Too big to practice: Dan Williams and “Pot Roast” Knighton

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Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton hasn’t practiced during training camp because he’s out of shape, a fact that would be more surprising if his nickname wasn’t “Pot Roast.”

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio told us at the Scouting Combine that weight was a problem for the promising interior lineman, and that problem hasn’t gone away.

In Arizona, second-year player Dan Williams has similarly been struggling.

“Nose tackle Dan Williams is not in shape, and that’s a huge disappointment to coaches,” Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic wrote.

Williams was a first-round pick last year and is expected to have a big role after a mediocre rookie year.  It’s not a huge surprise that some young defensive tackles struggled with the freedom-of-food-choice inherent to a lockout.

Giants tackle Will Beatty is fine to practice, but we couldn’t pass up this quote regarding why he gained 29 pounds in the offseason, via Steve Serby of the New York Post.

“I got engaged on a cruise and I went to Hawaii and that’s an all-you can eat buffet,” Beatty said.

32 responses to “Too big to practice: Dan Williams and “Pot Roast” Knighton

  1. what is the problem with these guys? mckinnie, etc. they can get paid big $ and they would rather eat and not keep in shape. they are nfl players not teenagers. what a waste.

  2. How is it that a guy can’t keep himself reasonably fit in order to make a ton of money?
    Cut him. Next man up.

  3. Luckily the Cards added depth to their NT position with ummm…..Well, ok they didn’t address it they’ll use Eason until Williams is ready. But I have an idea, move Lutui NT he and Williams can get in shape together, could be fun.

  4. I just think it is utterly ridiculous that professional athletes can’t keep themselves from being so obese that they can’t even practice much less be ready to go in games!!! So disappointed in Williams because he went through these issues last year. I hope the team fines them and makes them do community service.

  5. “I got engaged on a cruise and I went to Hawaii and that’s an all-you can eat buffet,” Beatty said.


    So you gained almost THIRTY pounds on a Cruise Vactation??

    If he spent 7 days, that is over FOUR pounds a day!

    What was the dude eating? People?

  6. and if knighton lands on top of you, you are ‘smothered steak’!

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week, and dont forget to tip the waitstaff generously.

  7. As a Giants fan, this scares me, though. Beatty was light in the cakes until last year, so maybe he needed to put on a few. But a left tackle’s feet are what concern me, and if he’s got concrete boots out there at LT, we’re gonna need to move Dave Diehl back out there.

  8. overeating is sooooo easy… skinny people do not know the hungers that fat people have.

  9. No worries, they are grilling the Pot Roast down there in the Jacksonville sun. Slow turns around the field at 100 degrees F, for 8 hours a day. Another couple weeks of that and he will look like a Beef Jerky stick.

  10. Don’t be so quick to ridicule the fat guys until you’ve waddled a mile in their shoes.

  11. gdeli-“they are nfl players not teenagers.”

    There is a fine line between the two sir, just because someone goes pro doesnt mean they grow up.

  12. ICDogg says: Aug 7, 2011 2:53 PM

    “Don’t be so quick to ridicule the fat guys until you’ve waddled a mile in their shoes.”

    I’ve always liked that expression:
    “Don’t criticize another man till you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”

    That way, when he finds out about it, you’ll already be a mile away, and you’ll have his shoes.

  13. gargoyle

    Beatty gained 29 pounds over the OFF-SEASON…the cruise was a PART of the off-season…..he didnt gain it all on the cruise. he’s probably lost almost half of it since practices started anyway.

    also….gaining 30 pounds for these monsters is probably like we normal people gaining 10….its not a good thing but its also not THAT big of a deal.

  14. Beatty got engaged to a middle aged woman employed as the desert chef on the cruise ship. No one had ever made him feel so wonderful before.

  15. Way back in the spring Williams and Pot Roast considered the alternatives. Eat all you want and sit around on your ass for the next few months so that when you went to camp you weren’t allowed to practice, or kill yourself in the off season so you could go to camp and kill yourself some more during the pre season. It was an easy choice, really. Fat is not necessarily stupid.

  16. jdandcoke,

    I agree that is most likely what happened…BUT
    the Dude blamed his thirty weight gain on the cruise…

    He lacks personal responsibilty in not only for getting out of shape, but also with the speaking the truth.

  17. offensive lineman are fat…plus this article only says that beatty gained weight, it never said anything about him being out of shape. he put a few pounds on in the off-season, big deal. thats what training camp is for.

  18. Should do some running instead of ear stuck to phone. Don’t you have to scratch your head for this type player. He should feel the shoes of workers who get cuts in pay and cut back on hours and still have to try to make a living.

  19. To me the best part is the Giants are counting on Beatty to be their LT. Fat or not. This is very good news for Ware, Babin, Orakpo.. What a good division to throw out of shape, young guy with bad foot work to the fire.

    Manning is going to lead the league in crying AND interceptions this season. Manning better hope Smith gets healthy because Manningham isn’t that good. He only looked good because of the coverage shades to 88 and boss. I will give 88 credit though, him and Maclin are by far the best WR in that draft class when everyone thought (including me) that crabtree was the class of that draft.

  20. My friend just got back from a cruise and he said that the travel agent told him that the average weight gain is 10-20 pounds. Sounds crazy, but if you think about it all youre doing is sitting on your ass eating and drinking for a week…..BTW my friend gained 12 pounds and his new wife gained 9…

  21. They knew he had weight problems at the combine, and they draft him in the first round. Genius.

  22. Tough situation for Denver; can’t afford to blow a first round pick.
    On the other hand, the second dude’s nickname is “Pot Roast.”
    i’ll take the under on “shocked.”

  23. Alot of us jere in Miami thought Williams was gonna be our draft pick. We were told it didn’t happen because of weight concerns. A reason I thought was ridiculous. I mean, after all, this guy is a pro athlete. So glad we didn’t pick him now. What a waste!

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