Bucs expect more blackouts

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A 10-6 record in 2010 and a strong roster of young players won’t be enough to get all of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ home games on local television.

Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer told the St. Petersburg Times that ticket sales will be better this year than last year, when every home game failed to sell out and was therefore blacked out on local TV. But some blackouts are still likely.

“There’s an increase, obviously, with the popularity of the two night games,” Glazer said, referring to the Bucs’ prime time home games against the Colts and Cowboys. “But there’s still a ways to go.”

Glazer is optimistic that at least some games will sell out in 2011, unlike 2010.

“We’re hoping [for sellouts] this year,” Glazer said. “Obviously, the economy here is still in bad shape in the Tampa Bay area. But we think as the team wins and we move forward and the plan continues, the fans will start coming back.”

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  1. I just checked the Bucs schedule and I predict no sellouts this year (unless they get a local TV station to buy the unsold tickets).

    I say this because 1) they overachieved last year and I bet they are .500 this year and 2) no Green Bay or Pittsburgh at home which would guarantee a sell out due to their fans grabbing the extra seats as they always do when their team travels.

  2. Damn Tampa, 10-6 and again? Jacksonville had 0 blackout games last year and were only 7-9 the year before… I wonder if Buffalo, Oakland, San Diego will have blackouts again too. I can see Buffalo, Oakland and Jacksonville smaller type markets struggling due to the economy by Tampa and San Diego are a good size. Oakland’s not that bad either but small compared to those two.

  3. Doesn’t surprise me, given both the state of the economy here (it’s horrible) the fact that it’s disgustingly hot for most day games early in the season, and people have other options with their funds, unlike Oakland and Buffalo.

    And let’s call it like it is: the Tampa area is a fairweather fan town. It’s the same with baseball and hockey.

  4. @Norcross
    and people have other options with their funds, unlike Oakland….


    Just so we’re clear, you’re asserting that there’s nothing to do but watch football in the Bay Area?

    You might have a point with Buffalo.

  5. What ticks me off is that Jacksonville had NO blackouts last year and Tampa had nothing BUT blackouts last year, but what team did the national media have moving to L.A. because their fans stink and wouldn’t support the team ??

  6. As a Tampa fan watching the Jags and Dolphins and others, play before half full stadiums that in no way are all sold seats, makes me think about changing my allegiance to a team with better owners. Just spent $300 on wearables, but can only go to 2 games max, because I am not wealthy. No love from the powers that be.

  7. If you want to compare Jax and TB as far as sell outs, you do need to consider that Jax has tarps over a good chunk of seats and TB does not.

    So what is the seat capacity of each and what is the population of each?

    And as for other things to do..which city has Disney World next door, SF, Jax or TB?

  8. Nothing to do with fair weather fans, just that 70% of our residents come from up north. Why would anyone wnat to live up north in cr*p, when they can move to TB?!?!

  9. “Obviously, the economy here is still in bad shape in the Tampa Bay area.”

    Lame excuse.
    The economy is bad everywhere.
    You either have fans, or you don’t.

  10. @pftstory…shut up about the tarps you goon.

    Everbank Field – 67,154
    Raymond James – 65,857

    That’s 1,200 seats larger with the tarps and I think we can agree TB is a bigger market than Jax. Without the tarps the stadium holds 80K, which is for when the annual FL/GA game is held.

    I’m not saying Jax doesn’t have ticket issues, but don’t be an ignorant goon when you make a comment. Just jump on google and do a little fact checking first.

  11. For those who think the Bucs will get moved to LA over a some blackouts think again. The Bucs have a modern stadium and new training facility. Tampa is the favorite NFL site to host the Superbowl. That’s why we average one like every 8 years.

    Again unless you live here you do not understand how bad the economy is here compared to the rest of the country. 1 out of every 5 people are unemployed. The one’s who aren’t are in fear and have tightened the purse strings. Right now we aren’t spending our money on high price entertainment. Cheaper things like movies, museums, beaches are crowded as can be. If the Bucs want sellouts they will need to lower prices significantly or whether the storm.

  12. I love the way PFT spins this. The games aren’t sold out within hours of the ticket booth opening, so they won’t be sold out at all. Mr. Glazer is right, we have a ways to go. So what?

    I don’t think the economy is the issue. When you total tickets, travel, parking, food, etc., and put that against watching on an HD big screen, then the prices have got to be more realistic. If fans up North are too pathological to see this, and take it as a badge of honor to have a vacuum cleaner put in their pockets, then have at it. I love the Bucs. As a sole proprietor, I spend too much time on these blogs, and was happy to watch their practice, but I also believe in the dynamics of a free market.

    It would also help to skip the cheerleaders. Is football so boring and pathetic that it needs a quasi-strip club on the sidelines? The Steelers don’t seem to think so, and they do alright for themselves. If somebody can’t do without eye candy, there are plenty of clubs in Tampa that will be happy to take their money.

  13. A day at the game for a family of 4:
    cheapest seat 35 x 4 = $140.
    Small soft drinks x 4 =$20
    hot dogs x 4 = $15
    A couple of T-sirts for the kids $30
    parking $10. if you walk a mile

    In the real world, that’s groceries for a week. A wise person buys necessities before entertainment.

  14. I am, have always been, and will always be a Bucs Fan. I live in Nashville, anxiously awaiting for november 27th to watch them here in Nashville.

    I bought front row tickets behind the Bucs bench (lower level), and they were $180 a piece. I then looked at the prices for Tampa games, maybe schedule a trip to watch them…. They are WAY too pricey. I agree with Tampa Fans. I wouldn’t go when you can’t even get nose bleed seats for under $100.

    Tampa really needs to lowet them prices if they want to fill the seats.

  15. A day at the game for a family of 4:
    cheapest seat 35 x 4 = $140.
    Small soft drinks x 4 =$20
    hot dogs x 4 = $15
    A couple of T-sirts for the kids $30
    parking $10. if you walk a mile

    In the real world, that’s groceries for a week. A wise person buys necessities before entertainment.


    Nobody forces you to buy pops, hot dogs, or t-shirts for the kids. The cost of an NFL game is how much the tickets cost, and how much it costs for parking or public transportation to and from the game. The NFL and the individual teams are not to blame if your kids want hot dogs, or if you want to pound down 7 or 8 beers.

  16. bassjag904 says: Aug 8, 2011 10:59 AM

    @pftstory…shut up about the tarps you goon.

    Everbank Field – 67,154
    Raymond James – 65,857


    Let’s add that the statistical population of Tampa is 4,228,855 and for Jacksonville it is 1,345,596. That means there is a seat for every 20 people in Jax, but a seat for every 65 people in Tampa.

  17. @percychuggs:

    What’s the point in going to the game if you can’t experience the game?

    I am going to the Tennessee game when the Bucs come to town, and it will cost me the same price for front my row seats on the lower level as it would for me to get top row cheap seats if I went to a Tampa game.

    I will buy my beer, I will buy a jersey or two, I will get my hot dogs, and will still be less than what the tickets would be if I went to Tampa to watch the game with no “extras”.

    So although no one is “forcing” him to get that stuff, its part of the experience of going to a live game.

    The way I look at it, if you price your tickets, so no one buys them, you won’t have fans to buy at the concession stands when its game time. You make 10 times in concessions than you do for tickets. (Plus you have a packed stadium)

  18. Buy your jersey/ shirts OUTSIDE the stadium at a store. It’s cheaper. Tailgate and get loaded outside the stadium. It’s cheaper. Here’s a novel idea, try carpooling to spread the cost of parking.

    Stop supporting the price gouging inside the stadium and maybe the owners will get the message to lower prices. The greed of the NFL and the owners (and players) is just unfathomable. They’ve created a runaway monster of greed and wealth that will be difficult to cut back with the greedy going bankrupt. God forbid they’d take pay cuts.

  19. @bucwild05

    Not sure where you are looking at tickets but at ticketmaster I can find tickets for as low as $35 for crap seats in Ray Jay. $100 for 100 level endzone seats, $120 for team sideline 100 level seats, and about $70 for 300 level seats. this is at ticketmaster. You can probably find cheaper tickets if you really looked…

    I bought tickets for the TB@GB game, It was over $250 a seat for endzone tickets.


  20. Tbf22….. I live in Nashville Tennessee. I pay the $500. Every year so I can watch every game the Bucs play.

    I am going to the one here in Nashville on the 27th. I do not need to appologize to you of why I won’t drive to Tampa to watch a game.

  21. I grew up in Tampa. My father and I went to games in the early 90’s when I was 9-10-11 years old and there was no waiting list for tickets..

    Recently, I wanted to become a Buccaneers Season Ticket holder, Mostly because I wanted to send my father (who still lives in Orlando) the tickets.

    The ticket rep I talked to gave me a really hard time about buying season tickets because of my location, I live in Houston, TX. They basically refused to sell me the tickets because I wasn’t in the Bay Area.

    Needless to say, I’m not a season ticket holder for the Buccaneers. I am a Season Ticket holder for the Titans and Dolphins but I’m not a fan of either, I have them to make a profit each year..

  22. bradentonbuc says:Aug 8, 2011 10:38 AM

    Just spent $300 on wearables, but can only go to 2 games max, because I am not wealthy. No love from the powers that be.


    You should have spent that $300 on tickets instead of shirts and jersies..

    Just saying..

  23. bucwild05… I never said you had to drive anywhere. but don’t cry about high prices when they aren’t as high as you say they are.

    I live in WI and get Directv sunday ticket also so I can watch The Bucs. I am also going to the Game here in Wi when the Bucs come, but that doesn’t mean anything.

    You said ticket prices at Ray Jay were way too expensive… when in reality it is average for the league if not below average. $35 for NFL tickets is a great deal. It would be cheaper for me to fly down to Tampa and buy tickets for the bucs than it would be for me to attend a game at Lambeau or Soldier field…. just sayin.

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