Goldson visits the Patriots

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The Patriots continue to kick the tires of interesting veteran names available in free agency.

On Sunday, they investigated a possible upgrade at safety. Shalise Manza Young and Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe report that Dashon Goldson came for a workout and physically. Sunday.  The Patriots are reportedly unhappy with their safety position.

It has likely been a humbling couple of weeks for Goldson. He reportedly turned down chances to return to the 49ers, and is one of the few young players left with a track record of starting.

(For instance, only five of our top 80 free agents are still available. Two have serious injury concerns and two are over 30. Goldson is the other player.)

Goldson could take the spot of Brandon McGowan. Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports McGowan, signed last week, was released on Sunday.

If Goldson was signed, we wonder if he could cut into Brandon Meriweather’s playing time.  Patrick Chung figures to be on the field almost every down for the Patriots this season.

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  1. Chung hasn’t been overwhelming in practice, I’d love to see them push him with some real competition!

  2. Don’t the jets desperately need safety help? LOOK INTO THIS GUY! goldson’s a badass. hope he doesnt end up in the AFC east unless its with sexy rexy and the boys

  3. This is all about Meriwether. How he made Pro Bowl after being benched twice last season tells you all you need to know about the Pro Bowl.

    And Patrick Chung is having a terrific camp. Don’t know where you came up with otherwise.

  4. Someone said they would be happy with Meriweather and Chung.

    If your goal is to have the 30th ranked pass defense, then I would be happy with them, too.

  5. We don’t get to see many pats games … is Brandon m. not a good safety ??? I though he was a pretty good player coming out of college. Pat Chung is abeast. I doubt he will lose playing time.Merriweather though i thought was good he is always talked about as a good player. Hes a good tackler with good speed and coverage skills or atleast thats what they were saying the pro bowl.

    And i think the pats problems against the pass have a lot to do with the fact they had ZERO pass rush the last two seasons. And very young corners though in what i have seen the kid out of Rutgers was awesome last season as a rookie. McCourtney i think his name is. But after him they have nothing at all. Perhaps the Pats want to trade a 2nd and Mayo for Samuel …. just a thought.

  6. Goodson is ok, but we gave up too many big plays with him on the field. At first I wanted him to resign but now I’m kind of glad he isn’t. Not so sure I’d call this an upgrade Pats fans. But hey hope he keeps sucking cuz I hate the cheating patriots

  7. Odd that the Patriots fans are quick to tell you how great their safeties and cornerbacks are, yet their pass defense last year was one of the worst in NFL history.

    But remember: if you listen to these same fans, Belichick is a chessmaster, while the rest of the league plays checkers. Not only is he a chessmaster, but he’s also a guru, and is kind to humans and animals alike.

  8. Merriweather’s pass coverage skills have not improved since coming into the league. He can tackle when he is allowed to get a good angle but cannot figure out the where the ball is going until it is fully apparent. An upgrade is necessary to keep the team in games against good QB’s.

  9. Meriweather and Chung are not high end performers. Otherwise BB would not be looking around.

  10. Two years ago Goldson looked like he was turning the corner for the 49ers, and had a couple big picks and forced fumbles. However, last year, in his contract year, he failed to make any plays of note, and was beaten badly several times while showing no big play ability.

    Good riddance.

  11. ninerboi says “Goodson is ok, but we gave up too many big plays with him on the field.”

    First of all his name is Goldson, and if you think he was the problem with the 9ers secondary you obviously didn’t watch any games the last two years; 9ers problems in the secondary were garbage CBs with zero speed and Singletary’s little taylor Mays project.

  12. Andyreidisfat should have his account on this site revoked. You just made me physically sick. Trade Mayo? Best ILB in football after two seasons?? We just got lee bodden back and drafted Ras-I Dowling. Not to mention ALL the DEs we just signed. Never, ever post again please.
    ::leaves to throw up::

  13. If he’s healthy you’ll be in for a treat. He had a bad ankle all last year but still played 16 games, and that says a lot. 2 years ago he arguably played at a Pro Bowl level, and if he’d have kept that up last year he would have seriously cashed in, but that ankle got hurt early and he never really recovered.

    However, Niners FS Reggie Smith just tweeted something pretty cryptic, maybe he got hurt today but it seemed like he wasn’t happy about something – maybe Dashon is going to re-sign?

  14. andyreidisfat says: Aug 7, 2011 9:41 PM

    Perhaps the Pats want to trade a 2nd and Mayo for Samuel …. just a thought.


    You mean Asante Samuel? The guy Eli Manning threw a perfect season to and he dropped it? That Asante Samuel?

    Sorry, there aren’t any two players on the Eagles team worth Mayo.

  15. Yeah, Mayo was DROY in ’09 and lead the league in tackles last season…..but he’s “not even top 5,” according to some pinhead.
    Please post less.

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