Kelvin Hayden visits the Bears


Free agency is just about over, but a few interesting names remain out there.

One of them, recently released cornerback Kelvin Hayden, will visit the Bears on Monday. Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports the news, which makes a lot of sense.

The Colts and Bears play the same system of defense, Hayden is only 28, and he started 11 games last year for a division champion. The Bears did a nice job with former Colt Tim Jennings and Hayden is a lot more talented.

Hayden told McClure he plans to make one more visit after Monday’s stop in Chicago.

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  1. make sense.. Bears tried to lure him away few years ago before he resigned with Colts… this would be a nice homecoming for him.

  2. @rabidbillsfan
    The guy who delivered the dagger on that SB team is still coaching in Chicago….and the other guy that helped twist the dagger is QB’ing in Washington….!

  3. There’s no question Hayden can paly CB at a high level. The question has always been how much and for how long due to his injury history.

  4. shut up with the daggers. but anyways this is a pretty good move. if john hoke (the secondary coach) can do to him what he did to a Bill Polian castoff in Tim Jennings, then the Bears may have the missing piece in the secondary that they need to be even better.

  5. Always like Kelvin, physical corner with good ball skills. My only gripe with him is he gets banged up every season and misses 3-5 games. Every year it would happen. Still wish the Colts would have kept him on the cheap but I guess he was just to expensive with the nice up and coming DB’s the Colts have.

  6. Considering neither Tim Jennings nor Zack Bowman have made any noise in camp but regularly play special teams, I’d say this is an ideal signing. Let the three battle it out until someone shows they belong there.

    I actually wanted a CB as my #2 offseason acquisition, after Offensive Guard. Looks like we’re stuck at O line, but they did well to cover my #3 at DT. I think the D Line looks pretty solid, Paea is a great draft pick, resigning Adams was clutch, and Henry Melton is likely to excel in Tommie Harris’ void. The pick up of Okoye is also underrated.

    I will say the secondary could drastically improve with solid free safety play taking pressure off the corners (it’s the scheme, not my opinion). Major Wright looked solid early in camp, but lately the rookie Chris Conte has been outshining him. Look for Wright to start but rotate, and get a mid season push from the rookie. A solid cornerback opposite Peanut could close the loop in our secondary.

  7. It wasnt Rex’s fault you fools..He got us there your quick to forget..Cedrick Benson and horrible play calling lost the game and Huhammad not takling Hayden on the Int..Rex had little to do with it and the game was played in a downpour..Put that game in nice weather and Rex lights them up and still the Qb in Chicago..Weather , play calling and Benson lost the game..The d gave up some points too dont forget..Lovie want calling the plays..Whoever thinks its rex or lovies fault knows very little about football

  8. How many Superbowls have the Bears been to since Rex? You realize the only back to back winning seasons came with Rex at the helm..Nothing worse than casual sportscenter fans..

  9. so these back to back winning seasons with rex i am pretttty sure he got hurt and missed a good chunk of those seasons. except for the 1 where he had an amazing 1st half of the year and the 2nd year he looked like Jamarcus Russel out there… then got pulled a few games for Orton just like most winning seasons the bears have had. so for those “back to back winning seasons” thanks to rex… i say Orton is the reason we had them. kinda like the year rex got hurt, Kyle came in got us to the playoffs and Rex lost the first game… yeah go rex! there is a reason he is competeing for a job with jon beck.

  10. If Rex was so friggin’ outstanding,as you insist, how come he is not a starter anywhere, or even second string? Dufus!

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