Jason Snelling returns to the Falcons


The Falcons were able to keep yet another key piece to their team, after he tested the free agent market.

Jason Snelling has agreed to terms with the Falcons, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. PFT has confirmed the news.

Snelling was tied to the Rams and Giants in free agency, but clearly never got the offer he was looking for.  His return to Atlanta means that rookie Jacquizz Rodgers won’t be asked to have a huge role right away.  Given that Snelling agreed to a one-year deal, it means that he’ll try to cash in again in 2012.

If Michael Turner gets hurt, Snelling figures to take most of the workload, which could also make him more attractive as a free agent after the season.  Rodgers will presumably help on third downs.

9 responses to “Jason Snelling returns to the Falcons

  1. rams blew it norwoods gonna tear his acl the moment he gets in the game shoulda got snelling

  2. Norwood is a big gamble is right. But he’s not the back up to Jackson in St Lou is he?

    Snelling signing is prolly one of the top 5 key back-up signings for this season. High chance Turner misses some time, and if he does, Falcons had nothing in place. Was therer anyone else that could have filled the role better?

    Snelling made sense for Rams, but Rams didn’t make sense for Snelling. It would have just changed who he would back up and on a weaker team. Giants could have made sense for him.

  3. I am relieved and elated that we kept Snelling. He is more valuable than Turner. All the pieces are in place for us to compete in the NFC!

  4. All the pieces are in place for us to compete in the NFC!
    and get blown out again in your first playoff game!

  5. Amazing how we live in the past, falcon successful running game. Rams did not want another fullback/h-back. They have a good mix with their tight ends/fb/h-back. Thanks for Harvey Dahl ,he being gone, may have an effect on your future running success or lack there of….

  6. Hate that they lost Dahl, but signing three premium offensive linemen just wasn’t an option. Saying that the Falcons won’t have running success when they have four OLs coming back (and they’ve been grooming Mike Johnson to step in at guard), plus drafted Julio Jones (who should be an upgrade over Michael Jenkins) and have Kerry Meier coming back from injury. They also drafted Jacquizz Rodgers as a weapon on third down. Combine that with bringing back all the stars and the offense has the potential to be great. Coordinators should be terrified enough of the passing game that there will be running room. I would be a little surprised if they weren’t at least very good.

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