With cap deadline here, Steelers complete restructurings


The Steelers, as of Thursday, needed to trim more than $8.5 million in cap space before 4:00 p.m. ET Friday.  They carved off a chunk of that amount by extending the contract linebacker LaMarr Woodley, whose one-year franchise tag was eating up more than $10 million.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, and as expected, the Steelers have further reduced the number by restructuring the contract of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  It was, we’re told, a simply restructuring that was accomplished by the conversion of salary into a signing bonus that was spread over the five remaining years of the deal.

It’s also believed, but not confirmed, that the Steelers restructured the contracts of linebacker James Harrison, tight end Heath Miller, and defensive end Brett Keisel.

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  1. It actually had been reported that all of those contracts were restructured last week and Kevin Colbert confirmed they were actually under the cap in an interview yesterday. Nice reporting though…

  2. “They need some breathing room”, according to Big Ben, “Ima go out and get my nose restructured for the same reason.”.

  3. You can’t restructure the psyche of a QB who sexually assaults women, or a moron RB who believes in conspiracy theories relating to 9/11, or a drunk driving WR with an attitude problem. I have never understood why Steelers fans insist thier team is the class of the leaugue.

  4. drgfri

    when i was in the marine corps people in my platoon got dui’s, assault charges, some even attempted suicide, one marine died on his motorcycle and there were also domestic disturbances. i guess you think the USMC is trash too then..

    or its called life and people make mistakes because no one is perfect…a small percentage of people do not make up the whole you ignorant tiny man

  5. Leave it to some folks out there to brng up sexual assaults, dui’s, twitter posts. NEWS FLASH…..we know, they know, it’s been dealt with (so we’ve read), and it’s OLD NEWS. Just like Ray Lewis and his murderous past…..old news. Donte Stallworth killing a pedestrian in Miami while intoxicated…….TRAGIC yes, but old news.
    I’m pretty sure there’s more out there, but again…….old news.

    Let’s all move forward, and root for our teams to have a damn good season. Football is back, and to me, that’s not old news.

    “Go Steelers!”

  6. @hobartbaker

    Why don’t you guys just give personally bashing Steelers a rest. It’s mostly not true, not relevant and definately not funny – all of which are documented by reader reactions.
    I suspect you just can’t find real reasons to hate a team that has been to the AFC championship game 5 of last 10 years and the Super Bowl 3 of the last 6 years – winning 2 of them. GET A LIFE!

  7. Is it just me or does Ben look like he’s flipping the bird to the camera in that pic?

  8. kurrmudgeon says: Aug 5, 2011 1:28 PM

    In the case of the Steelers i can see where their money goes. Teams like Oakland and Detroit leave me scratching my head.

    It has a lot to do with this guy named Matt Millen. I heard he drafted 8 wide receivers in a row.

  9. Is it just me…or is this very UNSteeler-like. I remember the Steelers leeting guys go instead of giving big contracts…emphasizing system over the players…never getting into “cap hell.” The thing about these re-structurings, is that ultimately you have to pay the piper, they come home to roost and [add your own cliche here] – just ask the Titans and my Ravens.

    Needless to say, this constitutes wishful thinking on my part…but in any event, it does seem to be a different way of doing business for the Steelers. Am I wrong about that???

  10. Mr4thand1,

    While I completely agree with you, I can understand why these issues continue to appear on message boards. One Steelers fan brings up Ray Lewis the murderer, then a Ravens fan has to counter with rape allegations, then someone brings up Spygate, then someone brings up steroids from the 70’s, then we hear about salary cap violations, or artifical crowd noise, or coaches pulling down their pants, etc…. None of it really matters now, and nobody has a perfect team. So talking smack about any of these issues, will be met with the mention of another. It is a never ending cycle.

  11. All this says is those in the media that are providing cap numbers, don’t have the facts.

    The Steelers are a good example. As last as yesterday some media were still reporting they were over the cap. As it turns out they weren’t.

    How many of these other cap numbers are incorrect? Whether they are over or not is not important.

    What’s important is CORRECT numbers, what ever they may be.

  12. henrykissingerisgod,

    Way to TRY and compare the Steelers to the USMC. drgfri never said that the Steelers were trash, he simply pointed out how the Steelers FANS love to turn a blind eye (or make excuses for, like you are) to the fact that their team has a bunch of criminals and crazy’s when they act like they are the class of the league. This is no different than any other team. It’s the hypocritical attitude of the Pittsburgh fans that gets me laughing!!!

  13. @romo…

    You’re right…you got us figured out. We have a different set of special standards for anyone wearing black and gold. Nitwit.

  14. damn your censors are HARD today!!!!
    Let’s try this AGAIN……

    my friend asked me the other day, why are the squealers that much over cap?!?

    Couldn’t help myself when I said:

    “Ben raped them”

  15. For those of you stating that the cap reports have been incorrect they have not. The Steelers front office kept the restructed cap numbers under wraps until today so that all of the restructed players could practice. Had this not been done any of the restructed players could not have participated until yesterday.

  16. romosexualtendencies says: Steelers FANS love to turn a blind eye (or make excuses for, like you are) to the fact that their team has a bunch of criminals and crazy’s…It’s the hypocritical attitude of the Pittsburgh fans that gets me laughing!!!

    Almost all fans make excuses for their team and turn a blind eye to the player’s bad behavior. We acknowledge it, but if we’re going to be completely honest, I think fans want those players on their team if it gives them a chance to win. In the past month or so, Buffalo, Cincy, Indy, Pittsburgh, Philly and Green Bay have all had players arrested. Are those fans supposed to say their team is trash and demand that those players are kicked off the team?

    We can’t control who is and isn’t on our respective teams. We also can’t control that in any given year, some teams seem to have more player problems than others. We’re just fans.

  17. tombradyswig says:
    Aug 5, 2011 3:04 PM
    damn your censors are HARD today!!!!
    Let’s try this AGAIN……

    my friend asked me the other day, why are the squealers that much over cap?!?

    Couldn’t help myself when I said:

    “Ben raped them”


    you got censored for being lame

  18. So I asked a serious question, and instead of all you typical steelers fans giving me a thumbs down because you don’t want to face reality…can anyone put aside the smack & answer the question: does this represent a new way of doing business in Pittsburgh? Restructuring and signing mega-deals…or was the past reputation of not signing big deals, letting players go & plugging in the next guy & making it happen more hype than reality??? I’m sincerely curious about this – not trying to stir things up (like usual :))

  19. There’s nothing new here. The Steelers have a rich tradition of keeping quality players…showing troublemakers the door. With a few exceptions, the Steelers try to maintain a “it’s pretty much the same team as last year” policy…with a couple new rookies sprinkled in…maybe some FAs. Restructuring to get under the cap? There’s nothing new here.

  20. mswravens, the reason why we restructured the contracts recently was to get under the salary cap and keep some of our players. They wanted to keep Woodley, so that’s why he got a big deal now. Ben restructured to help us with the cap. High profile players always make out better, but in order to keep them on the team, I guess the team has decided to throw more money at them rather than see them leave. Although they don’t have a problem letting them go if they think they’re past their prime.

  21. @mswravens …

    I’m not seeing a different approach from the Steelers. You may have seen the report that Dan Rooney is the least wealthy among the NFL owners. When free agency began and the Steelers were still at Three Rivers, he didn’t even have the revenue from sky boxes that could be used to generate cash for signing bonuses. So the Steelers couldn’t compete when Paul Allen flew Chad Brown to Seattle on his private plane and wrote a multi-million check on the spot as a signing bonus. Heinz Field has given him a little more to operate with, and allowed the Steelers to be more competitive in paying players.

    But the Steelers still focus on building through the draft and paying their own guys to stay rather than buying talent from outside. And they still won’t pay big money to wideouts because of how infrequently they touch the ball. Hines got a good contract because he was a multi-purpose receiver who also blocks. But we’d never have kept Santonio if he’d still been with us this year because we wouldn’t have paid his asking price. We just move on to the next WR. The money goes to people at key positions–like Woodley, who’ll be the future linchpin of that linebacking corps–and the rest of the holes are filled with budget signings or draft picks.

  22. ..the Steelers have further reduced the number by restructuring the contract of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

    Converting salary to SB is playing with fire. If the Steelers do too much of it, they will get burned eventually. It’s just like a credit card.

  23. Thanks for the replies! I get it…results speak for themselves. I thought this represented a different way of doing business, but I was mistaken…if they do get into cap trouble & have to cut quality players, though, I do think that will be something new for the organization. they’ve at least done a good job “covering” that up if they did it in the past.

    Anyway, thanks for the serious replies…and can’t wait for Sept 11 – although I think Ozzie has royally blown it this offseason, and don’t expect great things from my squad this year!

  24. Steelers fans get what they deserve on this website. When they finally wise up and get rid of the alleged rapist, I predict things will change for the better.

  25. @mswravens …

    If you guys struggle, I don’t think it will be because of Ozzie’s moves. It will be because of the move to sacrifice Zorn in favor of Cameron. Zorn had Flacco’s numbers up across the board, and your QB was very happy with him. The Cameron forces Zorn out and demands that Flacco be under his thumb. Just sounds like a bad, bad situation from a guy who ran the Dolphins into the ground.

    I think Harbaugh is taking a big chance putting so much confidence in Cameron, and it will be a shame if it undermines Flacco. People lay too much of the blame on that kid when the Ravens don’t advance. In our game, he put balls right on the numbers with Boldin and Housh that were dropped by the hot-shot receivers. Yet, I never hear anyone calling out those guys. Ozzie’s proved over the years that he knows what he’s doing … Cameron, not so much.

  26. Correction: Restructuring Steelers? Absolutely, The Football beast says it is entirely probable Steelers have ZERO as in NO WINS in all 16 games this season and far into the future.

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