Patriots pick up Shaun Ellis

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The Patriots love veteran defensive lineman and Bill Belichick loves to sign guys that played well against the Patriots.

That’s why the signing of Shaun Ellis on Sunday makes so much sense.  It probably doesn’t hurt that the move to pick up Ellis will hurt the rival Jets in the process.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports Ellis reached a one-year agreement with the Patriots.  Offered the veteran’s minimum by the Jets, New England presumably forked up a little more cash to bring the 34-year-old into the mix.

Ellis is long in the tooth, but he’s had at least 4.5 sacks in every season since 2005.  He had two big sacks against the Patriots in the playoffs last year, and then another strong game in the AFC Championship.

New York drafted Ellis all the way back in 2000 with the No. 12 overall pick.  How did they get that pick?

Why, they were awarded the pick in exchange for letting Bill Belichick leave New York to coach the Patriots.

72 responses to “Patriots pick up Shaun Ellis

  1. As a Jets fan, I’m a little upset about all this shuffling of the former players. However, I do understand the logic; 2 AFC Championship games, 2 AFC Championship losses. We need to take gambles as we obviously can’t get over the hump with the players we have.

    BTW, I fully understand Mark Sanchez needs to improve, but getting him better receivers/leaders on offense doesn’t hurt either.

  2. I have always been a big Ellis fan until now. I would cheer for him if it was any other team but the Pats. I really wish him no luck at all with N.E and i now look at him as a traitor. Same thing as Jason Taylor coming to the Jets last year. I cant wait to see how much more money the Pats gave him. The Jets will be fine without him this year, their DL is HUGE and pretty young this year with Wilkerson, the other Ellis, Pituotia, Devito and Pouha. We will be fine Ellis is almost done anyway and hes had knee problems for years.

  3. Nice move. This prolly pushes out Mark Anderson, who they just picked up. I liked the Anderson signing too. Or, maybe Eric Moore is the odd man out. In any case, there’s good comp at the DL this year now.

  4. I hope Tanny and Rex know what they’re doing. seem to be losing a lot of continuity with a shortened camp- less practices due to new cab rules.

  5. The circle is now complete. Pats get back the pick(in a way) they gave up for BB!
    Rex, I think the days of taunting without a response are over! Guess not everybody wants to play for you?
    Think Wilkerson has pass rush techniques down? Bet Ellis has more sacks, tackles than Wilkerson….going to be a Patriot kind of year.

  6. guess this answers the question, the pats are gonna stay with the 3-4. if they stay healthy that’s gonna be an awesome dline to watch.

  7. Uh oh Shaun Ellis, Ny82jy wishes you no luck in NE!!!! How ever will you fair in our defense full of stalwarts masterminds???!!
    HAHA. Welcome to the best team in football bruhhh. Good luck putting four guys on VY and Haneworth Rex!!

  8. This sucks. Ellis can still play. What a great Player and great NY JET. Best of luck to the big cat when he’s all done with the *Pats.

    They must feel good about the young guys on the DLine.

  9. I love how pumped all the Pats fans get when you guys pick up ex Jets its funny. But when they are on the Jets they all suck and are garbage etc. Cant Wait to see Wilkerson pound Brady into the ground this season.

  10. Big Shaun Ellis fan for years. Has been a real pro, different from John Abraham. Has brought his “lunch-pail” to work every year. Good Luck, kinda??? If the Jets actually do win the Bowl this year, I would be sad that #92 would miss it.

  11. Not a Pats fan but on paper, their D-line is solid. Again I say, on paper…. doesn’t look like many teams will be able to run on them.

  12. I still don’t see how picking up the Jets leftovers on the side of the road “hurts the Jets”. Some of that “fuzzy PFT logic” I guess.

    Get it through your head – they didn’t want him anymore. And 4.5 sacks per year is NOT NFL level production, especially in that defense.

  13. Big move for Pats – they likely view it as an upgrade on Ty Warren while also filling his locker room “intangibles”. Ellis also offers 3-4/4-3 versatility. Also, from their perspective, never hurts to take 1 from the Jets for a little change.

    Jets will still likely be very good, but have had more turnover than I expected. Likely related to managing cap – and I really like the Mason signing for them.

    Barring a string of crippling injuries, both should be back in playoffs and likely final 4 of AFC at worst.

  14. Depth at DL hurt the Pats last season…good move with Wilfork, Anderson, Wright, et al in the mix already.

  15. Nice pick up by the Patriots. Even if he only plays well for the two Jets games it’s worth it.

    Ellis is certainly getting old, but it doesn’t make sense to me that the Jets gave away such a good performer. Jets have great starters, but I don’t see how they will battle injuries this season with the lack of depth. They have to get lucky on that front to have another good season.

  16. i was hoping that the pats would get him from day 1. just like in the article, classic belicheck getting a player who has crushed him in past years. just like he did with welker, he’ll know exactly how he wants to use ellis. Probably be able to keep him fresh with all the different looks belicheck likes to play and the current depth there. they’ve now signed a 4-3 end (anderson) and a 3-4 end (ellis), to give themselves some quality options to go with young players like cunningham,love, and deaderick. not to mention they have pryor and wright coming back from injury

  17. Do us a favor and actually fact check. Pats owned and sent the 16th pick in the 2000 draft to the Jets for BB. The Jets then sent that pick to the San Francisco 49ers who took Julian Peterson. The 12th pick was Carolina’s and made its way to Washington, San Francisco, and finally New York to give them Shaun Ellis. That trade would be of course the Jets sending the 16th and 48th picks for the 12th pick. The Redskins traded the 12th, 24th, 119th, and 154th picks for the 3rd pick.

  18. Yes!! Shaun Ellis has been a pain in the side for the Pats and Brady. He was a large part of the greatest victory in the jets history what is frequently referred to by the jets fans 28-21 divisional round victory at Foxboro last January .

    ny82jy sounds like sour grapes calling someone a traitor for not accepting minimum wage unless he signed with NE for similar money. Glad to hear the jets will be fine with Wlkerson, Pituotia, Devito and Pouha based on these players outstanding career numbers in the NFL.

    No excuses Newark faithful, we shall soon see who continues to OWN the AFC East.

  19. I think it was time for him to go. Get rid of them one year before the wheels fall off. With the NE rotation he could get a bit more time out of his knee. He was a good player and long time Jets and he wil be missed…

  20. Solid veteran pick up for the Pats. Another example of guys wanting to play for Rex eh?

    In any event, this does not really hurt the Jets that much. Their problem will be lack of scoring. I see the Jets as an older team in regression this year.

  21. ny82jy,

    The Jets offered the minimum to the guy while signing a number of other key players of that team to multi-year mega contracts. That’s an insult to the guy. If anything, he was betrayed by the Jets.

  22. @benwobbles
    YES! what……you signed a 34 year old DE on the last legs of his career……..What the hell is the YES! about?

  23. gotta luv this trash talk by the Jets fans

    the guys over the hill, he has got nothing left in the tank, Ellis is spent, blah blah blah, we hate him, he sucks, he cant play no more, we got to go in a new direction, blah blah blah

    and what if he has an all pro year 8 sack and the New England wins the Super bowl – now how will you spin it?

    why dont you just shutty…….and wait and see what happens.

    PS – it’s another typical offseason for the Jets, except this year they lost to the Eagles for the preseason Super Bowl. no wonder they are particularly grumpy

  24. I didn’t like what I saw last year in that playoff loss to the Jets and neither did BB. And to be truthful the Patriots defense didn’t scare anyone.

    Well they may not “scare” anyone this year, but they will be noticably better, because BB knows how to do that.

    MVP’s don’t win titles. Solid play in all three phases of the game wins titles. The D is coming.

  25. Great signing by the Pats. Good veteran player and it’s sure to tweak the toe sucker.

    What can be better than that?

    Looking forward to Ellis getting Sanchize “dirty”. Same goes for Wilfork and Albert.

    I look forward to the next great pronouncement from the mighty Jabba the Jet, where he pleads to the Air Force and Navy to step up and do their best to beat the Pats this year. Maybe dropping precision bombs on them during the pregame flyby. What a ten toed tool!!!

  26. 9 solo tackles and 2 sacks in the postseason last year.
    Overall NFl rank? 6th behind names like Raheem Brock, Lamar Woodley, Calvin Pace, Clay Mathews, Jerome Harrison and Terrell Suggs. When it mattered most, he played his best.

    as the saying goes “one man’s trash, another mans treasure”.
    How nice it’ll be to see Ellis slam Sanchez to the ground at the Jets 6 yd line for a 8 yard loss on 3rd and long…
    Imagine if had a pass rush these past few years….hmmm

  27. In my book there’s no betrayal here. It’s business. Jets didn’t feel his value was X, Pats did. End of story.

    It’s nice when a longtime player stays for less money but barring certain circumstances, I don’t begrudge them a chance to get the most they can.

    As a Pats fan I’m happy that pretty much every move they’ve made this offseason including the draft is to get their team MORE PHYSICAL. This finesse crap was getting old, especially in the playoffs. Beyond the loss itself sucking, it was embarrassing to watch the Ravens absolutely TRUCK them in the 09 playoffs and RR come up with a scheme and the players execute it so well to frustrate the Pats’ offense last year. We’ll see if it works out.

  28. Fact is that the Jets could have easily re signed Ellis if they wanted to. Jets brass have to make tough choices everyday as all teams do. No doubt Ellis received more money / more guaranteed $ from Pats who need Ellis more than the Jets do.

    1st round pick Wilkerson must be showing quite a bit to Jets in camp to be comfortable with this decision.

    Best of luck to a teriffic Jet who proved many people wrong last year and had huge sack of Brady in playoff win.

  29. this guy’s old and beat up, but working with the Pats trainers will be just the “shot in the arm” he needs. (or “shot in the leg” or wherever it is they’re shooting their guys up with HGH these days.)

  30. Jets are over hyped , Ryan keeps talking super bowls but he has not even been in one . Do everyone a favor and shut your mouth until you get some jewelry . Another note : Patriots D line should dominate barring any big injuries , McCourty was nasty last year and getting leigh bodden back will be huge. Ready to watch this team play.

  31. Short memory by some. When “Mangenious” left the Pats he took Coaches, players, playbooks whatever he could get his hands on.
    Weakened the Patriots depth and now “Mangenious” is on ESPN! Interesting career path ala Herm Edwards……..I can see Rex on ESPN in a couple of years too! One thing he does extremely well is run his mouth…Be great on TV!
    Head Coach, not so much!

  32. I’m a Patriots fan. Been rolling with them since Tom Tupa was a better backup @ QB on Madden than Zolack was. I don’t care if Ellis was a Jet or not. I don’t care about feet, spies or any of that crap that’s gotten played out and is old hat coming from both sides. They’ve got great players The Patriots have great players. Ellis is a great player who’s been a thorn in the side of the Patriots Offensive Line for years. Great Signing. Welcome to the family.

  33. from zimmam “and what if he has an all pro year 8 sack and the New England wins the Super bowl – now how will you spin it?

    why dont you just shutty…….and wait and see what happens.

    PS – it’s another typical offseason for the Jets, except this year they lost to the Eagles for the preseason Super Bowl. no wonder they are particularly grumpy”

    what if he has 8 sacks and NE wins the super bowl? ok what if he has 1 sack and NE doesn’t win a playoff game for the 4th year in a row?

    Another typical offseason for the Jets? Yeah that’s fine with me because the last two offseasons led to them going to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game. so I’m pretty much ok with continuing their pattern.

    How exactly have they finished second to the Eagles in terms of preseason super bowl? They signed Burress and Mason. Where are the other big splashy signings? Do you even pay attention or just make stuff up?

    Shaun Ellis will always be a Jet but sorry Pats fans there is a reason he lasted this long and is getting a 1 year deal for little money. He’s on the downside. He had a great game in the playoffs against the Pats, but that was about all he did. He’s played a long time and if it makes you feel better for taking a Jet from us, that’s fine enjoy it. I’m sure it’ll mean a lot when you are again bounced out of the playoffs one and done and we are once again moving past you


  34. As a Jet Fan I hate to see them lose a good guy like Ellis. But Jets have suffered bigger losses in losing Woody and Edwards. Edwards was arguably the teams MVP last year and without him the Jets would have likely won 4 less games. While Woody was such a dominant run blocker he will be hard to replace. Unless Sanchez suddenly improves into a mediocre QB I expect the Jets to struggle this year.

  35. I hate to ruin a good story Gregg but the Ellis was drafted #12 with the pick the Jets picked up in a trade with San Francisco.

    San Francisco used New England’s pick, acquired via the Jets in the trade for Julian Peterson

  36. bcgreg says: Aug 7, 2011 10:51 AM


    Mason for Cotchery is not an upgrade.


    It is when Cotchery’s coming off back surgery and failed the team physical.

  37. Jets fans getting on the Patriots for picking up a 34 year old productive DE for a 3-4 scheme for a bit above veteran minimum salary, but yet the Jets signing a 34 WR who hasn’t played a down of football in over two years and bringing in a 37 year old WR are the two moves that are going to put the Jets over the top for a SB.

    I think this signing makes a world of sense. And now the Jets tackles have to deal with this guy if they aren’t forced to double team Wilfork and Haynesworth. Another low risk move by the Pats and provides quality depth for any injuries and a solid piece to the Dline rotation the pats use.

  38. phillybirdgang1933 says:
    Aug 7, 2011 12:03 PM
    PATS GET NO RESPECT cheating as team. go SPY on this fist.
    If you have an original thought, which I doubt, do the rest of us a favor and keep you comments to yourself.

  39. *sigh*

    Wilfork is hardly double teamed by the Jets, if ever. He is Mangolds guy. Haynesworthless will most likely command a double team. D’Brick is more than capable of handling Ellis or Haynesworthless. Jet haters need to acknowledge that if the Jets don’t have the best O-Line in the NFL, it’s top three. Even Bill Callahan (NYJ OC coach) is one of the best in the league. Top notch from the ground up. So no, like I said before, Jets fans don’t care what washed up retreads BB throws on your DL, we can trust in the OL to take care of it. Maybe you’ll terrorize other teams, just not the Jets.

  40. @imamanim – just like the Patriots “own” the Jets and the rest of the league.

    You say the Pats own the Steelers, but by my count they have 2 SB’s and you have zip since 2005, am I right?

    28-21 pal

  41. I love these people who think that Belichick picked up Ellis to “pick his brain” about the Jets.

    Seriously………do you really think that there’s ANYTHING that Shaun Ellis can tell Bill Belichick about the Jets schemes that he doesn’t already know? I’m sure that Belichick could educate Ellis on the subject.

  42. From the comments and ‘thumbs’ action on this thread, it’s obvious that many Pat fans reside on the internet. But PFT is the minor leagues for trashing other teams and their fans. You need to go to their team forums to joust with the serious fans who are armed with facts, not dribble.

  43. Just to clarify, Jets traded pick#16 they got for BB plus #48 in 2nd round to draft Ellis. So, they did in effect use the BB pick to get Ellis@12.

    It’s just another smart sign by the Pats not an earthshattering one. Jets better hope their draft picks come through.

    I don’t see Burress, Mason and a late round draft pick being an upgrade over Edwards, Smith and Cotcherrey

  44. Pats picking up Jets garbage? LIke Woodhead? I wouldn’t trade him for any RB on Jets roster, including S Green and his 750 yds. Bet Jets wished they kept him instead of bust McKnight.

  45. Shaun Ellis is a nonfactor, the dude is washed up. His 2010 higjlight reel consists entirely of coverage sacks. GREAT PICKUP HOODY! LOL.


    Then why did the Jets offer him a contract???

  46. When the Pat’s aren’t able to generate any pass rush with their collection of malcontent geezers, all their fans cheering these pickups can remember how happy they were to get a guy that gets 4 sacks a year, and a guy that will periodically not be able to pass a conditioning test.

  47. Shawn Ellis, Albert Haynesworth, and Vince Wilfork – try running on that line, Jetz! LT, you’ll fold up like a cheap suit!

  48. I’m sure it was a good move by the Jets letting him go. Rex seems like a smart guy. He just oozes intelligence. Every time I hear him talk, I feel smarter. And the fact that Jets fans are applauding this move also seems to back up this claim. They have to be the smartest fan base in sports.

  49. guypatsfan says: Aug 8, 2011 9:41 AM

    Shawn Ellis, Albert Haynesworth, and Vince Wilfork – try running on that line, Jetz! LT, you’ll fold up like a cheap suit!

    They won’t be running as much as the past 2 years, that has already been established. The Pats are still the team to beat in the division obviously, but the Jets looked like they are closing that gap or so last year’s playoff game indicated

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