Michael Bush reports to Raiders camp


Raiders running back Michael Bush, who was facing an unusual contract situation as a restricted free agent, has decided to report to camp.

The Raiders took Bush in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL draft, and he signed a four-year contract as a rookie. That would ordinarily have made him an unrestricted free agent this year, but Bush missed his entire rookie season with an injury he suffered in college, and he spent that entire year on the non-football injury list. That year didn’t count as an accrued season toward free agency, so Bush was a restricted free agent, not an unrestricted free agent.

Bush was apparently unhappy about that, but he has now decided to report. It’s not clear whether he signed his one-year, $2.6 million tender offer, or whether he and the Raiders agreed to a new deal, but he is with the Raiders in Napa today.

Bush is coming off a 2010 season in which he had career highs in carries (158), yards (655) and touchdowns (eight).

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  1. Curious…is he the most successful RB that the Raiders have selected in the last decade? I cannot recall another who is more so.

  2. @surly1n1nd1anapol1s

    Are you forgetting about a guy named McFadden?

    Also Fargas had a decent run before Dmac came, and solidified the trio of them + Bush.

  3. If you only watch one team then you really shouldn’t be commenting on another team you’re unfamiliar with.

  4. justin Fargas was the most accomplished last decade. So be a team player to the team your with Bush, sign your tenure, and run that ball.

  5. surly1n1nd1anapol1s says:
    Aug 6, 2011 1:34 PM
    Curious…is he the most successful RB that the Raiders have selected in the last decade? I cannot recall another who is more so.

    You clearly dont watch many Oakland Raider Games…

  6. JSpicoli says:
    Aug 6, 2011 2:57 PM
    The Safeties in the AFC West just winced

    especially Weddle [>_<]

  7. Michael Bush could easily be a 1200+ yard RB in the NFL. He would have been a steal if he hit the open market. Raiders are great shape with him backing up McFadden.

  8. gotta love it….thw haters can say what they want, but raiders have continuity and a TEAM this year! We have depth as well.

  9. Bush is back with Run DMC! Add ‘Cel Reese and Taiwan Jones and it looks real good for the Raiders to be back in the top 5 in rushing like last year.

    And no, Gallery moving to the Great Northwest won’t be an issue.

    Win, lose, or tie…Raiders ’til I die!

  10. Rookie WR Denarious Moore IS LIGHTING UP TRAINING CAMP… EXPECT THIS GUY TO BE THIS YEARS VERSION OF Mike Williams ( of the bucks) not the fat POS from Seattle… Raiders 1st in the AFC West baby!!!

  11. Really liking the moves the Raiders are making. Having Bush back in the fold means another Monster year for the running game. O-line looks to improve if they get the right combo of guys to gel. RAIDER NATION!!!!!

  12. Haha these trolls are just pissed that our number 2 back is better than their teams #1. Bush would be a number 1 on 25 teams in the league. Al needs to sign bush before the season is over so we don’t wind up with another zach miller fiasco.

  13. huejackson says: ofcourse he came back, he is loyal to the family… unlike miller and asomough who now are the enemy

    Loyal to Al “Coach” Davis??? No playaaa is unless Al ovah-pays them. Bush had no choice but to report. If he didn’t report he never becomes a free agent next year……

  14. Ok I like M. Bush but what was he pissed about? He didn’t play a whole season. The Raiders picked him and paid him for a year he did not play. To hold out or not be loyal to the team this year is BS. They believed in him he should return the favor for at least this year. Get your butt to camp BUSH!

  15. Thanks for reporting Michael…keep playing hard and the cash will follow. Al take cares of his own.

    But to not have signed your $2.6 million tender already kind of makes you look bitter when you have no reason to be.

  16. Raider Nation is alive and on the rise. when youve been at the bottom, the only way to go is up. we lost nnamdi and miller, so what, we will continue to make pro bowl hall of fame type players. RAIDERS will again dominate the AFC West once more to re-claim what is ours…..the AFC West Division Title…….had it not been for a fumble in one game and a missed FG in the other we would have been defending it this year…..but thats history and we’re about to make some more!


  17. Thanks for the correction. You’re right, I don’t pay much attention to the Raiders. I haven’t had much of an interest. And they haven’t been very relevant league wide. And given the hype on McFadden’s entry to the league…he hasn’t met expectations.

  18. surly1n1nd1anapol1s:

    Here’s an idea, STFU already and then change your screen name.

    My God man.

  19. Does anyone remember the clip of Richard Seymours speech seconds before his first game on MNF vs Chargers? If you play close attention you can see M Bush and dmac looking giddy with the excitment of playing in their first NFL games. Great Raiders Duo for years to come

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