Tebow says quotes were taken out of context


Tim Tebow knows his comments to Woody Paige about having the starting job in Denver “grabbed back away” caused a stir, but he says the remarks didn’t come out like he intended.

“I have all the respect in the world for Mr. Paige, but sometimes when you are doing interviews . . . I don’t feel like it was exactly how it came out,” Tebow said to reporters Friday via DenverBroncos.com. “I think he’s a great reporter and it’s nothing against him. It just came out not how it was supposed to be. Not how it was meant.”

Tebow later said the quote was taken out of context.  (That seems to be going around these days.)

We think the quote just came in a rare unguarded, honest moment. For a minute, Tebow just said how he felt as a young pro without trying to say the right thing to the media. A day later, he didn’t own his own words.

He now says he never felt the job was his.  That he wants “to work” for anything he gets.

The second-year quarterback seems to be struggling with how much to tune out the quarterback controversy.

“I’ll tell you this, just my own nature; I am very much a people pleaser. I like making people smile. I like making people laugh. I like pleasing people — whatever, coaches, teammates. So when I hear criticism, I hear negativity, on one hand, I try to block it out,” Tebow said. “But on the other, I hear it, and it motivates me, not that I necessarily need more motivation. . . . If anything, I appreciate it. I really do.”

Tebow reportedly had his best practice of camp Friday.

Ultimately, that’s Tebow’s best path to pleasing people.

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  1. I’m with Tebow on this. The team supposedly told him the job was his before and now they changed their mind. The mistake was not saying it was a competition the entire time.

  2. I think when Tebow and Peterson said their quotes were taken out of context, they really meant that they didn’t mean it the way it came out. You can rip them all you want, but in my opinion, the NFL would be a lot better off if all of its players had the class of Tebow and Peterson.

  3. It was taken out of context. Who wouldn’t be frustrated after being nearly assured all off season that he was the future in Denver and then after a few pre-season practices everyone suddenly changes their mind?

    If anyone here thinks they wouldn’t be frustrated with that, then they are lying.

    That being said….it is true he has not “earned” the starting spot with his performance – but up until a week ago…..Orton was being traded and he was going to start. I think he is handling the situation fairly well.

  4. It’s because people like you are deliberately looking to take stuff out of context to instill controversy where there isn’t because that drives up page hits and comments which drives up your income.

    And then you start complaining about how guys like Belichick never give you anything which can be taken out of context or deliberately misunderstood.

    Yeah, granted. That’s a cute idea.

  5. I agree, people seem to think any time they have to pull their foot out of their mouth they can just say “that was taken out of context”…. how about just a plain apology? Man up and admit you had a moment of poor judgement!

  6. Once again I just want to say how truly blessed I am to read another story about Timmy Rah-Rah…..

    Timmy wears those ‘WWJD’ (what would Jesus do) bracelets…….I know exactly what Jesus would do if he was the Denver H.C. Never let Timmy Rah-Rah’s see the field as a starting QB…..

  7. Lesson #1 of being a NFL QB. Never say anything negative to a reporter. Even if it’s harmless half of them would either misconstrue it unintentionally because they are incompetent, or misconstrue it intentionally to get ratings. The other half are probably honest and competent, but then the story takes on a life of it’s own in the great internet media world, where everyone is looking for clicks. Much ado about nothing.

  8. Tebow is an honet hardworking kid with a good head, good heart and an abundance of football talent – that unfortunately falls short of being a winning NFL starting QB.

  9. i’m sure he’s trying to please people, at the continental. that’s why he rides that fake jesus line like it’s his tourettes, to fight it off. it’s cool. lots of people do it. my uncle did before he came out. you know there’s something deep, and scary buried within that dude.

    and, i’m sure it was all taken out of context. don’t you know lying is a sin?

  10. You know, it’s funny how every time there’s some backlash over what someone says the comment was always taken out of context. Even better, the “out of context” bit this time would throw Woody Paige, a writer that’s been a big Tebow-backer under the bus. Basically, Tebow is saying Paige is a good reporter who really screwed up this particular piece. A much better comment would be not that he was taken out of context, but that he misspoke. We all mess up what we’re trying to say at times, and that’s more believable under the circumstances than saying yet another reporter just happened to take a person out of context coincidentally when that person’s comments didn’t go over well. It also serves the purpose of not stabbing in the back a writer who was actually trying to make him seem sympathetic.

  11. N O B O D Y C A R E S. Please stop reporting every time Teabag blows his nose. He’s inept. He overvalues himself. He’s super sensitive. We get it. Move On.

  12. Wow. When some of you decide to support someone, you do it with full blinders on. You support Tebow, so if a comment he makes blows up in his face, then either the reporter made a mistake or the media is intentionally twisting his words to persecute him.

    I also doubt anyone actually promised Tebow anything. The team intended to start Tebow because of his popularity and because they wanted to see if he had what it took to be a starting QB. To that end, they were going to trade Orton so that there would be no backup plan for fans to demand if/when the Tebow experiment got off to a shaky start. Orton, however, believed he could beat Tebow straight up and put his money where his mouth is. He refused to take a huge paycut to make sure the deal with Miami would go through. So, with no deal for Orton, the Broncos brought him in to practice and he blew Tebow away.

    Unless Tebow improves and shows he can at least keep up with Orton, he’ll start the season as the backup. Tebow realizes this, and in a moment of honesty he let a friendly reporter (Paige has been a bit of a cheerleader for Tebow) know how upset he was. The reporter printed the comment, most likely intending to make Tebow seem sympathetic, and the unintended consequence was that fans had an issue with Tebow seeming to whine about having to win the job instead of having it just handed to him. That’s not a misquote. It’s not being taken out of context. It’s not the media twisting things in some anti-Tebow conspiracy. It’s a real comment that struck the wrong nerve with a number of fans.

  13. Tebow will never be a good NFl qb…you can quote me on that! Nothing taken out of context here

  14. doggz109 says: Aug 6, 2011 10:20 AM

    It was taken out of context. Who wouldn’t be frustrated after being nearly assured all off season that he was the future in Denver and then after a few pre-season practices everyone suddenly changes their mind?

    If anyone here thinks they wouldn’t be frustrated with that, then they are lying.

    That being said….it is true he has not “earned” the starting spot with his performance – but up until a week ago…..Orton was being traded and he was going to start. I think he is handling the situation fairly well.
    You realize you disproved your own statement, right? You start off by asserting the same taken out of context claim that Tebow made, but then you immediately follow up by saying he’s frustrated and justifiably so. Well, if he is frustrated, then the original comment was printed perfectly in context. Paige’s article never said he was whining about not having the job handed to him, it simply pointed out his frustration over the situation and used the quote to emphasize it. It’s the fans who don’t like the comment, and who feel it makes him seem entitled and more worried about being handed the job than being in the mindset that it’s something that he should and must earn.

  15. Tebow’s human and can speak his mind.

    But…. it’s easy to see why he felt that way.

    Elway has been fair on his Tebow comments. His criticism of Tebow has been constructive, then adding ‘I’m his biggest fan’.

    I’m still highly confident Orton brings Denver another year of mediocrity, no horrible moments surrounded with many non-eventful moments.

    Yawn – shake it up Denver.

    Tim – Keep improving your passing accuracy and earn it.

  16. Let’s see if Woody Paige says he has the tape of the interview but TT “should say whatever he has to to make it right with his teammates” like that tool who did the James Harrison interview said.

    I’m inclined to think it was a burst of emotion showing TT’s real feelings and he shouldn’t have said it but since he’s hardly been known to talk poorly in the press, I would give him a break on it.

  17. Nothing makes my stomach turn more than the, “my comments were taken out of context” bailout. That being said it probably has the lowest BS content coming from Tebow. Still don’t buy it though.

  18. It is widely known that Woody Paige does NOT take notes nor does he record interviews. When he writes it down later, it is strictly his memory and his impressions of the interview that he has to go by. A short while ago during the lockout, Woody wrote and published an article criticizing Kyle Orton for playing in a Palms Springs charity golf tournament when, in Woody’s opinion, Orton should have been in Denver working out with teammates. Problem was, Orton never played in that tournament, he was in Denver. Woody is an old guy who drinks heavily. Many people who follow him, no longer give much credence to what he writes, it’s strictly for entertainment and not to be confused with fact.

  19. I think the most surprising thing to come out of this is that he thinks Woody Paige is a good reporter! Obviously he’s never read any of his columns or watched him on Around the Horn!

  20. etoharin78, I am with you. IMO kit makes you like a little p*ssy when that statement is made. I lost all the respect I had for James Harrison after he made apologies for his statements about Godell. If you sayit, the freakin’ back it up. Quit retracting your statements and making excuses that they were taken out of context and making pathetic excuses. Be men and keep your balls.

  21. I like Tim as a person. I think he’s a pretty decent guy – he’s not gonna rob your local 7-11 or steal your TV.

    That said – Tim, if you really want to put all this to rest, be better than Kyle. Really that simple. YOU have the most say in what spot you occupy on the depth chart. NOT the coach. Perform and it’s yours.

    That’s all you have to do. Like they say in the UFC – don’t ever leave the decision up to the judges. Go out there and just be better than him. Out perform the other guy, don’t give them a plausible reason NOT to start you. Right now you’re sharing reps with Brady as the #2 guy, you might not even be the #2 guy. If they promised you that you’re #1 this year and you didn’t prepare in the off season to be that guy, to perform as that guy to hold onto that position. Well then I guess we have to question your decision making.

    That’s all you have to do. If you can’t do that today – fine, work till you can. If it never happens that just means you aren’t a starter QB in the NFL.

    Look – to be honest, your most impressive play is when you have the ball in your hand and are scrambling – it’s not throwning a 60 yard strike to a double covered WR. Maybe you’d excell receiving that pass as a TE or H-back. There’s no shame in that.

  22. The Broncos should play Tebow. Orton isn’t going to make them a playoff team and what’s the real difference between 3-13 and 6-10?

    If Tebow suck it up, draft a QB high (should be a good class). If Tebow looks good… then you have a good QB. Either way, you’ll get a decent pick for Orton.

  23. So I guess little Timmy Teblow isn’t that special after all…he gets taken out of context just like everyone else and also won’t grow a pair.

    Time to be a man and admit your mistakes little boy.

  24. @Stanklepoot:
    Excellent post. I think you nailed. And that’s coming from one of those “blind” Tebow supporters.

    I think your uncle only came out because he misses that special time you two spent together on those “fishing” trips when you were a boy.

  25. Tebows gonna be the best backup in the NFL. When your starter goes down, and things look grim, here he comes to rally the troops. He can run, is tough and can definately lead in a pinch. He just isn’t as accurate as he needs to be yet. As a Bronco fan, I want him to succeed, but in order to do that, he’s gotta be able to consistantly throw accurately. So far he hasn’t been able to do that. A starter, no. But a very good backup, yes.

  26. Perhaps Tebow would be better served changing positions. Jpsh Cribbs did, and it paid off. Kordell Stewart could have been a HOF caliber WR if he had accepted the fact that he was not a true NFL QB.

    Tebow seems to have the skill set to contribute to Special Teams, work out of the backfield as either an H-back or in the wildcat, or take over at QB in goal line situations and on 4th and short situations.

    But as a full-time QB? No way. His release is way too slow. His accuracy is sub-par. Everything he does takes way too long.

    After camp, if he doesn’t show miraculous progress, the Broncos should either trade him or change his position.

  27. Tebow was never promised the job so there was nothing “grabbed back away”. Fox named Orton the starter in February. There’s only gray area here if you’ve been brainwashed by his self-promotion tour.

    Welcome back to reality Tim. You’re 15 minutes are up buddy.

  28. Who is Woody Paige??? Looks like Tebow gave Woody his best “Young Guns –billy the kid” impersonation…..“I’ll Make You Famous!” Never knew this guy existed until now…

  29. I couldn’t stand Tebow when he was in college (but that’s mainly b/c I’m a Georgia grad). But I can’t help but root for him now. I’m not saying critics shouldn’t do their jobs, but I at least want him (Tebow) to have some redemption.

  30. Maybe him and Henne can go have a good cry together. Or they can actualy try to be good.

    I think Tebow expected the job to handed to him, and now that Orton is out playing him the tears are coming.

  31. look Broncos… you just got a new coach in john fox.. if you have an awful season you arent gonna fire him right away.. kyle orton may be a bettter QB but he isnt going to win you the super bowl.. just give Captain America a shot this year.. if he wins 7 or more games you look like geniuses and your merchandise profits go sky high .. if it doesnt.. then you go another direction.. if anyone in the world derserves a shot to prove ppl wrong its this kid

  32. Dead or Alive’s song, “You SPIN me right round, baby, right round”, comes to mind. I can’t stand it when athletes or their lawyers/agents write a fake apology full of legal crap or when they blame the reporters. He’s only sorry for the public outcry from his whining and self-righteous temper tantrum. He’s been coddled all his life and in college in a perfect offensive system and now can’t handle it when he’s with the big boys.

  33. Fox named Orton the starter in February


    awesome call considering he won all of 3 games last season. should be a great year in Denver…4-12 here we come, baby!!

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