Adrian Wilson plans to play through torn muscle


A torn muscle in his arm won’t be enough to sideline Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Wilson has a torn bicep but is determined to try to play with it.

Wilson is scheduled to get a second opinion, and it’s possible that he’ll be told he absolutely has to have surgery, which could be season-ending. But based on the first medical opinion, which was that Wilson could delay the surgery until after the season if he can play through the pain, that’s his plan.

The 31-year-old Wilson has stayed relatively healthy during his 10-year NFL career, missing a total of 10 games.

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  1. Don’t do it Adrian. You have to play the Rams twice and odds are you will have to tackle Jackson at least once with that bad bicep. Think about it. It won’t be pretty. Think about it.

  2. This is where we see how much the coaches want to win, and how much they truly care about the safety of players, I do love a tough football player though, they are becoming more and more rare nowadays with the pampered athletes that we have created…Hang in there Wilson, maybe Patrick Peterson can fill in….who knows

  3. Gore…Jackson…Lynch…not like he’ll need two good wings to take those cupcakes down. Rest of the conference is also filled with tiny WRs like Mike Williams and Braylon Edwards, and puny TEs like Vernon Davis and Zach Miller. No sweat, Adrian.

  4. This guy is the epitome of bad ass bit I don’t think it would be wise to risk further damage to himself. As much as I hate to say it, ir is probably the way to go. Huge blow to the Cards.

  5. Player safety works both ways the players don’t exactly do the crusade for a safer working enviroment any justice when they make these foolish choices.

    He is 31 and could hurt himself much more by playing. This is a clear case where a player (who does have good intentions) should be told you need to have the surgery and rehab.

  6. Once your bicep is torn, you cant do much else to it, in terms of a greater more significant injury. There also is two muscles there. Hence the term “bi”-cep, so I guess his arm will still work for tackling.

  7. So then any team playing the Cards is basically go 11 men vs 10 men against them.

    I’m sure the other 31 NFL teams are fine with that.

    Really stupid if the coaches let him do this. One play can cost you a game, which could cost you a playoff spot, and so on and so on.

  8. davemeisner says:
    Aug 8, 2011 11:58 AM
    First they lose DRC to the eagles, now Wilson most likely out for the season. I don’t think Patrick Peterson can make up for both of those loses.


    I really wish people would stop over-rating DRC. He is not a huge loss. He got burned a lot, doesn’t tackle, and is lazy/has a poor work ethic.

    Some people go on about him as if he was the Revis of the NFC or something.

    And anyway, we got Richard Marshall a solid CB from the Panthers. He could have the same impact as Rhodes did after we binned that over-rated lump Antrel Rolle.

  9. I admire that he wants to play, especially in this era where many athletes are more concerned with their image/future earning potential than trying to help the team. My question is if he does play and causes some sort of permanent damage, is he going to pay the health care stuff down the line or will he expect the league to pay for it via the CBA provision?

  10. Here is word out of Cardinals Camp. Rookie Patrick Peterson says AW will play week 1. Coach is more vague and has replaced AW with Rashad Johnson who at this point in his career may be better in coverage than AW. Not really the same presence in the box (understatement). AW will be a monster in rehab and I wouldnt put this past him. I think the PUP might be a good choice.

  11. Correction. AW is not eligible for the PUP, because he has practiced in camp. Therefore, I think the Cards should evaluate Rashad Johnson during the preseason, depending on his play, AW’s rehab, and SSs available VIA cuts, Cards could be OK.

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