Steelers players will appear in Batman film

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Several weeks ago, a casting call emerged for football players to serve as extras in the new Batman movie, which is being filmed in Pittsburgh.

For 13 of the actors, their range won’t be tested very much.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and approximately 12 other Steelers will head from Latrobe to Heinz Field on Saturday morning for filming.  They’ll then return to St. Vincent College for a real practice.

Thomas Tull, a Steelers minority owner, serves as executive producer for The Dark Knight Rises.  Tull and Roethlisberger reportedly have become friends.

“I’m kind of getting everybody together,” Roethlisberger told Bouchette.  “I heard it’s going to be a neat thing at the stadium.  I don’t think it will be a big part, it’s not like we’re chasing Batman down or anything.  It’s something neat that in 10 years or 20 years we can tell our kids we were in a movie.  Thomas does movies big and I’m sure it will be a big-time movie and something fun to be part of.”

Other Steelers players who’ll participate include Hines Ward, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, Troy Polamalu, James Farrior, and Casey Hampton.  They’ll be wearing the uniform of the Gotham football team.

It would be fitting if a few of them end up being fined by Commissioner Gordon.

UPDATE:  WPXI has posted overhead footage of Heinz Field, where the playing surface reveals the name and logo of the “Gotham Rogues.”  (Webster defines “rogue” as a “dishonest or worthless person.”  Ravens fans, have at it.)  At one end of the field, a large area of the turf appears to be torn up, an illusion that looks to have been created by the placement of a second layer above the main field.  Maybe the scenes shot there will include a reenactment of the incredible non-bouncing ball.

60 responses to “Steelers players will appear in Batman film

  1. Holy Concussion Batman! Watch out behind you Caped Crusader!! James Harrison is loading up for an illegal helmet to helmet smack down!

  2. Nice to see the boys are focused on football and the upcoming season, after getting owned in the superbowl.

  3. whackman says:
    Aug 5, 2011 11:37 PM
    chowface86 … get over it and move on…

    Ben’s married…
    Likely a shotgun wedding he went along with to avoid charges.

  4. In the movie Batman should bust in a bathroom, find rothlesburger and beat his ass.. They would get an oscar for best comedic moment if that happened.

  5. It’ll be nice seeing Batman tackle real life criminals like those who play in Pittsburgh for a change instead of the more outlandish comic book villains he has to face. If only Batman could have shown up and stopped Big Ben from attacking two women, stopped Hines Ward from drunk driving and putting everyones lives in danger, stopped James Harrison from beating on his girlfriends face and breaking her door in and breaking her cellphone, stopped Jeff Reed from attacking a towel dispenser in a Sheetz, resisting arrest, simple assault, and public drunkenness, stopped their mascot from drunk driving. Am I missing anyone from the last 3 or so years?

  6. whackman says: Aug 5, 2011 11:37 PM

    chowface86 … get over it and move on…

    Ben’s married…


    Once a rapist, always a rapist.

  7. Well, obviously the only Batman movie I will never watch…bad enough it’s filmed in Sh|ttsburgh, but to let those egomaniacs have even a bit part is enough to make me puke.

  8. “steelcity09 says:
    Aug 5, 2011 11:29 PM
    Nice to see the boys are focused on football and the upcoming season, after getting owned in the superbowl.”

    Right, like they can’t do ANYTHING else in their free time but practice.

  9. chowface86 says: Aug 5, 2011 11:21 PM

    Big Ben will also have a guest role in the next Jersey Shore as the local rapist.

    Even rapists have standards.

  10. It would be fitting if a few of them end up being fined by Commissioner Gordon.
    ^^ lmao

  11. What a bunch of loser comments to this article. I guess when you follow a crappy team you amuse yourself by taking shots at a superior team. I sure all the Steelers fans feel terrible when you take shots at Harrison, Ward, Rothlisberger and the team generally. Ya, they feel terrible until the season starts, and the Steelers are back in the playoffs every year.

  12. sassycat11teen says: Aug 5, 2011 11:50 PM

    “Yeah just tell the girl he raped to get over it”

    You mean the girl with the DTF tag walking around telling anyone in the bar who cared to know that night that it stood for “Down to F$#K”?

    Yea she was raped alright and the evidence was so convincing that charges were never even filed.

    Gotta admit “Rape Crusader” is pretty funny though. 😉

  13. whackman says: Aug 5, 2011 11:37 PM

    chowface86 … get over it and move on…

    Ben’s married…
    Who knew that married men don’t rape people???
    I don’t think he’s a rapist, but that’s a spurious defense for him.

  14. It’s irrelevant, the Steelers are one of the best teams every other year and one of the worst every other year. They made the super bowl last year, so you do the math.

  15. @kingtrkr yes they are filming in the sewer didn’t you see that they were filming at heinz field, that crap stadium has caused more injuries because of the crappy turf than any other stadium. Of course when you have to pay to try and cover your teams a$$e$all the time you can’t afford to get with the times.

  16. Smack talk aside, this is a simple lip service favor for one of the people who are helping pay for the film.

    Don’t be surprised if, when all the filming is done, they get back to Hollywood and the footage with the players ends up on the editing room floor. Thomas Tull will ask what happened, and he will be told that it “interrupted the films continuity”, which will be a nice way of saying “The movie is about Batman, not Pittsburgh.”

    This outcome would happen regardless of the city or the team involved.

  17. “Gotham Rogues.” ……. could anything be more appropriate for this band of criminals who are sullying the proud heritage of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

  18. inb4 some steeler fan says that Tony Romo is not focused on football because he had a 30 second photo op with Pee Wee Herman after practice yesterday.

  19. Can you imagine watching the Steelers on the big screen and with every hit its WHAMMO! KAPOW! KER PLOP! BIFF!! SPLATT! …all illegal hits of course!

    Oh….and ten bucks says that “Twinkle Toes” Ward asks for the lead in the dance scene.

  20. “It would be fitting if a few of them end up being fined by Commissioner Gordon.”


  21. Well…….hopefully they can CGI that ugly stadium and make it look like a real stadium!…..and if they have any crowd shoots..they will also have to use CGI to make all the girls and woman look normal….look thinner, add teeth, etc!….might have been cheaper to go somewhere else!

  22. Given what Ben has done and still has a huge following there, Pittsburgh is indeed looking a lot like Gotham City these days.

    Is it true Casey Anthony’s lawyers suggested she hide out in Pittsburgh because it was a proven haven for criminals???

  23. @sassycat11teen …

    The medical evidence shows no rape occurred in Georgia, and the Nevada woman texted after their one-night stand that she couldn’t wait to see him again.

    But it’s great that one PFT commenter on this subject actually admits being a junior high kid.

  24. @CKL …

    The fact that you don’t believe he’s a rapist should outweigh your outrage over a poorly worded defense. As a woman, I’d think you would be more outraged that the site keeps allowing all these rape jokes. Maybe if they had some firsthand experience they’d block the degrading comments instead of the factual ones.

  25. @Wes4Football

    “One of the worst teams every other year”

    What the hell are you talking about? The Steelers haven’t had a losing season in 8 years.

  26. I’m not outraged by his defense one bit. I just think that making a silly/strawman comment like that doesn’t help make someone credible.

    I don’t have your experience and I am very sorry you did have that experience so perhaps that’s why that part is just more dumb smack talk I just put all in the same category.

    Maybe it’s similar to the fact that I have a special loathing for drunk drivers because a drunk without a license or a job or insurance ran a stop sign and totaled my car and I had to pay for all of it and I was lucky I wasn’t severely hurt. The “prosecutor” plea bargained all charges away though she was a many time loser on OUI and I was not even allowed to present my side. It’s more personal to me so I get more emotional. People say things when players drive drunk like “oh no biggie, everyone does it, etc.” and I see red. Your situation was a billion times worse, so I can understand your feelings.

  27. @CKL …

    Wish I could detach myself from it, but women making false allegations and these guys playing like it’s real make me ill. Used to believe there was no such thing as a false allegation because no woman would make that up. My brother practically had to hit me in the head with real evidence from his cases before I realized false allegations do happen … regularly. Sure, it’s easy for them to sit in court and tell these stories; it’s not traumatic to relate fictional stories. And it’s ridiculous that you can’t even read about a Batman film without having to wade through all that garbage. It’s like there are 10 serious football fans posting here and 10,000 12-year-olds. Wish they’d go back to scribbling with chalk on sidewalks where they belong.

    Thank God you weren’t hurt. Can only imagine how frustrating it must have been to have your case handled that way. My brother’s had cases where the prosecutor brought him a plea deal without ever talking to the victim. It’s not supposed to work like that. The prosecutor is supposed to be your voice in the courtroom. It is a big deal, and I could throttle Hines. But I see a difference between a one-time idiot and chronic offenders. One-time idiots should get their licenses suspended even if they don’t hit anyone. Chronic offenders should lose their licenses and go to jail even if they don’t hit anyone. If you hit someone, you should get an automatic go-to-jail card.

  28. Deb says: Aug 6, 2011 1:47 PM

    @sassycat11teen …

    The medical evidence shows no rape occurred in Georgia, and the Nevada woman texted after their one-night stand that she couldn’t wait to see him again.

    But it’s great that one PFT commenter on this subject actually admits being a junior high kid.


    You really should stop misstating this if your interest is in accuracy.

    The medical evidence does not show “no rape occurred”. There was just not enough evidence to show a rape did occur beyond a reasonable doubt. There’s a difference.

    And in Nevada you are jumping to conclusions assuming the texts mentioned are the last word. Give the lady’s attorney a chance to scrutinize this yet to be substantiated evidence from biased sources before you pronounce the case closed please.

    As I say, whatever mistakes Ben has made are in the past and if he proceeds on with better behavior, I’m glad of that.

    But acting like it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that nothing happened is simply denial and exceedingly unfair to the accusers for what seems the sake of nothing more than being a homer.

    Let’s just say that Ben has done some stupid things. But his stupidest was probably going out and being a party animal in Georgia after he was already behind the 8 ball in Nevada, whether he did anything or not.

    Right or wrong, he is labeled forever by many.

  29. @gimmeabruschi …

    I’m not a homer when it comes to rape. When it comes to rape, I’m a person who was victimized. My bias is always with the accuser, as it was when I heard the Nevada accusation. The first thing I did was download her complaint, containing her detailed account of the incident, which I don’t think is still available online. Then I meticulously went through every official document presented and went over it with my brother, a successful criminal defense attorney. He’s worked on many of these cases, from both perspectives. And I’ve dealt with many victims, with trauma therapists, and other professionals in the field. I’ve also covered trials and written for medical research organizations. Never, in either case, did I rely on media reports for information.

    Andrea McNulty’s personal story is quite complex, but there are time-stamped text messages from her to another individual sent within two days of the event stating that she couldn’t wait to see Ben again. There are time-stamped messages sent that night after the alleged assault to her “boyfriend” telling him he looks like Ben. She waited a year to file the suit for $3 million, after she was heavily in debt. She never filed any police complaint. I’m not going to take the time to go into the ethical breaches by her attorney in trying to use this situation to set up Harrah’s Casino–which has much deeper pockets than Ben. But the text messages alone are conclusive that their sexual encounter was consensual. And there are many, many other issue with her story.

    Rather than thinking “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” if you accept that the evidence in Nevada exonerates Ben–and it does–then it’s ridiculous to think a man innocent of one alleged assault would go out and commit another while that one is pending. Again, I have read all the official files in this case–and have done a tremendous amount of research on those medical results. Those results were conclusive. So was the fact that her friend was ragging him about Nevada, was ejected from the party, then instigated the accusation. And she made up the story about the bodyguard, which was refuted by the other witnesses and the accuser’s own statement. This really isn’t a difficult case to follow.

    It doesn’t matter if anyone believes me, but I also have a close friend who was an intricate member of the investigation. As a result of that, I rest easy knowing the authorities do not believe a sexual assault occurred and did not believe the women were credible.

    You are right that Ben’s behavior was beyond idiotic, and I resent more than you know him putting Steelers fans in the position of having to deal with this nonsense. I hope he matures into a better man, but you’re right, he’ll carry the label forever. And stupid as he is, he doesn’t deserve that. I just hope karma catches up to the women.

  30. Well, at least Christian Bale won’t have another hissy fit when someone messes around on the set. If he knows what’s good for him, that is.

  31. @sassycat11teen…

    feel free to talk about our football team but dont make it about our city. whatever hole in the wall town you live in. Doubt youve ever been here and that warrants you ignorant. And if you think we dont deserve to get repped in a “sweet movie” you should contact the directors of the 138 films that have been shot here in the past 50 years… not all of us see the world through black and gold glasses therefore dont judge us if you lack the experience or credible opinion. haters are lame and you, my sassycat nemesis, happen to be a hater…

  32. Well we know what kind of a criminal Raplisberger will be, wonder what the other guys will play?

  33. @crossberger: dude or dudette or bidudeley: Steelers went to the SB and lost in what #7 has fooled everyone into believing was his primary skill set- The 2 minute drill– did you not see roethlisberger overthow, underthrow, REFUSE to through to open Player Hines Ward? did you not know roethlisber has two SB rings for contributing only 6 POINTS? Jeff Reed contributed more points to the Steelers…. for his 1 st SB ring roethlisberger did his utmost brilliant best to HELP SEAHAWKS and failed the steelers….steelers are the toys of Goddess Nike and she has set them aside for better ones.
    Steelers lose.

  34. Crap, laughed so hard I just spit out a mouthful of Dalwhinnie.

    Pure comic gold here.

    Pure gold.

    I’m not a homer when it comes to rape. When it comes to rape, I’m a person who was victimized. My bias is always with the accuser, as it was when I heard the Nevada accusation

  35. Yes, the rape victim should get over it because Ben hired some woman to pretend to marry him.

    After all, that pretty much excuses past rapes AND preculdes future rapes.

    Steeler IQ

    whackman says:
    Aug 5, 2011 11:37 PM
    chowface86 … get over it and move on…

    Ben’s married…

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