Cowher returns to coaching, but not really

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher left the game after the 2006 season.  And he has yet to return.

But he was back on the sidelines Saturday.  At Heinz Field.

Buried at the bottom of Michael Hiestand’s Monday grab-bag in USA Today is this gem:  “[Cowher] plays the coach of the Gotham City Rogues in an upcoming Batman movie and stalked the sideline at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field during filming Saturday.”

A baker’s dozen of Steelers attended the shooting on Saturday, as football players; the folks at WTAE-TV took a closer look at the event.

I’ve got a feeling that The Dark Knight Rises will earn about a billion dollars.  And that it will stink.

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  1. it will only stink if its PG-13…if they can gear away with trying to make it somewhat kid friendly, it should be worth watching.

    on another note: Rise of the Apes was horrible

  2. Christopher Nolan will make those steelers players look so badass. Good choice just in terms of looks. Cowher, Roethlisberger, Hampton and the others have true grit.

  3. They originally said there would be no 3rd installment for the series, and the quote on why was something similar to [How many times have you seen a second sequel that was any good?]

    So hopefully they put enough time and effort into the movie to make it worthwhile.

  4. Cowher has that old school coach look to him, should be interesting to see him in the new batman movie. I find it funny he will be “coaching” some of the players he used to coach. i guess tomlin was unavailable for the part haha

  5. One of the three greatest coaches EVER. Cowher, Tomlin, and Noll. Best three ever by far. You win SBs with those guys. 6

  6. Stink?.. That’s gotta be a joke. Dark Knight is pretty amazing.. And the rising will be orgasmic.

  7. The two most overhyped movie franchises ever are the Christopher Nolan “Batman” (“Batmen”?) movies, and the Sam Raimi “Spiderman” (“Spidermen”?) movies.

    If Nolan really wanted to impress moviegoers with a Pennsylvania coach, he would have cast Dave “Half-stache” Wannstedt. “Aw, Batman’s got a knee.” (Rumples hair with hand.)

  8. Dark Knight was more action movie than comic hero movie but still excellent viewing. Nolan is not stupid either. He wouldn’t do 3rd movie without a decent script although I didn’t like Inception. The Prestige was much better and while some hated Memento, I loved it. Maybe Rising can’t top DK, but it will blow away 3rd hero movies like X-men, Spider-man, etc.

  9. Interesting side note, Heinz Field was actually the second choice for shooting the football scene.

    M&T Stadium in Baltimore was first.

    However the scout crew sent by the film maker never returned. Half were stabbed by a Ravens linebacker and the other half were run over by a drunk Ravens player.

  10. “However the scout crew sent by the film maker never returned. Half were stabbed by a Ravens linebacker and the other half were run over by a drunk Ravens player.”
    and steeler fans cry and complain about Big Ben Rape jokes….

    “Gret Oriingial juys!,,,the steelezr don’t rape! ka-durrh!?”

  11. What the movie writers aren’t telling you is that Bill Cowher is a coach during the day, and at night, he becomes the Batman’s arch enemy, “The Sprayer”.

  12. @ahgeez
    he only said it would stink b/c it was filmed in pittsburgh and will feature some of their players.
    if the vikings or wvu players were somehow involved he would say it will be the greatest movie ever

  13. As if MY team doesn’t have enough distractions,with wife beaters, drunk drivers, sexual deviants, and overall turds now we got Batman Flying Around my stadium and my players being extras in movies when they should be worried about how they can keep this Titanic afloat. I wish they took getting that 7th. ring as serious as I do. I’m really considering rooting for the Browns, they seem to be heading the right direction! Plus I used to be able to pick up chics in my #7 Ben jersey now they all just laugh at me and make rude raper jokes and stuff, it’s getting real old. Sleepless in Pittsburgh

  14. Ann Hathaway in tights???!!! I know someone who’s wearing loose sweatpants to that movie premiere 😉 haha

  15. If they’d filmed it in Dallas, they could have had Mr. Freeze threatening to kill people at the Super Bowl by dropping icicles on them from the roof of the stadium. Nah, that’s too far fetched.

  16. So the Batman/Gotham deal is usually about a chit hole city with a large crime problem.

    Natch they fill it in Philly with Steeler’s….

    Method actors. I get it.

  17. So the Stealers became the Gotham City Rogues?
    That logo pictured in the article is very fitting for Ben Rapistbooger.

  18. Why do you think it will stink? The Dark Knight was sooo good. They’ve done such a great job with this franchise. Of course, they were doing well with the Spiderman franchise until the third one, too, and that just sucked. But give Gotham a chance …

    And the Chin is so perfect for this job! He won’t need any prosthetic facial additions 😉

  19. They figured they would just have Cowher in the movie anyway, since Tomlin has Cowher’s team, coaching staff, and offensive and defensive playbooks.

    What coach do you know of that has ever just “taken over” for another coach and left everything is place, even in a case of retirement?

    Tomlin is the biggest fraud in the NFL, because he isn’t a coach, he is the black Bill Cowher.

  20. you think it will still stink???? for realz bruh?? come on, I hate the stupid overrated, rapist supporting steeler fanbase as much as the next rational American but batman is THE BOMB. who cares if those dbags are associated with the latest flick? Cowher is still respected even if big ben is all about assulting chicks and getting away with it. Cowher in a batman movie appeals to me! and i’m a pats fan! good stuff! just sad roethlisberger gets credit for it. dude should serve time like vick did. but this new batman series AWESOME.
    also Tom Brady rules and would never rape chicks. (just a NE disclaimer)

  21. Who’da thunk it would be 5 years and Bill Cowher would still not be coaching. Maybe the first year or two his idea, the last three or so, not!

    Cowher is a victim of a trend that started when teams bypassed legacy coaches (or retreads) and went for hot assistants/coordinators like, ironically, Tomlin….and Morris and Harbaugh!

    So there’s another movie filmed in Pittsburgh coming out called “Abduction” with Taylor Lautner. I watched them film from my office a dozen takes of Taylor shooting his way of of PNC Park (seriously). I guess they were trying to make him stay at a Pirates game.

  22. Actually the first two movies were shot in Chicago. Seeing as they are filming part of “Rises” on a football field I now understand why they moved to another location. The grass at Soldier Field sucks!

    If Batman can’t play on it the NFL shouldn’t either!

  23. The Batman Series of Movies are great and worth watching. At least he actually fights people and has weapons….

    Spiderman is awful, he just swoops around spraying webs and swinging from buildings…. You wanna escape him, head for the flat lands.

    Oh and by the way, They should have filmed it in Cleveland

  24. Perhaps playing a coach in the Dark Knight will get the juice flowing, forget Pittsburgh, they have a coach, Bill, come to Miami and help the owner learn about football. Bill ( of course )

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