Jay Cutler finally sells his Denver house

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In March of 2009, when Jay Cutler was insisting he wouldn’t play for the Broncos again and the Broncos were insisting they wouldn’t trade him, Cutler showed he meant business by putting his Denver-area house up for sale.

Nearly two and a half years after Cutler got his way and got traded to the Bears (in exchange for Kyle Orton, two first-round draft picks and a third-round draft pick), he’s finally sold that house.

Cutler paid $1.34 million for the home in Parker, Colorado, in August 2006. He originally listed it at $2 million but sold it on July 19 for $1 million.

12 responses to “Jay Cutler finally sells his Denver house

  1. 6 wins? Try championship qb, as in nfc north champs, getting to nfc championship game. Why would he sell his chicago house? We are going to the super bowl!!!!!!!!! GO BEARS, STOP HATING. Worry bout your sorry teams.

  2. think its denver pople hating, cause there jealous they got third and out orton as the consolation prize.. or is that boubie prize.

    i knew it would take chicago a bit to learn how to use a qb, other then to hand off the ball to a rb. which has been there attack preference of choice fo far to long. i think this will be a good year, but kind of hard to see anyone other then eagles taking it this year sinc they cashed in on a good team, 🙁 hopefully they choke and the bears beat em in the nfc championship game.

  3. The housing market has been pure dogpoopy over the past 10 years even for NFL players. Welcome to life in these here United States, Mr. Cutler.

  4. Say what you want about cutler, but i think he is poised for a HUGE year. The Dude kept getting back up after taking hits after hits against some of the fiercest Dlines last year. I think the scrutiny was all he needed to light a fire up his arse…I tihnk he will play to a probowl form this year.

    All these people bashing cutler are probably broncos fan who are jealous because they are stuck with Tebow/Orton as a starter than Cutler. Not to mention Robert ayers and that CB who went to Det from the 1st round we gave you

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