Dockett on Kolb: “It’s like night and day from last year”

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Kevin Kolb has a lot of pressure on him in Arizona, but he also has a low bar to leap over to be better than the 2010 Cardinals quarterbacks.

The former Eagle could be below average for a starting quarterback and that would be a huge upgrade for Arizona at the game’s most important position.

“It’s like night and day from last year. I don’t want to disrespect nobody, but I mean, he’s good,” Darnell Dockett said via Mike Sando of

John Skelton and Max Hall might take offense, but we don’t. Arizona’s quarterbacks combined to complete 50.8% of their passes last year, with 10 touchdowns and 19 picks.  Only the Panthers were close to as bad.

Kolb just needs to be decent and the team will improve.  Getting a big stamp of approval from a defensive leader can’t hurt.

“He’s the leader, goes out there and gets the job done,” Dockett said.

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  1. John Skelton could be a nice player but he could probably benefit from some clip board time

  2. For what they gave up for him in trade and contract, he needs to be better than “decent”. At $12 million + per season and costing a second round draft pick and a pro bowl corner on top of that, he needs to be a perennial All Pro and the Cardinals must win a Super Bowl with him. Anything less is bust city.

  3. Docket needs to worry about when the game starts before he comments. I guess he didn’t watch that green bay game that kolb stunk it up in

  4. Dude he was “captain checkdown” in one game in which the Skins had blanketed any deep routes pretty much at all. I was there, I saw the coverages that you didn’t see on TV.

    Kolb is a solid QB. He has very good accuracy, enough arm strength to get the job done and slighty above avg mobility. He, like ANY QB just needs some protection. He didn’t get that in Philly last year, otherwise we’d have been watching Kolb win games while Vick warmed the bench.

    What grounds do you have to say Feeley 2.0? Just cause they’re both pocket QBs from Philly? Kolb has his head on straight, Feeley didn’t have the balls to be a bigtime QB. He acted starstruck in the limelight and that’s why he stunk. Kolb isn’t like that, compare their interviews and it’s plain as day.

  5. When Larry Fitzgerald signs a long-term contract with the Cardinals… that’s when I’ll be a firm believer in Kolb.

    With that said, I think Kolb’s got what it takes to be one of the best (and Andy Reid obviously did too at one point), so I predict it’s going to be happy days in Arizona again.

  6. I love how the Kevin Kolb haters will be the first one to compare him to Feeley, but when someone says something good about him, they’ll also be the first to say he’s only had 6 starts. If he’s only had 6 starts NO ONE knows how good he is. Stop being polarized with this guy and let him play a season in the NFL.

    What I do know is when he actually had protection, against one of the best teams in the NFL last year he had a 79.3 completion and a 133.6 passer rating.

    Get this guy a O-LINE and I’ll bet on him.

  7. If he gets adequate protection he’s shown that he can be a successful passer. He does have some mobility, but like every Qb in the league, he gets skittish and a bit reckless with the football. What’s the state of the Cardinals line?

  8. um, Cassel and Sanchez has greatly improved their teams. Orton ehhh, not really good at all.
    If Kolb is Sanchez or Cassel, Arizona will win the west.

    The Cards did not give up that much for him. A 2nd round pick hits less than 20% of the time; Cromartie is very over-rated at CB and had little impact on the Cards team going forward.
    Jagoffs who think every player has to be a superstar to be successful, probably knows very little sports.

  9. Bluefan204 says:

    Everybody looks good in practice

    guess you haven’t seen any Redskins practices

  10. Kolb is not that good. He is 3-4 as a starter, has more interceptions than touchdown’s and is very shaky in the pocket. Wait till the regular season gets here and will really see how Kolb looks.

  11. alldayvikings says:
    Aug 6, 2011 10:28 AM
    I’m betting on kolb to fail. If he does then fitzgerald coming to the vikes.

    If Fitz goes to the vikes, i,m betting on him to fail

  12. 5 wins with no QB

    NFC-West winner last year had 7 wins
    Improved OL, TE, RB and #11

    Coaches kid, gym rat, already has control of the huddle should be good for at least 9 wins and the division.

    All you Eagles fans our haters because you know when not if Vick gets hurt you will be relying on Vince Young and not Kolb.

    Check down all you want just throw it up for #11 and he will make you a star !

  13. i liked kolb as an eagles fan last year. went out and bought his jersey. thought he was the qb of the future. i wish the guy luck, but he just doesn’t have that “it” factor. people can say ” if they put weapons around him” blah blah, yeah.. if you put weapons around most nfl quarterbacks they will succeed. theres a reason theyre in the nfl. but he will only be mediocre. week 10 in philly, it’s casey matthews turn

  14. notrelated says:
    Aug 6, 2011 10:07 AM

    What I do know is when he actually had protection, against one of the best teams in the NFL last year he had a 79.3 completion and a 133.6 passer rating.

    Get this guy a O-LINE and I’ll bet on him.

    Everyone has bad games but it seems to me if you tell this man he’s your starter and give him some protection, he can play some ball.

    When he comes in as a backup OR when the Packers are running through the O-line like it’s not even there, he’s not quite as successful.

    The bummer is that Vick looked to be losing his “perfection” as the season got towards the end. Started fumbling, taking off prematurely, and forced a game-losing pick against GB in the playoffs. I fear we may be soon wondering why we let Kolb go in Philly.

  15. soooo, is dockett swithcing to te? was he out cathching passes from kolb rr something? seems to me that his side of the ball was almost as bad last year as the offense. i’m not sayin, i’m just sayin…

  16. I really think Kolb is going to be damn good QB, and this is coming from a Cowboys fan. Kolb is a big time passer and he’ll show that this season.

  17. What was so bad about Skelton? That game he cameback in against the Cowboys, he looked pretty darn good. No one has ever said makes him is so terrible.

  18. People kill me saying all he needs is some protection and good players around him with the right system. ANY qb would thrive with all that. What can he do when the decks not stacked in his favor. We saw last year, he got knocked the F out. And a real qb that can make others better came in and promptly took the spot that should have never been GIVEN to him.

  19. rayvens says: Aug 6, 2011 9:44 AM

    Kevin Kolb = Sanchez, Cassel, and/or Orton- at best.

    Cassel threw 27 TD’s/7 Int’s and took his team to the playoffs last year tool.

    Maybe he can be like Joe Flacco and choke in every big game he ever plays.

  20. It’s nice to see a franchise that’s been down for so long (other than the playoffs in ’09) get some possible light at the tunnel’s end. I’ll be glad to see Arizona, Detroit, Tampa, Cleveland… some of the down-and-out franchises, that are slowly building competitive teams, prosper.

    And I give props to Dockett, for backing his new QB; Dockett’s a name on that D, and his support can only help Kolb get the team behind him.

  21. kolb is def not feeley…feeley didnt have back to back 300 yard games in his first 2 starts…feeley could throw the ball he was just too much gunslinger and would throw devastating picks

    kolb can play…if u only judge him by the green bay game or his first action in spot duty in bmore, youre not going to see the good…the guy can play, his main issue is he needs playing experience

  22. If #90 says he’s good, i would take that. DD tells it like it is.
    kolb makes the cardinals the clear favorites in the nfc west.
    He didnt have Fitzgerald and Heap and all in philly.
    Joe Montana would ck down with what he had in philly.
    The cards gave up a soft player in DRC that Horton didn’t even want anyways. Nobody is saying that because they liked him personally.

  23. OMG, thanks for reporting DDs comments, but do we need your editorial reality check? I mean the guy did practice against Kurt Warner too. So his frame of reference does go beyond last year.

  24. I don’t understand how ANYONE knows what kind of QB this guy is/will be enough to ARGUE so hardcore either for or against him. Yeah, he had a couple of good and bad games. So did Jeff Garcia as a backup, so who the hell knows. After a few practices, now all of a sudden the Cardinals are going to the playoffs? Maybe. Maybe not. Buy all of you look foolish arguing for a point that essentially is an unknown until at least half the season, maybe longer.

  25. Connorchew says:
    Aug 6, 2011 10:57 AM
    i liked kolb as an eagles fan last year. went out and bought his jersey. thought he was the qb of the future. i wish the guy luck, but he just doesn’t have that “it” factor. people can say ” if they put weapons around him” blah blah, yeah.. if you put weapons around most nfl quarterbacks they will succeed. theres a reason theyre in the nfl. but he will only be mediocre. week 10 in philly, it’s casey matthews turn
    ———————————————————————————–Casey Matthews? For real playa? I think you have about 100 more thing to be excited about than Casey. Plus if he’s starting by week 10 your vaunted D could be in trouble of getting the ball ran down their throats 40 times a game.

  26. bleedgreen80 says:
    Aug 6, 2011 9:34 AM
    wait til he turns into Capt Checkdown after gettin smacked in the mouth


    Yes, because he’ll definitely continue to check down in the future at all times. After all, everything’s the same in AZ. Same coaching, same offense, same players, same amount of starts, same prep time, same bench looking over his shoulder, same QB controversy, etc.

    Oh, wait. NONE OF THAT IS ACTUALLY TRUE. We don’t know what Kolb will do. The football people have been saying what potential he has since he was drafted. And it wasn’t just the Eagles…there are few, if any, people in the know that think Kolb will be a bust. For Christ’s sake, you just heard it from an EFFING PLAYER!


    A Fellow Eagles Fan

  27. It’s so ridiculous that the guy hasn’t even played really and he is the next coming of Montana. Gimme a break.he is just going to be another bust that was a second string wonder that had a few good games because defenses weren’t game planning for him. When Arizona is 0-3 or 1-4 we will start to hear it’s just his first year with the team give him a season and next year we will and the next year much of the same thing and then he will be traded to redskins or the raiders as they think he wasn’t in the right system and on and on..

  28. Kolb is a very good QB and he will do well with the Cards…they will be glad they traded for him.

    If not for Vick coming out of nowhere and the special running skills he brings, Kolb would have done well in Philly, too.

    Hopefully PFT’s current position that Kolb is just one of Reid’s smoke and mirror QBs won’t bias their future judgement on his performance.

  29. some of you nailed it . Saying he is a bust at this point is flat idiotic.
    I am in the minority as a Viking fan, I really was hoping Ponder would be our selection and I think he will be a stud ! My 2nd hope was to make a play for Kolb, he is legit and Card fans should be fired up, he was a missing piece, y’all should be contenders for yrs to come!

  30. @bluefan204

    Everybody looks good in practice
    Ummm No they don’t. I saw Matt and DA in the Red-White Game last year. We drove throug a rain storm to see them play. Both my son and I said the Cardinals were in big trouble if either one of those guys are starting. Matt was awful… Anderson was ok. Turns out you don’t have to be a GM to discern good QB play from awful play.

  31. Everyone who laughed at the Cardinals making that trade for Kolb are going to look like fools. Kolb is a very good qb and will have the Cardinals offense in every game this year. I dont know if it will translate to many wins this year, because no matter how good Kolb is he cant defend against the other teams offenses. But once the Cardinals restock their D they should be a force in the West.

    Saying that so far at Eagles training camp DRC has been the best corner on the field. Asante and Nnamdi have been very good but DRC has been dominating. He sticks to the wr’s hip and even when they do get seperation he closes in an instance. Im very impressed by him so far and I dont have clue what Cardinals fans were talking about when they said that he cant cover and only realizes on speed.

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