Sav Rocca is back in the country

Sav Rocca has a work visa again.  Which means the Redskins now have a punter.

We mentioned a few days back that Rocca was stuck in Australia with a work visa problem, so now we should follow up to tell you he’s made it stateside. Apparently, he had to sign his contract before being allowed to come back to the country.

“People think that I was stuck over there and it wasn’t going through but five days once the petition was [filed] is one of the quickest that’s ever happened,” Rocca said.

Another small item at Redskins practice: John Beck tweaked his groin and had to watch much of practice. The team has Sunday off, and Mike Shanahan believes Beck will be back after the break.

The Redskins also officially announced that tackle Sean Locklear and center Donovan Raiola have signed.

18 responses to “Sav Rocca is back in the country

  1. Rocca, Locklear, Raiola and a hurt Beck? Congrats Redskins. Looks like we have a new “Dream Team” in the NFC East.

  2. Didn’t the Skins learn from their mistake before? never sign a Former Eagle player, unless you want to overpay a player

  3. Rocca’s a good punter. Very good at getting the ball outside the hash marks to make it easier to contain the return. Of all the guys the Eagles didn’t re-sign, he was the one I was the most surprised about.

  4. They should probably sign another punter so Rocca doesn’t get repetitive stress disorder from all the 3 and outs.

  5. “John Beck tweaked his groin”

    You mean “tweeted his groin”, right? Girls love that.

    – Anthony Weiner

  6. Rocca is an all-time great in the AFL and have enjoyed watching excel here as well (well, as much as a punter can excel that is)

  7. Good luck with Locklear. You’ll need it. Seahawk offensive line has been one of the worst in football the past three years, and he’s a leading reason why.

  8. I like Rocca a lot. He really is one of the better punters in the NFL. He signed a nice contract for a punter and i am happy he got paid. He will be huge for the Redskins as they will most likely be doing a lot of punting this season unless they find a way to get a QB. Rocca can kick for distance and may be the best in the NFL at directional punting.

    I was worried about what the Eagles were going to do at punter when he left but since they got the best punter in college the last 2 years and maybe the best punter in SEC history i am ok with it. Though it is scary to go into a season with both kickers being rookies.

    On a side note, why did the Redskins feel it a need to sign a big money deal with punter but spend nothing on a QB ??? I thought in the NFL it wa smore important to spend on a QB. Oh wait nevermind. That genius Shanny who seems to know more than everyone (except whats on the top shelf atleast) must have a plan. I know he’s going to wear out offenses with all those TD’s they will be scoring. He figures they will all be so tired next season the redskins can’t help but win 5-8 games. They must really want Luck ( or LAndry who i think will over take Luck as the number 1 pick)

  9. Glad to see Sav still kickin’ it. Always liked the guy. Best of luck, except against the Eagles.

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