Orton is not going to get any better. Tebow could get worse or he could be great. Let’s find outs– Start Tebow!

  8. A few questions for those who post disparate stats and don’t see the truth.

    1. How is 58.8% similar to 50%?

    2. Which team, aside from the Broncos, would consider starting a QB who only completes 50% of his passes?

    3. Why is it the job of the Broncos to “find outs” (sic) when it comes to the starting QB of their multi-million dollar franchise?

    4. Why did McDaniels keep Orton as the starter and insist on him getting an extension?

    5. Why have Fox and Elway elected to have Orton run 100% of training camp with the 1s and Tebow is SPLITTING TIME with Brady freaking Quinn of all people with the 2s?

    Here are the facts that you still ignore…

    EVERYONE who knows about football (not a dumb ass fan) puts Tebow on the bench. He’s not better than Orton. He’s not going to be better than Orton.

    Have you ever asked yourself why that is the case? Maybe it’s because Tebow is not good enough to play at this level.

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