Looking at Blaine Gabbert’s first scrimmage


Blaine Gabbert has impressed onlookers at practice during training camp by all accounts.

During his first scrimmage, he reportedly looked more like you’d expect from a rookie.

“I thought maybe he was a half-step slower than he has been in practice,” Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter told Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. “Maybe it’s the conditions or whatever. The first time with crowd. He’s got undeniable talent. But he just needs reps. He’s been here a week.”

Gabbert’s numbers were pretty poor: He completed 12-of-27 passes for 76 yards and a score. There were reportedly four drops.

While Luke McCown put up better numbers, coach Jack Del Rio liked Gabbert’s decision making and poise.  He cut out Gabbert’s headset communication at one point.

“Those things happen, in particular when you’re going to New England,” Del Rio said with a laugh. “Those things tend to happen from time to time. You’ve got to get yourself ready.”

We aren’t trying to say that Gabbert’s numbers in a scrimmage mean that much, but they are still interesting to track.  Scrimmages and the preseason matter to these first-round quarterbacks.  It is their time to audition.

Gabbert will have to light it up in the preseason to overtake David Garrard by Week One, and even that likely wouldn’t be enough.

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  1. Lol at Del Rio. He is just trying to manage expectations for Gabbert. Making things as tough as possible out there for him to counteract the Pete Prisco hype. I’m sure if the head set went out during a game they have backups, or Del Rio would be in the refs ear in about 10 seconds to make them stop play until it was rectified.

    Jags taking the opposite tack that Carolina and some of the other teams are with their first round QBs. Trying to keep things as low key as possible.

  2. This is a joke. Why not look at Carson Palmer, Brett Favre, or Matt Leinart? Seriously, Jones Drew cant carry the team.

  3. @trbowman
    Gabbert also got off to a slow start at Mizzou after Chase Daniel graduated. It all worked out pretty well after he gained the confidence that all qb’s need. It would be best if Blaine was eased into to the situation. Good luck to the Jaguars.

  4. Is Del Rio suggesting the Pats cutout the opponents headsets during games? Maybe that nickname “Belicheat” is more deserving that I thought.

  5. In Aaron Rodgers’ first year as a starter, at that “family night” (or whatever the hell it’s called) scrimmage the Packers have, he was absolutely atrocious. I remember people were wondering out loud what the Pack had just gotten themselves into with Brett retiring. And Rodgers wasn’t even a rookie… he was in the league for 3 years already.

    Meaningless report.

  6. According to report I read, JDR didn’t just cut off communication once, but several times during the scrimmage. For Gabbert alone. I guess he didn’t think the head sets would ever malfunction while McCown was playing.

  7. Gabbert is garbage…that’s why he looked like garbage in the scrimmage. And that’s why his career will be garbage. End of story.

  8. etoharin78 says: Aug 7, 2011 5:05 PM

    Is Del Rio suggesting the Pats cutout the opponents headsets during games? Maybe that nickname “Belicheat” is more deserving that I thought.
    Yeah he likes to bring that up from time to time. Too bad he “forgets” that the NFL has its own people in charge of that on gameday. Pats have nothing to do with it. And when the communications go out on one side they get cut off for the other side as well.
    Funny how a losing record against a team can addle one’s brain.
    Here’s an article on when they put the mikes in the defensive players helmets but the rules are the same. Plus communication is encrypted.

  9. He wishes he was on the steelers to be on a team that can accually win and feel how great the black and gold are and see the rings. 6.

  10. Maybe the “communication failure” is Gabbert’s rookie hazing so he gets to keep his hair. Blaine looks to the sideline in panic and all the coachs are over by the bleachers with their backs turned, signing autographs for the fans.

  11. Love getting thumbs down for posting the truth. Those people are clearly not interested in truth, just whining and spewing nonsense about cheating, much like DelRio. Sad.

  12. I for one, will be surprised if he ever takes the job from Garrard. He will not win the job in competition. They will have to trade Garrard like Denver will have to do to get Tebow on the field.

  13. @6ringsofsteel – you should add 2 rapes to end 6 as well.

    I love Gabbert. I think he is going to be a star in 2-3 years. IMO he should have been the 1st QB taken, but not the first pick. I would say he should sit this year. But, since imo he is the best chance they have at winning since Garrard is nothing more than a loser.

    I don’t care what Garrard’s stats are he is a loser plain and simple. He is nothing more than a back up. Never even should have replaced leftwitch.

    The jags have good pieces on Defense and should probably let Gabbert start and run the ball with their very good RB’s and let Gabbert throw to the future superstar TE they have. I kinda like Jacksonville this year. I see the finishing third behind the colts. And perhaps if the they can beat the Colts twice and the Colts falter ever more than I think they will the Jags could finish 2nd behind the Texans. No way they make the playoffs but if they can finish 500 it would be a very good season, expecially if Gabbert does play.

  14. Isn’t New England the opponent for Jax on opening night of the season? Maybe Del Rio is flashing us a subliminal message.

  15. I may be a Titans fan, and the Jags my most despised team, but I hope Gabbert’s the real thing. Think about it–the Titans passed on him to pick a gut-rock underdog who reminds them of McNair on the field, Jake Locker. The Jags then traded up immediately to grab Gabbert. I, for one, think the Titans AND the Jags made the right move. This has all the makings of an epic team/QB rivalry for the ages. Bring it on!

  16. “Those things happen, in particular when you’re going to New England,”


    Like the water sprinklers coming on when the Jags had the ball in the AFC Championship in 1996. I tell ya there is more mysterious things that happen in NE than any other field. Things that make you say hmmmmmm

  17. Like the water sprinklers coming on when the Jags had the ball in the AFC Championship in 1996. I tell ya there is more mysterious things that happen in NE than any other field. Things that make you say hmmmmmm

    My Bad it wasn’t the water sprinklers in the AFC Championship it was a power outage.

    The game was also notable for a power outage (due to the unprecedented power use at and around the stadium due to very cold temperatures) just minutes before halftime, which knocked out much of the lighting of the stadium, as well as most of the power in the surrounding community. (The television broadcast, however, was not affected, and stayed on throughout the outage by using generators.)

  18. Del Rio = sour grapes. He has never beaten the Pats no matter the venue. On the other hand he wouldn’t be saying that if they were to actually meet in the regular season. He knows BB would put the smack down on him a la 54-7.

    Hey Del Rio, you wouldn’t be suggesting the Pats are the reason why your team makes the play offs only once every 5 years or so?????? Way to go blaming the moon and conspiracy theories as teh reason for your failures. Yup, everyone else is at fault except yourself. So what was the reason you didn’t make the play offs last year when you had control of your destiny and all you had to do was win against a beat up Colts team, having their worst season in a decade or so??????

    Del Rio may want to watch out. This can be constituted as an accusation of cheating against another team. Unless you can back that up you get smacked in the mouth by the league.

  19. i dont care if Gabbert looked good or bad.. bottom line is that Garrard is/should be the starter opening day. The plan was to allow Gabbert sit for a year and learn & progress – too many people are getting caught up in the hype of a fresh, new, young QB. It especially doesnt help any when Prisco writes an article where he basically writes that Gabbert has golden nuts that he is gargling in his mouth.

  20. I don’t know if this kid will succeed or fail but as I’ve stated from day one, these sports media guys like PFT hyped Blaine pass his real abilities. They now have to do their best to spin every once of this kid’s reality into something positive to save their own faces. After all, the other QBs talents were lower just so Blaine could appear bettet than them.

    Wasn’t it Mike Mayock who claimed that Blaine was the only NFL ready QB in this year’s draft?

  21. Funny how the slightest reference to the Patriots brings out the homers and the haters!

  22. ytsejamer1 says:
    Aug 7, 2011 8:22 PM
    Hey Jack…you know what else happens in New England? Your team gets its ass handed to it… See you in a week!

    Yeah, can’t wait until your team hands my team it’s ass in this coming PRESEASON game. Good luck with that.

  23. I wasn’t referring to the meaningless upcoming pre-season game. I was talking about all the other games that the two teams meet – during regular season and post season where the Jags get thoroughly outplayed.

    But I see the confusion…my bad! 🙂

  24. LOL. Jack makes a little “Sometimes things like that happen in New England” comment and Pats fans come out of the woodwork, unglued, acting like the tough characters in “The Town”

    It’s not like Jack accused them of videotaping their practice. BTW, a few years ago in the snow the jaguar headsets stopped working too, what Jack is probably referring to. But the Jags did get thoroughly outplayed that day……just like a lot of teams over the years do up there

    “Duhh your team sucks, look at my steelers rings …6….”

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