DeSean Jackson vows not to be a distraction


Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson returned to the team today, after holding out for more than a week.  He met with the media, and he sounds genuinely happy to be back.

“Honestly man, it feels good to be back,” Jackson said, via comments distributed by the team.  “I’ve been sitting around kind of itching, waiting just to get back out here with my teammates.  The atmosphere, everything feels good.  With the lockout being so long, and then with the lockout ending I’ve just been kind of sitting around waiting.  I feel good to be back and I’m happy to be back out here with my teammates and everything like that.”

As to his desire for a new deal, Jackson made it clear that he won’t be a distraction.  “I want to say positive,” Jackson said.  “I don’t want to make it a negative thing. . . .  At the end of the day I have to be a professional.  I can’t cry, I can’t moan about it.  Being a man about the situation more than anything.”

Possibly to avoid saying something negative, Jackson sidestepped questions regarding his contract status.  “Well, that’s not really for me to answer right now,” Jackson said.  “I’m going to keep that private for Joe Banner and Drew [Rosenhaus].  I’m here to play football.  I want to win games, man.  I think so far, free-agency, and the new additions added to the new people on the team, I just feel very happy about our chances this year.  As far as negotiations and all that other stuff, I really can’t answer too many questions because really there’s not been too much going on.  We’re just ready to come back and play football, man.”

Still, it’s equally clear that he wants a new deal.  “I think that’s obvious,” Jackson said.  “As far as how we go about getting it done is the biggest thing.  I just really have to take advantage of what I have to do; stay out of trouble, just do all the positive things, stay away from all the negative talks of people saying whatever.  All I can do is control what I can control.”

He definitely can control his attitude, and as of right now his attitude is positive.  “I’m ready to play football,” Jackson said.  “I’m ready to help win games.  I said I love this city and everything.”

So if you’re looking forward to any shirtless driveway situps or front-lawn, next-question press conferences, keep looking.  Jackson seems to be ready to go, and the question now becomes whether the Eagles will reward him for returning with the right attitude.

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  1. It’s hilarious to me that some people think this guy deserves to be paid like an elite wide out.

    Please. He’s a one trick pony. He’s damn good at that one trick. But it’s his only trick. If I’m taking a complete receiver, give me Maclin everytime.

  2. They will pay him. He wants to be there, the Eagles want him there. I see this getting handled when the roster gets trimmed to 53.

  3. For everyone’s sake, I hope that the Eagles make it a priority to get this contract situation resolved ASAP.
    The longer DeSean goes without a new contract, the more of a distraction the issue will become. DeSean’s “good behavior” won’t last forever.

  4. He really couldn’t be handling this any better. I initially thought his holdout was pointless, but now I realize it was probably more him avoiding any chance of injury coming off the lockout (10 torn Achilles tendons? Yikes.) Once him and Vick are signed, this team can really turn their attention towards meeting their colossal expectations.

  5. I heard that right before DeSean was ready to sign his new contract, he prematurely dropped his pen

  6. I guess you could say that his little hold out attempt landed about a yard short of the goal line

  7. Pay him a $3M signing bonus, $500K above veteran minimum and $750K per TD. If he is as good as he and his fans think he is, that should be plenty, no?

  8. As a Cowboys fan I’m more scared of Maclin. He can do it all. The Michael Irvin to Jackson’s Alvin Harper, if you will.

  9. You don’t think Philly knows what they’re doing?
    Desean didn’t have to report til’ tomorrow.
    C’mon now, this man is gettin’ his when they take the franchise tag off Vick, and give him a long-term deal too.
    If you are worried, the urgency should be placed on your fantasy leagues, instead of this non-story.

  10. They should. Banner said to show up, and he did it.

    Hopefully he doesn’t write “Pay Me Joe” on the backs of his shoes now…

  11. LOL at the 6 receivers taken before Jackson:

    Donnie Avery (sometimes hurt)
    Devin Thomas (no longer with team that drafted him)
    Jordy Nelson (OK, maybe not)
    James Hardy (pretty quiet up there in Buffalo)
    Eddie Royal (disappeared after promising start)
    Jerome Simpson (he’s on the Bengals)

    Get ya money DeSean!

  12. Why does everyone claim Desean is a diva? He’s only scored 13 td’s from 50+yrds. And now he’s doing the right thing by coming to camp. He’ll get his contact everyone please stop wishing that we fail. 😀

    “mad because your TEAM isn’t making any headlines smh”

  13. 5 years 50 million, 22 million guaranteed would be a fair contract. He is vital to the Eagles offense. A lot of the passing game is predicated on his presence. Even if he doesn’t get his catches, it forces the opposing defense to roll coverage his way, freeing up others.

  14. @trbowman –
    1st of all, just the fact that he returns punts and plays wr makes him at least a two trick pony.
    2nd, luckily they don’t have to choose whether they want djax instead of maclin. They’ll just have both. Beautiful.

  15. I just wonder if the Eagles have the same concerns with this guy that I do. I think he is a bit to brittle to be considered and paid like an elite WR. His stats from last year show he is pretty one dimensional with 47 catches for 1,056 he is a good long ball threat but not much for a possession type of guy. Do you fork out a large long term commitment for that kinda guy? I dunno????? Seems like kind of a gamble to me. Maybe beef up the contract with incentives. This is a hard one to call. I do think the Eagles need him to reach the playoffs this year, but only because their isnt a whole lot of other options for them right now……..tough call.

  16. Haha seriously though, this guy is a 5’10 175lb deep threat/kick returner that lead the league in drops last year. What in the hell is he holding out for? Just go play little man!

  17. TRBOWMAN, One trick pony?? Desean has scored a TD rushing, receiving and on a return in his first 3 seasons of his career. Only one other player in NFL history has done that. Desean was the first player in NFL history to be named a starter to the Pro-Bowl at 2 different positions in one year. One trick pony? I dont think so. Hes a game changer and can score from anywhere on the field at any time.

  18. We’ll see when the Eagles extend a top 25 WR offer (when he wants top 5-10), how much of a distraction he is then. As already noted, Maclin would be the one in line for a better contract.

  19. “I just really have to take advantage of what I have to do”

    Who’s writing for him, Vince Young?

  20. Drew said himself that he learned that there is a right and a wrong way to deal with the Eagles that he learned after the whole T.O fiasco. A lot of people are quick to cringe the similarity of DJax and TO having Rosenhaus and wanting a new contract, but the situation is different.

    TO just signed a contract one year prior and Jackson is still on his rookie contract from a few years ago (being paid under a mil). Jackson has proved his worth over the years and shown that people his size can compete in the NFL. Rosenhaus has also dealt with a number of players with the Eagles since the TO situation with great success (should be no surprise, his client list is huge)

    Those who call him a one trick pony are ignorant to what he brings to the offense. Even if he doesn’t have a big game stat wise (and he is the first receiver in years to have back to back 1000 yard seasons for the Eagles) just having him out on the field is a huge advantage for Philly. Defenses need to account for his speed (and not just on streaks, underrated when it comes to his route running) and it opens up opportunities for other players to step up if they try to shut Jackson down. And after this offseason and with Vick at QB, weapons are not something the birds are low on.

    The FO and coaching staff knows this, as long as DeSean goes about it the right way, they will extend him (probably after the get Vick situated.)

  21. he better not run across the middle, he gets hit and hes gone..even a mediocre tackle….hes fast but if he gets hit hard, hes gone…..Soft….Hail Skins

  22. He’s probably the biggest deep threat in the game, capable of breaking one wide open at any moment, yet everyone moans that he’s not a possession receiver? There’s a reason possession receivers don’t get the big bucks…

  23. Heres the funny thing. People seem to only remember the one play against the Redskins last year. But in truth about half of DeSEans long TD’s are catch the 5-20 yarder and turn up field. the other reason Jackson will never have 100 catches is because the Eagles spread the ball around. Its the one thing i didn’t think they could get Vick to do. But i think learning from McNabb helped and the guy really distributes the ball well.

    Jackson will on this team be a guy with 50-70 catches 1000-1500 yards and 5-15 touchdowns. He will never be a 100 catch guy. But then again neither will Maclin. If either guy went to another team maybe they could be. But it is just not going to happen here. The Eagles always make sure to get the backs the ball to make the defenses push forward. And they are th ebest in the NFL at doing it. The Eagles had more 50 TD’s than anyone last year. Because they throw a lot to TE’s and backs. It draws the safeties in and then Jackson and Maclin can get over the top.

    But to say Jackson is a “one trick pony” means you only watch highlights. Jackson is one of the better route runners in the NFL. And to me thats impressive because you would think he would have trouble getting off the line but he really doesn’t. He is just so quick off the line that if you try to bump and run him he just runs right by you. And if you play off they hit him on short slants and bubble screens and then he runs right by you. Jackson is one of the most devistating WR in the NFL.

    Good luck stopping this offense this season folks

  24. DJ does deserve more money, but lets not get carried away. Yeah, he’s a great returner, but he’s a very good WR, not great. He seems to disappear against physical secondaries. (see Bears and Packers games late last season) Not to mention he’s an injury waiting to happen. In short, pay him like a great number two and be done with it.

  25. Giving this guy anything more than a 3 year deal is suicide. There is no way in hell he’s gonna last much longer than that, due to his small size. With all the taunting and showboating he does, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his clock cleaned in a big way. He won’t be able to outrun everybody, and when he gets caught, that speed of his may go away, and then what?

    An overpaid, undersized, one dimensional WR is what he becomes.

    He’s all speed, with mediocre hands and no balls to go over the middle. Anyone wanna be on the hook for $50 mil with a guy like that if his speed is gone?

  26. I love #10, but he is 1 concussion away from missing significant football. Eagles can’t give him Santonio Holmes money or years on contract. Give him 2-3 yrs and a nice sign on bonus. He’ll be lucky to make it through a 5 yr deal.

  27. Those who say that Jackson shouldn’t get paid big bucks because he’s a “one trick pony” are the same people who say that Ryan Howard shouldn’t be paid big bucks because all he can do well is hit homers and drive in runs.

  28. He can turn a 5 yard slant into an 80 TD. Teams have to game plan against him. He opens things up for Big Mac and Avant by taking a CB and FS everywhere he goes. He stretches the field for “Cut on Dime” McCoy.

    He won’t need to learn another trick until the league learns to stop it.

    Over rated one trick, WR, KR, All-star, always hurt (except during the couple of thousand yards he was running away from safties) soft boy.
    Besides that… you suck Desean.

  29. DeSean Jackson vows not to be a distraction
    His entire persona is all about being the distraction from the team.

    He is a showboat; granted, a talented showboat, but a guy who seems to believe the team is secondary. He is an exciting playmaker but his main “skill” is speed. He deserves a mid-range deal.

    Don’t make him out to be a white knight by returning to camp. Although I believe he is doing the right thing by returning, if that deadline of tomorrow were not there, neither would he. Jackson is back because hisleverage is gone, not because he wants to help the team. Hopefully both sides come to a reasonable agreement so this exciting player can be on the field this year.

  30. People need to stop reading into his low numbers as far as receptions go. It’s because of the Eagles’ system. They spread the ball and no WR this millennium outside of T.O. has had a significantly high amount of receptions. The only guys that have numbers above 60 are the backs who get all the screen and swing passes that Andy Reid’s scheme seems to use as a supplement to hard-nose running between the tackles. Not to even mention that most of Desean’s receptions go for a lot of yards, and he’s not necessarily the best option when we’re inside the redzone, but that shouldn’t hinder his contract either. We have other options on the field and he doesn’t need to be able to do everything. The game he plays and the way he contributes to this team is huge, and he’s made himself one of the better receivers in the league, and the best one the Eagles’ have had in a while.

  31. trbowman is not educated. Jackson did take a 10 yard out route 90+ yards in Dallas. And has done that several times. He does more than just go deep. Watch the games……

  32. The haters call him a one trick pony. The Educated fans call him a playmaker. Same thing: glass half full or half empty. Peyton is a on trick pony. All he does is throw TDs. Fancy trick, I’d say……

  33. “I’m ready to help win games. I said I love this city and everything.”

    You love everything except the contract you signed. This guy should be paid with minimal guaranteed $, and a incentive-loaded contract. If you are as good as most think you are, perform, stay healthy, and get paid as a result, DeSean.

    DeSean, you are quickly blazing the trail for the next group of diva receivers. There always has to be at least one, and why does Drew Rosenhaus seem to be linked to most of these divas?

    Run your routes, not your mouth. Punk.

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