Jason Snelling says Falcons have “built something special”

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Entering the 2011 offseason, Falcons running back Jason Snelling, the understudy to starter Michael Turner, was poised to become this year’s Michael Turner — a career backup who cashes in with a chance to become the starter elsewhere.

The lockout and a stagnant market for veteran running backs kept that from happening, and so Snelling opted to return on a one-year deal, with a chance of pulling a Michael Turner come 2012.

After flirting with the Giants, Chiefs, and Rams, Snelling is happy to be back.

“I’ve got a great relationship with this group of guys,” Snelling said after practice Sunday, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  “I’ve been with the team for four years.  We’ve built something special here.  I’m glad that I’m going to be a part of it moving forward.”

If the Falcons have another great regular season, and if they can finally win a game (or two) in the playoffs, Snelling could put himself in great position to get a better job next year.  With 20 teams and counting watching the postseason from home every week, a timely big play or two from Snelling could get him on the radar of a team that is looking for a guy with only five NFL seasons, and plenty of tread on the tires.

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  1. Why does everybody talk about Matt Ryan like he’s the next Tom Brady? He’s solid, but he’s a game manager, not a game changer. Saints are winning this division.

  2. Snelling:Turner::Turner:Tomlinson

    I’m certain that Turner noticed that San Diego has built something special as well. Karma train about right time, right place.

    Not sure if agents actually advise guys, but this was a good call.

  3. They were special last year until they got embarrassed at home in the playoffs. Talk up everybody else all you want. What people don’t realize about the defending champs is that they got better this year just with the guys they got back from IR not to mention the offensive firepower they got in the draft. Randall Cobb, who would be a third receiver or a lot of teams in the league, is going to be fighting it out with all the other rooks for the 6th spot on the depth chart for receivers, I’m including Finely in that group. But yea, the addition of Julio Jones will make the Falcons the best….chil’ please.

  4. A team loses a game in the playoffs and that makes them bums. Unless it’s your team, in which case it makes them ???

    I dunno

    but I think I have this PFT commenter thing down now.

    Truth is, the Pack were a good team, but so were a few other teams and all those other teams lost. That doesn’t make ’em bums.

  5. Look the falcons won 13 games , plus they added 3 really good players ! they’ll win 1-2 playoff games this year… The saints made alot of changes to there core players the falcons added to theres.. I believe the falcons win the division 2 years in a row thats the 1st time in either along time or never thats been done in that division ! that makes them pertty special if that happens, and remember just 4 years ago they were the door mat for the NFL !! Jason Snelling was there during the door mat days ! plus the falcons beat the packers earlier in the year , so the packers aren’t so great ..there nickel CB was out and like a great QB Rogers took advanged of that ! Plus Matt Ryan was forcing the balldown the field that want happen again ! watch the game this year the falcons will beat them in the regu.. season and the play-offs.. the falcons live being taken lightly..

  6. @larrydavidstern

    This article is about Snelling, where do you see Ryan’s name?

    @ aaronitout

    sorry to burst your bublle but winning the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you’re the best team, it just means you won the super bowl. The Patriots were the best team last year. They just weren’t the best on one day. You claim the Packers got better? We’ll see, however there is football left to be played, you need just as much luck as well as a good team to make it in the playoffs at the NFL level.

    All you cartoon fans bragging about what you think your team will do, i have 5 words for ya.

    Let’s watch the game first.

  7. ‘Look the falcons won 13 games , plus they added 3 really good players ! ‘

    I wasn’t sure you were serious, you have swayed me with your liberal use of exclamation points.

  8. Falcons are overrated. They have some solid front-line players but nobody that really scares you.

    Not a lot of depth on this team. That’s why they struggled late last year. Not built for the postseason at all.

  9. LOL. Guess the Falcons fans don’t like hearing about how their team is made of glass….not even regular glass, but that stunt glass they make out of sugar for movies so Bruce Willis can fly through it.

    Don’t take my word for it though….watch this team fall apart when the stakes get high. Like I said, this team is in no way shape or form built for rigors of postseason play. They have an injury-prone defensive line, an offensive line with very little athleticism or pass-blocking ability, no depth at running back and a secondary that reeks. Good luck winning a playoff game with that formula.

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